Cool play on words: Rawhabilitation :)

This info from David Klein’s latest Living Nutrition email…


A Raw-habilitation Retreat in Costa Rica

Health, Healing, Raw foods & Fun in Paradise!

April & June 2010


Join Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski in this nurturing paradise and experience:

* Health-empowering lectures and classes.
* Private one-on-one therapeutic bodywork sessions.
* Group fitness sessions.
* Private guided tours and cool eco-adventures.
* Amazing raw and living food meals.
* Fun, laughter, and entertainment.

Register Early. Space is Limited. 
More details at: www.RAWhabilitation.com.

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT is an expert in rehabilitation and health transformation. Whether working with a group of people or with just one individual, Samuel’s passion and enthusiasm are said to be contagious. His common sense, non-invasive, and sometimes even comical approach to health and healing is truly unique. Due to his ability to get outstanding results and his passion and quest to help others, Dr. Sam has become a highly sought after health and rehabilitation consultant. Dr. Sam’s Raw-habilitation Retreats will be among the best raw food events in 2010. NO hype. NO gimmicks. JUST health, healing and raw fun in paradise!


From: “Living Nutrition” <dave@livingnutrition.com>
Date: February 24, 2010 1:05:14 PM EST

Subject: TONIGHT:  Dr. David Klein on Visionary Culture Radio with Laura Fox

PS: I quit forwarding Klein’s full emails because they are not formatted for blogs, half of it gets cut off vertically.  It would take forever to copy out each section of his long emails & re-do them.


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