Dr. Nick Tancheff vs. Dr. D.J. Scott’s Successors?

I hadn’t heard about this “Natural Hygiene” news:

Seen 4/19/12 at one of Dr. Nick Tancheff’s fasting sites:

In the year 2011, I left my practice in Hawaii to help my close friend and mentor Dr. D.J. Scott in Strongsville, Ohio to retire and to pass away peacefully knowing that his patients were taken care of and that his practice in the field of therapeutic fasting at Dr. Scott’s Natural Health Institute would continue under my direction.

Following Dr. Scott’s passing, I became aware that Dr. Scott’s intentions and promises were not in the plans of the estate and therefore, I decided to pursue legal protection if I was to successfully carry out Dr. Scott’s intentions for the Institute, and Chiropractic practice.

Though I had high hopes for Dr. Scott’s Institute, I did not have enough financial resources to carry out Dr. Scott’s willful intentions.

I was left with only one choice: to return to my home in Kenya. Therefore, I have developed my retreat property here in Kenya for all people that are in need of healing. I have created the most pristine, natural environment on the planet where people from all over the world can very comfortably experience healing in a pristine environment free from pollution. […]

It sounds like Dr. Scott may have had different ideas than what his assigns & heirs felt to be true regarding his estate(?)

Why would Dr. Nick need “legal protection”?

What’s interesting is that Dr. Nick & Dr. Scott were/are just about the only two CHRISTIAN Natural Hygiene doctors in the NH Movement. Too bad. More Christian-focused Natural Hygiene retreats are definitely needed!

Scott died in early September 2011 (age 87) & by December Dr. Nick was “outta there” per this notation on Scott’s site, seen also on 4/19/12:

Nicholas Tancheff, DC’s employment as the Managing Director of Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute ended as of December 21, 2011. As a result, Nicholas Tancheff is no longer affiliated in any way with Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute.

In addition, Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute is not, and has never been, affiliated with any fasting facility operated by or conducted by Nicholas Tancheff, DC in Kenya, Hawaii, or any other location.

We are also pleased to annouce that Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute is undergoing renovation and an upgrade. We anticipate being in a position to resume operations in the spring of 2012. […]

Hmm, it sounds so dry & “legalesque.”

Who will operate Dr. Scott’s now? Did he have kids?

Most surprising is that “whoever” is now “renovating & upgrading” the old place. Why wasn’t that done when Scott was alive?

The main reason I never considered going to Scott’s in Ohio was because when I had called & asked (twice over a 10-year period), they said they had NO private rooms, ugh. I would never be able to handle the lack of privacy.

Additionally, I had long ago heard about the extensive & very expensive ($5,000?) bloodwork that Scott wanted to do on everyone. Fine if you can afford it. Where I come from, money doesn’t grow on trees!


All the best success to Dr. Nick & to the Scott Successors/Heirs/Assigns (whoever they are) as both parties continue their separate Natural Hygiene pursuits! The more the merrier!




10 responses to “Dr. Nick Tancheff vs. Dr. D.J. Scott’s Successors?

  1. April

    There are fasting retreats scattered about the US, but not particularly close to me. I could not afford Dr. Scott’s prices either.

    • Hi April, thanks for the comment & sorry for the delay in approving/replying (I don’t work these blogs full-time).

      If you know of other Natural Hygiene fasting retreats or centers in the USA, please do share. The only ones I am aware of are:

      1. Regency, S. Florida, too expensive.
      2. TrueNorth, California, too expensive.
      3. The Goldberg Clinic near Atlanta is opening a new one this Spring, price unknown (probably expensive).
      4. Dr. Scott’s, Ohio, not yet reopened last I checked, & probably will still be too expensive.
      5. Victoria Bidwell, Washington State, very reasonable & possibly within reach (for me) someday!

      I don’t know of any others!

