Laetrile (B-17) Tip from the comment section below the further-below video:

Laetrile is in non-American (which are pasteurized) Bitter Apricot Kernels. Obtain them from Turkey, Mexico, etc. With a Ph diet start with 5 kernels every 90 minutes, building up each day by adding one, with a target of 100 a day. Liver Cancer is cured in eight weeks with this protocol. Laetrile kills cancer like flies. Google:

Current Ongoing video series:

The Quest for (Cancer) Cures Continues, Fall 2014 docu-mini-series, host is Ty Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer website (TTAC), Episode 2 of 11:

“Episode 2: Your First Line of Defense” (Immune System):

Link: https :// www .youtube .com/watch?v=tdR9hYtvLBI


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FALL is the time of year for online summits & seminars! I just saw this one in an email from David Klein (he’s too New Age’y for my taste BUT he is authentic, old-time NATURAL HYGIENE). He will be only one of 24 guest speakers (Tele-Seminar) also beginning MONDAY, 10/13/14, through 10/31/14. So take the rest of October off (lol) & attend “internet school” every night instead for an education re not only Cancer Alternative Cures (see prior post), but this RAW[a]MAZING LIFE SUMMIT 2014, free online, register at below link.

Here’s a complete description of the Summit, the lady who is hosting it (she’s 42), the names/photos of all speakers, a short video, & a spot to register via a name & email addy (FREE):

A few screenshots from above link:

About the hostess:

There’s 24 speakers shown now vs. 21:

Here’s the description from David Klein’s 10/9/14 email:


Join me this Monday for the FREE
RAWmazing Life Summit 2014


I have teamed up with Anthea Frances Falkiner of, and along with more than 21 other world-class raw foods experts we will bring you the ultimate online raw food lifestyle event.

This Monday, October 13, I will help kick off the The RAWmazing Life Summit 2014.

This outstanding event will feature RAWmazing experts from all over the world, including authors, raw food nutrition experts, YouTube personalities, athletes and fitness professionals will gather to share their experiences, struggles and secrets to success in adopting a raw food diet over the long term.

We’ll be there to answer all your burning questions about how to adopt a raw food diet the right way and support you in your journey to optimal health and happiness.

Together, we will explore why some people thrive on a raw food diet, and others struggle, and we’ll equip you with tools for success so that you can go raw the easy way.

Sign up now for the The RAWmazing Life Summit 2014. It’s absolutely FREE to join in!

At this incredible online event you will be given all the knowledge, practical tools and inspiration you need to launch yourself into your very own RAWmazing life.

Please join me this Monday!

Dr. Dave Klein

From: “Vibrance” <dave>
Date: October 9, 2014, 2:58:35 PM EDT
Subject: This Monday, Oct. 13, Join Me Online at the The RAWmazing Life Summit


Here’s the link again:

Decisions Decisions! How fit them all in? There’s yet ANOTHER important ongoing seminar, only one night per week/Tuesdays, running from 9/2/14 through 12/23/14, THE EMF SUMMIT @, also FREE. Will send that info later.


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FYI: COMING UP THIS MONDAY, OCT. 13th thru OCT. 24th, FREE ONLINE, an 11-segment “mini-series” seminar re ALTERNATIVE CANCER CURES.

GUESTS/SPEAKERS will be many of the same doctors I learned about during the 1st-Week of NOV. 2012 via Kevin Gianni’s ONLINE CANCER SEMINAR right after learning of SIL Cancer Dx.

HOST for this current Fall-2014 Cancer Mini-Series is Ty Bollinger (below is from his website) who lost several family members to cancer in the 1990s, & who then researched 15-years & wrote the book thereafter, “CANCER: STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX” re 100-years worth of alternative cancer cures suppressed by Big Pharma & Big AMA & Big FDA.

READ FULL DETAILS, DRs. PHOTOS/BIOs, etc., & REGISTER (an email addy) HERE to participate/watch:


A few screenshots…

Info/description of each of the upcoming 11-segments continues at this link:

I registered…




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“DOCTORED” – Trailer of the Documentary

“Your back pain will require SURGERY.”

“Without these pills, you face life-long PAIN.”

“Your child’s behavior requires MEDICATION.”

That’s what the doctor tells you, but WHO tells the doctor what to say?


Ha! Great Question & straight to the heart of the matter, from the makers of the DOCTORED documentary. Visit their site here:


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Sunday, April 20, 2014 · 12:07:47 PM


Washington’s on the ball re this, even though I’ve read elsewhere they are a very liberal anti-gun State. Time to move there anyway because Victoria Bidwell’s little Natural Hygiene Fasting Retreat Hideaway is out there. Watch out, Victoria, we’re all going to move there to escape Smart Meters & come detox at your place! :)


Correspondence with Washington State Legislators and Officials
In October 2013, 378 Government Officials and Professional Leaders across Washington State received the Smart Meter and Personal Wireless Services Facilities Notice of Liability and Inaction, providing knowledge of:

  • The harm caused by exposures to Radiofrequency Radiation, a possible carcinogen, neurotoxin, and genotoxin, among other effects
  • The potential liabilities to persons given authority to act upon said knowledge, but do not.

