Alliance for Natural Health – USA:
(There’s a separate site for Europe.)

The above is a NWO-front org.  From the 10/8/10 issue of Unfiltered News:


2010 Sep 24 from John Hammell, Pres. International Advocates for Health Freedom

Ed- In your most recent Unfiltered News, you have posted this alert:

US: Congress (with prodding from the pharmaceutical industry) seeks to put dietary supplement makers in jail. A bill now before the Senate would imprison supplement makers for ten years if they cite findings from scientific studies on their labels or literatureLifeExtension Posted 2010 Sep 24

This alert being echoed by LEF originates from the Alliance for Natural Health – a controlled opposition group run by Hunter Lewis, former Trustee for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and current Director Emeretus for the Rockefeller controlled World Wildlife Fund. The WWF is part of an umbrella group called “World Goodwill” which was created by the “Lucis” Trust (originally the “Lucifer” Trust. World Goodwill is pushing behind UN Agenda 21, the population control/societal control agenda that is driving Codex.

Its a total conflict of interest for Hunter Lewis to be running an ostensible “health freedom group” given his background, but these Rockefeller connections explain why he is distracting people with this bill S.3767 when it does not have a House companion bill. While it is possible that, in the future, this bill could get a House companion bill and could develop a head of steam behind it, right now with the fall election looming, the MUCH GREATER THREAT to DSHEA is the FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which FDA has already created one harmonized set of food and drug regs as if a NAU dictatorship were already in existence.

FDA and the Executive Branch are intentionally dismantling America and the most important thing American supplement consumers can do right now is to back constitutionalists looking to unseat entrenched incombents who are urinating on their oaths while taxing and spending America into CFR planned oblivion.

ANH-US isn’t doing a thing to alert the public to this much bigger threat. They’re not saying one word about the FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter waiting in the wings to take out DSHEA.When OBamacare passed, they not only didn’t do anything to encourage blocking its implementation, whats even worse is that they announced to the grass roots that this Orwellian, nation destroying legislation is “OK now” due to an utterly superflous amendment that does NOTHING to protect us.

They’re not railing against the Obamination like they should be because they’re committed globalists. They’re not saying one word about the dangerous implications of Amnesty to destroy America to usher us into the NAU. They’re not saying one word about UN Agenda 21 or about the Wild Lands Project even though these are the driving forces behind Codex. Hunter Lewis has been confronted about his gross conflicts of interest and he refuses to respond to questions or to do a public conference call where these matters could be discussed out in the open.


The global manipulators are just everywhere, aren’t they?  Makes you wonder how much longer we have before the Lord has had enough!


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