Thanks to a few awesome iphone apps, I just whipped up a homemade
website header for my FastingParadise.amplify.com page.


–A few miscellaneous pics from Google Images.

Utensils Needed:
–PhotoShop flip/rotate app
–Panoramatic-360 blenderizer app
–Resizer app to fit pic in the 996×110 amplify “pan”
–ImageShack uploader app

Cooking/Rendering Time:
–5 minutes.

ALWAYS A BLAST playing with the Panoramatic app! :D It is really
something else! If 1/10th of the apps in the App Store were anywhere
near as polished as that app, we would all be giving 5 star ratings
all the time.

And kudos to Amplify for having the option to load a header image from
a URL (vs from computer) so we can do it from iphone. Posterous has
no such image URL options in their Settings.

Now if both Posterous & Amplify would include URL options for avatars/
ID pics & for site background pics, they would get the “iPhone User
Seal of Approval”!


This one is the amplify header size, 996×110, 187kb. Either Resizer
app or ImageShack must have added the black border(?)

(The pic at the very top is the original emailed from the
Panoramatic-360 app, 445kb.)


A few other cute watermelon pics I saw at Google Images…

Lol! Brilliant!

This is cute as pie! Check out the hemline…

And these… You got to love it! I wonder if they have them for
petite feet…

Who says watermelon season has to end? :)



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