Health Care: Overweight Folks & Smokers Cost Less, Not More

Lol, I never thought of it like this…


A study done by a Dutch scientist in 2008 involving 1000 subjects found that smokers and obese people cost the health care system far less than “thin healthy” people. The data showed that on average smokers live to 77, obese to 80, and the healthy to 84. Because the smokers and obese died sooner, their health care costs were less, on average $317,000 compared to the healthy’s cost of $417,000. Once again, people are quick to point fingers…even in state government where employees who use “tobacco products” pay an additional “surcharge” of $40 per month for their health insurance.

Reader Comment snipped from:

“Freedom Rings – At Least In Some States” – The Barr Code:


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