GLUE-Y FOODS! (& Tracking Your Health History)

This is a great little summary:

Certain foods such as meat, eggs, milk, cheese, rice, potatoes have gluey properties. Lest you doubt, remember:

–old and injured horses being sent to glue factories,

–egg as the fixative for medieval tempura paintings,

–elmers glue from casein (milk/cheese protein),

–rice and potato starches and pastes.

These foods mixed together are excessively viscous, forming a semi-
digested wall of slime / amino acid petri dish for growing every kind of parasitic animal.


Source: | Alternative AIDS Therapy:

I only scanned that page, didn’t really read it. I noticed he mentions near the top all the immuno diseases including CEBV, Gulf War Syndrome, CFIDS, etc.


GLUE-Y FOODS & Tracking Health History

In 1979, approx. age 27, I quit milk because I figured out on my own it was mucus-causing. Eggs I had quit as a teenager because they gave me terrible stomach aches. In later years, early 30’s, I noticed steamed brown rice made me feel very weak after eating it so it never became a “favorite food” (didn’t have that problem with red potatoes or sweet potatoes).

But then I was born “drowning in mucus” (1950’s), per my Mother who said of all her eight kids, I was the only one with that problem. She said it was normal for the nurses to come in the room, right after birth of all her kids, to suction mucus out of their noses & mouths, & that was the end of it. But for me, she said they kept coming & coming & coming to incessantly suction out mucus. I told her, “You must have eaten too much cheese while pregnant with me.” I was joking but, ewww, she didn’t like that! (that something SHE may have done could have actually effected the outcome of the health of her baby. Total disconnect).

She also said I cried all the time as a baby, more than all the other seven siblings, & that I was very collicky (obviously I could not digest whatever they were feeding me… bottled cow’s milk? …”baby cereals”?). I read in the late 1980s in Natural Hygiene literature that a new baby’s stomach lining is like a sieve & solids will sift through the sieve & into the bloodstream, a very bad thing! (early natural “leaky gut”!) Babies should not be fed “baby cereals” — a mush of whatever that I saw Mom make for the later babies. In Scripture (Bible) babies were nursed until they were up to six years old!

Also, within six months of birth, per Mom, I had the measles twice (including Rubella), which a doctor told me in 1994, “Your troubles began RIGHT THEN & THERE.” (He, himself, had had measles five times as a kid. Totally not normal, as he said ONCE should have made us immune to further outbreaks.)

Before I ever started school, maybe age 4, I remember excruciating ear aches & crying & crying & crying.

I never had any hair on my head until I was five years old. The joke from the grown-ups was that it must be due to me constantly wearing my beloved kid-style “cowboy hat” keeping my hair from growing.

First grade, age 5-6, I got chicken pox & was forced to stay home & miss the school Christmas party. I was so bummed about that!

Around 7-8 years old I had terrible pains in my legs. The parents said, “It’s growing pains, go back to bed.” OK. Good. So I would lie in bed & repeat to myself over & over, “This pain is good. It means I am growing.” Problem is, I never grew beyond 5-feet, lol. Still a short runt.

By 9-10, I had excruciating stomach aches. White gluey “Milk of Magnesia” was the supposed solution provided by the relatives.

Beginning age 11 excruciating menstrual cramps every time for the next 27-28 years. Mom being healthy as a horse, could not relate nor validate: “Wellll, I don’t understaaaand. I Neeeeever had THAT problem!”

By 11-12, enter the beginning of 27 future years of chronic strep throat that finally never came back after a 21-day water-only fast in 1988 (age 35) & half-a-dozen shorter home fasts (5-7 days) over the next three years.

Early 20’s: 1973. My back broke out in HUGE welts out of the blue. Miserable! Totally bizarre. Get some Calamine Lotion!

Mid-20’s: 1975. Came down with asthma in the SAME DAY after hiking in the California woods with my sister & her friends. Couldn’t breathe for two weeks. Slept with my head hanging off the bed trying to get air. My sister finally asked, Do you want to go to the doctor? (I was broke.) Yes! He Dx’d Asthma & Rx’d Marax (horrible stuff! Gave me the shakes!) Took those off & on only when needed, broken in halves or fourths, for the next five years until I moved back to the South & the asthma went away.

Late 20’s: Summer 1979: Had to get a Gamma-Globulin shot along with all the other employees when a gay guy at work came down with jaundice & turned yellow. (Was that shot a turning point for the worse? What concoction of other people’s blood was in it?)

Enter Later 1979 & continuing, long episodes of terrifying, crushing exhaustion, literally unable to move (long stressful hours at work included). I used to say to myself, “It feels as if an elephant is standing on my chest, crushing me.” I literally thought I was dying.
–Beginning Late 1980 & a new job: What I called “food comas” as I felt like I would pass out/fall asleep sitting at my desk after eating. Miserable trying to work feeling like that!

Early-30s: By now I had a long list of symptoms that I typed out for the chiropractor under whose care I was now taking a ton of “food supplements.” He had said 12-18 months & all would be better. Wrong! SIX YEARS of food supplements did NO good, I got worse & worse.
–For over a YEAR I had a breakout of hard-like mini-cysts all over my face. I literally “hid from the world” by working at night & leaving before dawn to rush home & hide some more. Obviously my hormones & immune system were seriously messed up. A visit to a dermatologist was a waste of time.
–My BP was always very low, 60/90. When this chiro would check my BP, he would sock me in the arm & exclaim out loud, “ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE?” (Lol. He was a really cool older guy but he only knew what he knew.)
–He took red/white cell blood tests repeatedly over those “food supplement” years. My red/whites were always whacked out. Near the end he concluded, “You have some sort of CHRONIC INFECTION that just WON’T GO AWAY.”

Indeed I did, but I wouldn’t be given a name for it until six years later, 1992 (“Chronic Epstein-Barr Reactivated” & a few months after that, “CFIDS,” by a different doctor. The real name for CFIDS, btw, is “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis”).

To be continued some other day! Cliff-hanger! :) I spent too much time on this already. Gotta go.

Bottom Line: It’s good to get your early life history, from babyhood, from your Mother in order to piece together your physical health profile! It paints an interesting history & helps solve some of the mystery.



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