Radiofrequency Radiation is everywhere in our society; However, government exposure standards:

  • Are 17 years old, based on limited data from one set of experiments in the 1980’s
  • Apply to 30-minute exposures to a 6-foot tall man
  • Are believed to protect us from burns and shock, not damage to health
  • Are believed to protect us from whole-body heating not exposure to critical organs like the brain and the eyes

Radiofrequency Radiation has not been proven biologically safe for humans and is especially damaging to children and pregnant women. For example, schools use Wi-Fi power densities and frequencies similar to those used as Cold War weapons. Other exposures to Radiofrequency Radiation include cell phones, cordless phones, DECT products, Bluetooth, iPads, wireless interactive white boards, paging systems, countless home automation applications, cell towers, masts, antenna, smart meter infrastructures, Wi-Max, TETRA, etc.

Complete the NOTICE OF SUPPORT FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION by following these easy steps.

Washington State residents can let their District Legislators know they support an immediate and complete safety review of Radiofrequency Radiation, and a moratorium on the installation of smart meters and Personal Wireless Services Facilities, until determined safe.

Full Citations for Smart Meter and Personal Wireless Services Facilities Notice of Liability and Inaction.


Good on them for that. I really like the sound of “NOTICE OF LIABILITY & INACTION”! But, that sounds like PRE-lawsuit jargon. Why show your hand in advance? “SUE FIRST, TALK LATER,” my former boss/attorney used to say. That way, you, the Plaintiff, get to call the shots by listing your grievances, legally. Then the Defense has to PROVE what you say is NOT true, costing them a lot of time & money digging up evidence (there’s a Biblical Proverb re that very sequence, re a person lays out his claim first & then his adversary comes & searches him through).

They always prefer to TALK first & weasle their way out of it like so:


1. Peoples’ lawyer sends letter to Gov’t. lawyer: “My clients are suffering these health grievances due to your client’s actions &/or inactions re Smart Meters. Please pay liability damages ASAP & stop contributing to dire health ramifications to the Public At Large.”

2. Gov’t lawyer writes back, “Tough stuff. We find no harm in our Smart Meters. Have a nice day.” Sets down his dictation/recorder, leans back in his leather executive chair & bursts out laughing at the foolish lawyer who thinks a gov’t. or corporation will negotiate in FAVOR of The People. “Bwahahaha!” :D


1. Peoples’ lawyer files lawsuit vs. Local/State/Federal Gov’t. & All Manufacturers of Wireless Products; sets hearing before Judge to approve lawsuit going forward against Gov’t. “Sovereign” entities.*

2. In the interim Gov’t. lawyer gets served with his copy of the lawsuit & says, “Doggone those Sue First lawyers! Mary! (hollering to his paralegal), get busy digging up some evidence that Smart Meters are safe so we can get the Judge to toss this bozo’s lawsuit!”* Mary replies, “Sorry boss. The newest evidence is not on our side.” Gov’t. lawyer, “Shhhhsh! Don’t tell anybody. Fake it. Lie. Bury that evidence!” Mary: “Sorry boss, kinda hard to do since it’s all over the internet!” ;)

3. Gov’t. lawyer reaches for a shot glass & a bottle of Jack Daniels in his desk drawer & dictates letter to Peoples’ lawyer: “Dear Joe, why didn’t you write or call me first rather than file a lawsuit? Surely we could have worked this out, Talk First, you know, without involving the Court system!”

4. Peoples’ lawyer replies: “Where have I heard THAT before, hmm, Jack? Sue FIRST, Talk LATER! See you in Court, buddy! Bwahahaha!” (Peoples’ lawyer’s turn to burst out laughing.) :D


*If you want to sue any form of government, local, state, federal, they always claim “Sovereign Immunity,” so you have to get a judge to approve your lawsuit first, an extra step, but it still gives the Gov’t. lawyer some pain, lol.

The route the Washington State group is proposing, above, is via legislation. Great, but that will probably take years, if at all. If you go ahead & sue their “group-think gov’t. selves” first, that could shake them up faster. Hurt them in the pocketbook. Do both simultaneously.

I like what Liberty Counsel did on a different matter. They had their lawsuit printed & ready to go & filed it with the Court the SAME day Obama signed his John Hancock on the Patient Affordable Care Act Law/ObamaCare. In other words, don’t waste time talking. Just do it!