  2. Well, I suppose it is time I may respond to this post. I recovered my health through adopting raw foods and fasting eventually undergoing a 30 day water fast with Dr. Scott in 1999. We have remained close friends throughout the remainder of his life. I decided to part ways in 1999 and pursue my own interest to become Doctor and my plan to pursue my own facility for fasting patients to undergo the healing process. Though Dr Scott was my closest teacher, mentor, and friend. I also completed the residential training and certification fasting supervision program with True North in 2005 and graduated as Doctor of Chiropractic in 2005. I went on to pursue my interest in Kenya and spent 3 beautiful years developing an organic fruit and vegetable farm, teaching and educating health principles, donating exotic and tropical fruit trees, planting orchards all across the local schools, communities, and to local farmers and helped a few people with fasting but decided it was time to pursue my interest further back in the United States in Hawaii……Dr. Scott had made me the opportunity many times to go to Ohio to which I contemplated and decided no thank you until the year 2011 when Dr. Scott’s attorney made me an offer that I accepted. Dr. Scott paid approximately $12,000 in flight, Ohio licensing, and moving expenses, etc. etc. to bring me to Ohio to take over the Institute for him. By the time I reached Ohio, I learned that he was terminally ill. It was actually on the day that I received my Ohio license that Dr. Scott informed me that he was not doing so well that day. It was some weeks later that I finally was able to make the transition from Hawaii to Ohio only to realize his situation had become much worse than I had anticipated. Fortunately, I got there in time to take over the patient care before any danger situations had occurred. As far as I could tell, things were in place. Only problem being the attorney was still working on some “details” regarding my discussed contract. But not to worry. Things were in place. A few weeks passed and the amish staff asked me to check on Dr. Scott and I realized this may be his last hours and asked them to contact his family. They came quickly and I went upstairs and soon his family informed me he had passed. I contacted his attorney and he informed me all the bank accounts would now be under his control. Ok…..interesting thought. The attorney and I remained on good terms for a short time before it became evident he would have plans that do not include me. As the contract still being worked on of course. I requested assistance from colleagues in the profession which seemingly have only undermined me rather than assist me. And I did request legal advice and my attorneys did decide to file lawsuits. There were countersuits filed against me for website domain names which I purchased while director of the Institute. It was seemingly going to be a large expensive case and we eventually settled out of court. But it has continued to be a very difficult traumatic experience to recover from financially. But I am working as ‘chiropractor’ in Indonesia and hoping to save enough money to return to offer fasting supervision in Hawaii once again some day. I pray I will return to the work I love and know I was the person Dr. Scott chose to carry on his work. It is unfortunate that Dr. Scott’s 60 years of work will be left out of the interest of the man that gave his life for the purpose of his legacy being carried on as he chose. Some day when I return to fasting permanently in Hawaii, I should do a video to explain the situation for those that have the interest to understand.

    Thank You,

    Dr. Nicholas

    • FP

      Thank you, Dr. Nick, for sharing more of the “behind the scenes” transitions re Scott’s Fasting Retreat in Ohio. That is pretty sleazy what the attorney did (&/or the family that hired him(?), so I hope the settlement was just & then some! The whole scenario definitely sounds like a huge stressor! Eck! And tsk tsk & shame on those “colleagues in the profession” who were no help but more of a hindrance. :-/

      I used to visit your Kenyan ChooseLife website. The Hawaii website, FastingByDesign, never loads on my older equipment.

      Re: “It is unfortunate that Dr. Scott’s 60 years of work will be left out of the interest of the man that gave his life for the purpose of his legacy being carried on as he chose.”

      Yes, truly! If Dr. Scott had known that the lawyer would not follow his wishes, Dr. Scott would likely feel the same angst of heart as did King Solomon:

      “Yea, I hated all my labour which I had taken under the sun: because I should leave it unto the [“Lawyer”] man that shall be after me. And who knoweth whether he shall be a wise man or a fool? yet shall he have rule over all my labour wherein I have laboured, and wherein I have shewed myself wise under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 2:18-20).

