What Does the GOVERNMENT Say About FASTING?

Is Fasting “DANGEROUS”?


Most of the 20th Century Natural Hygiene doctors (Shelton, Esser, Scott, Sidhwa, etc.) that had fasting retreats have fasted 20-30,000 people EACH in their lifetimes (& that’s just the USA & UK). That’s a lot of people fasting for health! with a miniscule death rate (it’s not the fasting that kills people anyway. Grrr. Usually it’s some idiot thing the person does afterward, eats too much or the wrong foods, too much activity too soon, etc.)

But QuackWatch.org despises them all nonetheless & gladly does its best to scare people away from Natural Hygiene, fasting & raw foods with their scathing reports & “scare words” like “starvation,” etc. HOGWASH!

Listen to health reporter Chet Day describe his 1993 fasting research:


“Medical Research Proves Safety of Fasting:

“When I first started advertising Health & Beyond, I made a big deal out of my ability to search the national medical database known as MedLine. With this issue of the newsletter we took our first journey into the bowels of one of our government-sponsored computers and checked out everything we could find on the subject of fasting as it’s been considered by the medical establishment and its peer-reviewed research.

“I spent more time on this issue than I thought possible because it took me hours and hours to translate the medical jargon into understandable English. Once I did so, however, I was happy to find lots and lots of “research” that proved the efficiency and safety of fasting.

“If you want “research proof” that fasting won’t kill you or turn you into a emaciated, raving lunatic, then you’ll want this reprint: Vol. 1, No. 3 (July, 1993)”: http://chetday.com/backissues.html


So there you have it, folks. “Govt. Truth” vs. “Govt. Fearmongering.” Funny how they play both sides of the fence. A bit of “Hegelian HEALTH Dialectic” for your mind-numbing pleasure.

You can order a copy of Chet’s “government” fasting research at his above link.



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