My former boss would approve of this message, lol.


Above Washington State News Story Distributed by:

“The Microwave Factor, by EMF Refugees: The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)”:


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Can Your Electro-Medical Device be Hacked?

This ABC news story came through a great news-aggregator site called “The Microwave Factor.” It has tons of articles constantly updated from all over the world re the dangers of our Electro-Magnetic modern society. Highly recommended to add their link to your RSS Reader to keep up with the latest on the subject of EMFs, RFs, LFs, etc.:

“The Microwave Factor, by EMF Refugees: The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)”


Dick Cheney Feared Assassination Via Medical Device Hacking: ‘I Was Aware of the Danger’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney came clean in an interview to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” revealing that when he had a device implanted to regulate his heartbeat in 2007, he had his doctors disable its wireless capabilities to prevent against a possible assassination attempt.
Cheney said that at the time, he was concerned about reports that hackers could break into the devices and kill their owners.
“I was aware of the danger, if you will, that existed,” he said.
While “Homeland” wasn’t even a blip on the television radar when Cheney made his choice, a similar fate befell one of the show’s characters at the end of last season.
“I found [the depiction] credible because I knew from the experience that we had assessing the need for my own device that it was an accurate portrayal of what was possible,” Cheney said of the award-winning series’ assassination plot.
The FDA took on the concern of breached medical devices after the mysterious death of hacker Barnaby Jones in August. Jones claimed to have proof that devices like pacemakers could, in fact, be hacked.
The agency said in a statement that there was no cause for alarm for the nearly 3 million Americans with pacemakers.
The FDA said it “is not aware of any patient injuries or deaths associated with these incidents.”


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If you have young girls using wifi in schools or at home, this is a must read. It is a very detailed report with supporting references.

Bottom Line: DNA Damage (with resulting multiple health effects, too many to list here). Governnents Know It & Allow Wifi Anyway, & What You Can Do About It:

9/13/13: “Barrie Trower WiFi Report – Humanity At The Brink” — (Posted in ‘Wifi in Schools’ Written by Barrie Trower September 1st 2013):


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There was a big scare headline going around last month, “Obama EO that All Americans 15-65 MUST Get Tested For HIV/AIDS.”

It originated with this Occupy-Wallstreet-type site, a Susanne Posel:

7/16/13: “Obama Executive Order: All Americans MUST Get Tested For HIV/AIDS” – Susanne Posel:

She chose her OWN word “mandatory” and *THEN* quoted a snip from the .gov press release re “ages 15-65″ being tested.

In another article of hers I read prior to that one, she had Lavabit & Silent Circle all mixed up, saying the feds forced Silent Circle to close down. Wrong. They closed pre-emptively, voluntarily, prior to possibly ever being hounded by the feds as Lavabit had been re Edward Snowden. Lavabit also closed voluntarily. They were not demanded to close but chose to close rather than betray their customers.

So either Susanne Posel is just sloppy or, in the case of the AIDS article, downright lying & fearmongering.

USA Hitman & other sites picked up her AIDS headline & ran with it.

Then Daily Paul picked up the headline from USA Hitman, & Daily Paul readers then blamed Hitman for the “yellow journalism” because, thankfully, a few Daily Paul readers checked the original source, the WhiteHouse .gov press release, & NOWHERE DOES IT SAY “MANDATORY.” It says “RECOMMENDS.”

As they said, BIG DIFFERENCE between the words “MANDATORY” & “RECOMMENDS testing ages 15-65.” Indeed!

At this stage of the NWO-Game, they don’t NEED to FORCE people to get AIDS testing, as too many people are still duped by the “men in white coats” (medical professionals), duped by the insurance industry, duped by the Gov’t. & Media fearmongering-propaganda re the AIDS HOAX, etc.

Someday the law could be changed to “mandatory.” In the meantime TPTB can continue creating their NWO DNA Database via the willing people described above who will line up for anything “free.”

To read the pertinent “RECOMMENDS” portion of the AIDS Testing Executive Order, read the comments at Daily Paul here. The link to the .gov original document is included:

“Obama Executive Order: All Americans Must Get Tested For Hiv / Aids”:


And here’s a video about it which I did not watch (hogs mobile data plan), but the comments showed people believed the “mandatory” error (the commentors are “awake” people, though, as they understand the DNA Database ploy. One poor guy said he walked out of a pre-op because they told him they HAD to do DNA testing for a “skin infection”!):

“Obama Executive Order All Americans Must Get Tested For HIVAIDS”Posted 7/19/13


Bottom Line: Check original source documents before letting fearmongering send your heart aflutter. I learned that lesson halfway through the 2000’s after too many Alex Jones headlines. :)

And I will remember the name Susanne Posel as a possible disinfo source (or just a sloppy writer).