I always knew by instinct it was a bunch of baloney & have never used one dab of sunscreen in my entire life.  I can’t believe people fall for such obvious nonsense… “Here, clog your pores with this glob of pricey cream of chemicals all over your face, arms, & skin to keep those meanie ol’ sun rays OFF of you that God created for your benefit!”  :-/

It was additionally confirmed to me in the late 1980’s via Natural Hygiene teachings, that full body sun exposure, sun baths, every day (solariums) was one of the best ways to detox, & that skin cancers (& other lies about the sun) are caused by toxins FROM WITHIN THE BODY, not from without via the sun. 


Vitamin D Newsletter Apr 2010

Update on Autism and Vitamin D:


It was the CDC, the NIH, the AMA, and all the other committees and organizations that fell for the dermatologists’ calculations (the cosmetic industry will give me a larger grant if I warn about sunlight) AND WHO THEN BLASPHEMED THE SUN GOD.


Caps added by me.  Of course I do not consider that the sun itself IS A GOD, but that GOD HIMSELF created the sun (Genesis 1:1-5). 


(Don’t fall for the lies of paganism, atheism, secular humanism, socialism, marxism, fascism, nazism, communism, ad nauseum, either!)


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