      I wish you much success in your Indonesian chiropractic job & with your next fasting retreat. I’m sure it can’t be easy funding & operating one! Just make sure wherever you set up shop that it is NOT in a city that has imposed “Smart Grid” technology on their Power Grid! The Smart Grid’s AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) & TWACS (Two-Way Automated Communications Signal) is a radiation-nightmare of slow-kill genocidal proportions! Not a joke!

      And if you want to be more wise & “ahead of the learning curve” over other fasting-retreat colleagues who are still using it, reject all WiFi & Cordless Phones (both emit Pulsed Microwave Radiation) at your next retreat & choose safer WIRED internet/phones instead.

      Natural Hygienists would NEVER use microwave ovens yet they are using WiFi which is the SAME thing but even worse (WiFi is PULSED vs Direct MWR; Pulsed-MWR is more deadly!)

      Lastly, so sorry re the long delay in approving your comment. There was cancer in the family (& subsequent death) which knocked me for a loop for a long time, very very bad/sad. I wasn’t over that trauma before the next giant whammie began here > Smart Grid daily torture for over a year now, it causes the whole bldg. (& internal organs) to “Vibrate & Hum” via the EMF/RF-MWR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation, Radio Frequency/Microwave Radiation) & VLF (Very Low Frequencies) they are pumping through the wall-wiring & the powerlines (ever feel like Job with 3 hard-hitting traumas in a row? From your comment I think you do!)

      Whoever sets up the first “Radiation-Free Zone” Natural Hygiene Retreat should reach out to 3 rapidly-growing groups (will never have a lack of guests!):

      1. The Low-Frequency “Hum” people. Google “World Hum Map” for a map showing locations of people suffering all over the world who hear ELF/VLF-“Hums.”

      2. The ES &/or EHS people aka Electro-Sensitives aka Electro-HyperSensitives.

      3. The “Smart Grid Syndrome” people, including yours truly, who had neither #1 nor #2 until the SmartGrid-AMI-TWACS was turned ON in our respective areas.

      Thanks again for stopping by to comment!

  3. Hi April and Fasting Paradise,

    There is also Ralph Cinque outside Austin, TX and a new fasting retreat being opened this Spring 2015 by Frank Sabatino in Lauderdale Beach, called the Ocean Jade. Frank is highly credentialed and very experienced from ten years running Shangri-la in Bonita Springs after R. J. Cheatham died; my understanding is that he could not do fasting supervision while at the Regency, but I welcome any correction to that impression.

    I fasted eleven times at Scott’s. He accepted the most difficult cases and operated his own government approved blood lab, so that he was able to keep test prices affordable for working people. He charged $1,000/week for everything–same as True North–in the last years, plus the cost of any test that he had to send to an outside lab, but he always consulted with a patient before doing that. He saved my life. The last fast that I did with him in 2011, the fourth in five years (three of them over six weeks) was a complete fast, unusual in this day and age.

    Do you know where Nick Tancheff is now?

    Daniel Marshall

    • FP

      Hi Daniel, thank you for your comment & info! I’m sorry for the slow approval of your comment but once your addy/comment is “approved” this first time, you should be able to comment hereafter without any hold-up (ditto for Dr. Nick above).

      You are so right, I forgot about Dr. Ralph Cinque’s place. Thanks for the reminder!

      Re: Where is Dr. Nick? Please see his above (now finally “approved”) comments. They say he is/was working in Indonesia but has headed back to Hawaii. Maybe you can reach him via his website which is:

      I also forgot that Sabatino had been the Health Director at Shangri-La after Cheatham. And whether he could supervise fasting at Regency I do not know. I never visited the Regency but it seemed “from afar” as more of a “fat farm for richer older ladies from Up North.” In other words, it didn’t seem focused on Natural Hygiene.

