10/1/11 VICTORIA BIDWELL Natural Hygiene Update

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 Just 4 —

Today —
we have 3 “Guests from Heaven”
at Our Hygiene Homestead
in The Woods!

2 ladies are fasting 4 serious “tune-up reasons.”
1 man is serious
on The GetWell Weight-Gain System.

The ladies will be eating soon enough.

But Tom is eating
& snacking from morning to night!
Today —
Tom & I went from Warm Almond Milk
to Carobolaté to Hot Raspberry Carobolaté!


The Wilderness Woman
& The HighJOy Horse
in The Cascade Mountains
of Washington State!





October = a Full House & Overflowing!
The last 9 days of November = open!
December on = wide open!

We give a whole,
new, fun meaning to…

The Howling Wolves’ Den = a small room just off back deck
The Eagle’s Nest = a large room just off the library

The Critters’ Forest = a huge room = the entire upstairs floor
The Bear Cave = 8′ x 10′ brand-new spot, on the corner
of our 1/2 acre, with a big campfire pit & 4 bear statues
& outdoor twinkling lights tonight watch from your Bear Cave


Deer livefoodfactorfriends!

The Search Engines will take 2 – 3 months to really kick in.
Soon, anyone can get online & punch in “health retreat” or “Natural Hygiene health retreat” or 30+ designated  key terms & find Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods!




With my “lowest rates” on The Internet
neither found nor offered
at other Natural Hygiene retreats
& with The Guesthouse popping onto all screens
when searched for, the spots will fill up fast!
If you are thinking of coming for a visit,
please let me know so that we can talk about
exactly how I can best accommodate you.

Live & Learn 
The 10 Energy Enhancers!

1. Cleanliness
2. Pure Air
3. Pure Water
4. Adequate Rest & Sleep
5. The Live-Food Diet
6. Right Temperatures
7. Regular Sunbaths
8. Regular Exercise
9. Emotional Balance
10. Nurturing Relationships

It took Tom a few
months to get his ducks in a row and make his getaway to Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods.
We got in at 2:30 A.M. = Raccoon Time!
When I moved The Black Beauty PT Cruiser along at a snail’s pace into the long driveway lit up with rope lights wound around 40 little, potted trees, we found the hundreds of wilderness amber and white lights welcoming us up to the front deck.
Thoroughly enchanted, Tom observed:
“I feel like I’m driving
into your website!”
So as not to disturb our other guest,
 I gave Tom a whispering tour
of The  Guesthouse before taking him up to The Critters’ Forest.
When I pointed out that each drinking mug on the bathroom shelf had a picture of the appropriate animal: for The Eagle’s Nest, The Critters’ Forest, The Howling Wolves’ Den, and The Bear Cave, he turned to me with the wonderment of a child who still believes in Santa Claus and explained:
“Just like in a fairytale!”

When I showed him the back deck with the hundreds of tiny wilderness lights showing off the 2 lifelike howling wolves,
he exclaimed: 
When we got onto the back deck
to see the night-light sights, he observed:
(After my travels to Mexico City in the 1980s, when I could not breathe the filthy air and had to stay indoors or I would cough terribly and my eyes would tear, I know that air can actually “taste.” He was from Brooklyn. I believe his olfactory nerves and taste buds were working together that arrival night
and that our Concrete Heaven air did indeed “taste” good compared to his citified air! You could not pay me to live
where the air tastes bad!)

When he was served his first day of meals with our super-sweet, fresh-picked corn in season and perfect avocados for butter,
he pointed out:
“These ears are just like
Halloween candy corn!”

When I served him my secret weapon — fresh raspberry juice from berries picked that morning, he was in awe:

When he fasted for 3 days to tune up his digestive system for improved digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination — despite being very thin from having dropped 25 pounds in 2 months at the hands of an incompetent colon therapist,
he decided:
  “I’ll do 3 days and rest and
sleep as much as possible!”

When he started eating again, I gave him a very serious talk about his weight and how that colon therapist gave criminal advice giving so many colonics to someone rather thin in the first place and telling him to drink all those calorie-poor green smoothies regardless of the weight he was dropping. When I followed up this observation with what I had seen happen to 2 GetWell Friends I had known for 25 years and how I had watched them die of starvation by following bad advice, and when I told him he was going to need to eat more calories than he burns up each day to lay some fat and build some muscle back on — OR ELSE, he said half-joking and half-serious: 
“You’re scaring the sh*t out of me!”

When I continued making his live-food lunch while he contemplated my serious message to him, he interrupted:

When I agreed with him entirely, he contemplated and interrupted again:

When the next day came and I greeted him, he was completely flipped out from contemplating the worst case scenario possibility of our “very sobering talk” and wanted to leave after only giving his visit a try for 6 days of his 4 weeks planned. I get out THE LIVE FOOD FACTOR. And we take about an hour as I explain what it is going to take to reverse his weight loss situation on The GetWell Weight-Gain Program as taught my me and approved by Dr. Vetrano. Lights went on in his head. And he summarized his new-found understanding:

When I offered him an additional 2 weeks’ stay AT MY COST so he could have time to rebuild his own personal Rome, he grabbed it up and said:
  “There are 2 things I enjoy doing:
eating and resting! Now, I get to do both of them! In fact, I am being encouraged to do both of them”

When we resumed, day after day, in a wonderful routine of amazingly tasty beverages and dishes,
he explained:
“It is one thing to intellectually understand that it is good to have melons for breakfast. But every day to wake and eat these marvelous sweet watermelon babies and these nectar honeydews and these delicious cantaloupes, that is something else, entirely. To every day, live The 10 Energy Enhancers, as my only job, the learning comes
with the living.
And I could never accomplish that at home.”

