The Trump Network Bio-Identical Supplements

RT @RichardYoerg: The Trump Network launch. –Question: I thought that was supposed to “launch” last Oct.-Nov. ’09 on Oprah. If so, then isn’t the “launch” long over?

Also, pre-“launch” there was a lot of talk & hype that people would become millionaires at “launch” time when this “took off” publicly. So where are all the tweets of millionaire success stories? I’ve yet to see one.

Lastly, products offered thru MLM networks are too restrictive (re access) & are always way overpriced. Been there, done that (AIM supplements, Bluegreen Algae, etc etc).

The Donald might have a good product idea (bio-identical vitamins) but what good is it if only his rich & famous friends can afford it? I’m more for Average John Q. Public. I’ll stick with NowFoods vitamins & supplements. :)


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