      Re Shangri-La, I was there when Annie Sylvan was the Health Director & son John Cheatham & his Mom were running the place after Dad-Cheatham’s death. After they sold it in the 1990’s, a German couple owned it for awhile but never did much with it so it stagnated. Eventually some “NewAge” lady bought it & last I checked a few years ago, she made a restaurant out of it. I did love that old historical place (built circa 1920 I think) & so wished I could have bought it after Cheathams (dream on). The only problem when I was there late 1980’s & stayed in one of the cabins was the tomato packing plant nearby which made a ton of racket/noise all night long! :)

      Amazing story re your 11 fasts at Dr. Scott’s, wow. Glad it worked out so well & saved your life! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nick Tancheff just reached Hawaii yesterday actually. Planning to get started here as soon as possible by August 1. The Sabatino retreat is funded by Dr. Scott’s attorney. I had introduced Goldhamer to Scott’s attorney as I was expecting he would back me up. Rather he used the relationship to his own gain and then helped his buddy Sabatino to get his retreat funded with Dr. Scott’s attorney. Goldhamer was able to get Scott’s old files and from what I have been informed the attorney will be helping Goldhamer to publish the book as his own work.

    • FP

      Hi Nicholas: Thanks for the follow-up:

      “Nick Tancheff just reached Hawaii yesterday [7/22/15] actually.”

      Ha! That is some amazing timing that you had already headed back to Hawaii the day before I finally/very-belatedly (sorry!) posted your comment on 7/23/15. Hope you had a happy landing!

      “Planning to get started here as soon as
      possible by August 1.”

      Thanks for the notice. Hopefully, anyone passing by here will see your comment. And if you have an RSS Feed link for your site/announcements, let me know the exact-RSS-link & I can insert it into a WP Widget & put it in the right column of this blog (which doesn’t get that many hits but hey, every little bit of “free advertising” helps).

      “The Sabatino retreat is funded by Dr. Scott’s attorney.”

      Yes, I had already noticed that the OceanJade site mentions the “Dr. Scott Trust.” I guess it should say, “Funded by the Backstabbing Rip-Off Attorney of Dr. Scott.” :-/

      Here’s what the site actually says:

      “Also, as a result of the support of the Dr. David Scott trust, we are delighted to announce that Ocean Jade is one of only two centers in the U.S. that provides fully supervised water-only fasting”:

      Doesn’t Dr. Cinque provide “supervised water-only fasting”? So their statement is not totally correct. Of course Dr. Cinque’s “home” is not a “center,” but not everybody needs a “center.”

      “I had introduced
      Goldhamer to Scott’s attorney as I was expecting he would back me up. Rather he used the relationship to his own gain and then helped his
      buddy Sabatino to get his retreat funded with Dr.
      Scott’s attorney.”

      Oh boy, that is so underhanded & sneaky. Shame on Dr. Alan Goldhamer. Nothing like having trust in someone & then having them stab you in the back (I can relate, though; have been through a few such scenarios but not re “business.”) The Devil has been very busy the last few years!

      Did Dr. Scott not have any children, or neices/nephews, etc. who, besides yourself, could have been the trustee/executor of his trust/estate & life’s work? &/or who are the “Trust’s beneficiaries”? If that attorney performs unethically re Scott’s Trust & files, he should be removed as Trustee; appeal to the Courts:

      “Ohio Revised Code 5807.06: Removal of
      trustee – grounds –
      protective measures”:


      Also, if they/you want to look up that attorney’s Ohio Bar license to see if he/she has had any disciplinary actions, search his/her name here:

      (I was thinking of Mark Huberman, attorney, IAHP Secy/Treasurer/Webmaster, President of the NHA fka ANHS, long-time family friends w/Scott in Youngstown. But since you said you had to “introduce
      Goldhamer to Scott’s attorney,” the attorney could not have been Huberman since he would already know Goldhamer.)

      As for Sabatino, I’ve never met him & only heard him lecture decades ago & it was a very passionate “Italiano” presentation. :) But I read somewhere over the years since then that he is/was(?) into that NLP psycho-babble. (The guys who “invented” NLP in the 1960’s had connections to people who were part of the CIA’s MKULTRA brainwashing programs.)