When tonight, we started on a Warm Almond Milk with the large VITA-MIX container filled 3/4 full of warm water and some almonds and date sugar,
we agreed the beverage was:

When tonight, we added raw and powdered carob to the VITA-MIXed Warm Almond Milk left over to make Carobolaté, he imagined:
“Now, I can have hot carobolaté before bed whenever I want.”
When tonight, we added a goodly drizzle of fresh-made raspberry juice to the VITA-MIXED Carobolaté left over and ran the VITA-MIX til it got hot to make Hot Raspberry Carobolaté, we agreed:
“We should have dispensed altogether with the Warm Almond Milk and the Carobolaté and just mainlined this!”


Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.

TODAY — it is so very nice to have 3 “Guests from Heaven!” They are all checked in, settled into their individualized programs, making progress every day, having new and forward-moving experiences, grateful for all I have done to provide a place for them to have FUN taking The Correct Natural Hygiene Fast, grateful for my ridiculously low rates compared to other retreats — and they have great attitudes and are wanting to seriously seek the highest levels of health while learning as much as they can!

When The Guesthouse is full of Guests from Heaven, I drive away after my hours of visiting with them spent:
listening to them, coaching them, pointing out readings and videos for them,
counseling them, delivering mini-lectures to them, preparing amazing dishes and drinks for them. And all I can do on the 5-mile drive to where High and I live at The HighJoy Homestead is just PRAISE THE LORD for where following His calling for me has taken me — to Concrete Heaven!
This is where we learn and live The 10 Energy Enhancers, not as mental constructs and mere abstractions — but as concrete sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell realities!
And I am so gratified,
so fulfilled,
and so completely at peace that it passes all description.

In my last letter telling The Roy Hopkins’ Story, I comically alluded to the traits of guests who have signed up to come to Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods only to waste my time and energy and theirs! I have figured out that some of these “Guests Not from Heaven,” were just attracted to my low rates and never did have a serious interest in Natural Hygiene whatsoever and never did have any intentions of going along with my program to help move themselves forward. Some were just attracted to the low rates and wanted to take take a cheap vacation at my expense. Some were escaping a miserable situation at home and were “just desperate.” Others, quite frankly, just had nothing else to do with their time! I can waste many long hours trying to help such guests — only to receive sourpuss attitudes and abuse and complete disrespect for The Guesthouse and its purpose for being. Other Health Directors tell me they have these same guests/patients come to their facilities.

Last Halloween, I had such a bizarre group of 4 women here, I jokingly swore: “I will never be open during October’s  Halloween again!” There was The Germaphobe who arrived for a 2-week stay with the 2 gallons of vinegar and 2 boxes of Borax and 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol and a big box of latex gloves to clean the surfaces of anything she touched in my perfectly clean house! There was the Indian who systematically spent her time to undo my Natural Hygiene teachings everyday with her own alternative health care ideas and bring confusion to all my efforts to teach the ohers. There was The Sourpuss who worked herself into a frenzy against my daily advice and got her shoulder in so much pain from taking notes in one position for hours every day watching videos that all her “feel good massages” went on the hurt shoulder and all her lifetime of sourness for which she wanted no counsel got dumped on me. Finally,  there was The Egg Lady who fasted to see her belly, which she  referred to as “my egg,” disappear and normalize. She would say things to me like: “We all talk about you behind your back when you leave, you know.”

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P.O. Box 558, Concrete, WA 98237, USA
From: “Victoria BidWell” <victoriabidwell@aol.com>

Date: October 1, 2011 5:25:13 AM EDT

Subject: From Warm Almond Nut Milk to Carobolate to Hot Raspberry Carobolate


The above template-newsletter may not post properly at posterous so please see it at my yahoogroup:


I’ve known OF Victoria Bidwell from the late ’80s/early ’90s, but have never met her.  I used to be on her paper mailing list in those “old days.”  She is a former English teacher, I think she’s about 60+ now, she is a Natural Hygiene author & editor & collaborator with other NH authors on various books, she makes & sells homemade seasonings, she is horse crazy about her speckled stallion pet, she inherited the HUGE Natural Hygiene library from Dr. Vivian Vetrano who used to work with Herbert Shelton, & Victoria is a “wilderness woman” with no apologies! & I hear she doesn’t waste time beating around the bush but speaks her mind!  (hmmm, sounds like me).  And the best part is she became a Christian at some point over the years!  I was not aware of her little fasting retreat until earlier this year 2011 when I revisited Vetrano/Haag’s ROYL (Rest of Your Life) site & saw they were not going to reopen fasting in their home but were instead recommending Victoria’s place in Washington.    

More links for Victoria’s sites:

•Victoria’s original Natural Hygiene site:

•Sign up for Victoria’s emails as one of her “Live Food Factor Friends”:

•Victoria’s Emails/Archives:

•Victoria’s first 21 Reports put online in 2009:
“These first 21 reports may be hand-made & in black-&-white only.  But they hold my very best secrets for making beverages & a variety of some of my best original recipes served at Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods.  I do urge you to open them up & scan through them for yummy live-food drinks & recipes & messages that would really help you!”

•Victoria’s 50+ more reports:
“These 50+ template-made reports are professional-made & colorful.  And they, too, hold original recipes for all kinds of dishes & drinks.  Many come with inspiration in “Our Guests’ Best Stories.”  Most hold teachings to move you further along.  All are aimed at helping livefoodfactorfriends!!”

•Victoria’s Fasting Retreat, the “Hygiene Homestead in The Woods Guesthouse”:

Contact The Wilderness Wonderwoman herself here:

Victoria BidWell
P.O. Box 558
Concrete, Washington, 98237
Phone: (360)-853-7048
E-Mail: victoriabidwell@aol.com


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