      “Goldhamer was able to get Scott’s old files and from what I have been
      informed the attorney will be helping Goldhamer
      to publish the book as his own work.”

      They are going to plagiarize Scott’s work without giving him credit? Yow, that would be even more dastardly. It would be hard to pull off, I would think, since you already know about those files, & the people who “informed you” also already know about those files.

      But if what you describe actually comes to fruition via an actual book or other “professional publications” without giving credit to Dr. Scott, for starters I would file ethics complaints against that attorney’s bar license (see above link), & also against Goldhamer’s chiropractic license for “deceptive & misleading advertising”:

      •Dr. G’s chiro license:
      •”File a Complaint” – Board of [California] Chiropractic Examiners:
      •Submittal form:

      I see you mentioned those Dr. Scott files here in November 2011:

      11/7/2011: “Dr. Nicholas M. Tancheff Therapeutic Water Fasting http://www.fastingbydesign.org” – Healthy Referral Newspaper:
      Being approached many times throughout the years by his mentor, Dr. DJ Scott, Dr. Tancheff came to agreements with Dr. Scott in August 2011, to carry on Dr. Scott’s successful practice in Strongsville, Ohio. Dr. Tancheff’s mentor passed away on September
      23, 2011, leaving Dr. Tancheff to continue Dr.
      Scott’s practice and lifelong work. Per Dr. Scott’s requests, we will continue to pursue excellence in the field of therapeutic fasting, giving diligence to the scientific data that has been collected here at Scott’s fasting facility to interpret and publish this
      data for the the purposes of educating the public
      regarding the usefulness of fasting as an alternative to medical therapies.


      What a shame. Such “big plans” thwarted by shysters. Well, you know what they say, “When God closes one door He opens another” (though He may leave us “in the Hallway” for awhile in between).

      Back to Huberman, he had written re Dr. Scott:

      “Dr. D. J. Scott the loss of a legend (Obituary)”:
      My family and I had the privilege of living only about an hour and a half down the Ohio Turnpike from the late Dr. D.J. Scott so we were literally closer to him than most. My mom, dad and I all fasted at his world famous Natural Health Institute in Strongsville and he confidently and competently guided each of us through some extraordinary health crises. He and his late wife Thelma were virtually a part of our family and they came to most of our important lifecycle events from anniversaries to bar and bat mitzvahs. …

      Since Huberman & family were close friends of Dr. Scott, I can’t imagine they would approve of the plagiarizing of his work. What do they have to say about all this, as personal family friends (& as IAHP Secy/Treasurer, & NHA President)?

      As for ethics complaints, what about the IAHP “org” itself, ESPECIALLY since Dr. Scott himself was the “founding president of the
      International Association of Hygienic Physicians”?

      If Huberman is no help, what about Alec Burton, IAHP Co-founder w/Scott?

      IAHP “Principles of Ethics”:
      4. Hygienic Physicians will observe the law in the conduct of their practice; they shall uphold the dignity of the Association and fully accept its self-imposed disciplines.
      7. Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians are expected to uphold the good name, integrity and reputation of their
      professional colleagues at all times, both publicly
      and privately, and it is agreed that all conflict of philosophy and practice should be resolved within the confines of the Association.

      Maybe you &/or Scott’s Trust Beneficiaries already pursued those avenues.

      Lastly, since you & Dr. G are members of IAHP, & in light of #7 above, I wouldn’t want them to “boot you out” due to these “public” comments. So if you want me to delete any of these comments, let me know.

      Then again, if a “plagiarizing crime” is “in the making,” exposing such activity might help to thwart it:

      “But all things having their true character exposed by the light are made manifest; for that which makes everything manifest is light.” (Ephesians 5:13)

  5. tylertolman

    Dr Tancheff is now helping me facilitate fasting wih my clients in Bali, Indonesia. He is very knowledgable and really cares for my clients. Great to have him. http://www.tylertolman.com/healing-detox-program-detox-cleanse/

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