“GMO Ticking Time Bomb” Documentary by Gary Null

Part 1
By TheHealthRanger
Posted 10/4/12

URL:  http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=rAL_AMdMXqY

The first in an upcoming series of mini-documentary videos about GMOs, this Gary Null production delves into the reality of GMO health risks. Gary Null calls it a “GMO ticking time bomb.”

This video reveals some of the health problems caused by GMOs, including infertility, accelerated aging, organ damage, immune malfunction and more.

Uploaded to YouTube by NaturalNews.com with permission from Gary Null.


GMO Ticking Time Bomb – Part 2
By GaryNullTV
Posted Oct 2, 2012

URL:  http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=sx4Dud0othY

Senior Executive Producer, Writer, Director: Gary Null
Executive Producer / Co-Director: Richard Polonetsky
Producers: Paola Bossola, Richard Gale
Editors: Patrick Thompson, Richie Williamson
Camera Operators: L.A. Jones, Tarun Mathur, Greg Russ, Valerie Van Cleve, Richie Williamson
Special Thanks to: Dr. Joel Bakan, Dr. Shiv Chopra, GMO Free Zone, Institute for Responsible Technology, International Center for Technology Assessment, Lens Eye (India), Dr. Don Lotter, Mercola.com, Natural Solutions Foundation, Navdanya (India). Dr. Arpad Pusztai, T. Colin Campbell Foundation


GMO Ticking Time Bomb – Part 3
By PRNfm
Posted Oct 8, 2012

URL:  http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=Ppumc3iavzI

DNA, genetic modification and patenting of GMO’s by the industrial agricultural complex.  A Gary Null Production.


GMO Ticking Time Bomb – Part 4
By PRNfm
Posted Oct 19, 2012

URL:  http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=yakLhePNT2s

Support YES on California Proposition 37 for Labeling GMOs:

Learn More About the Science and Risks of GMO:

How to Avoid GMO Foods and Products:


While we’re on the subject of GMO’s, here’s more:

10/2/12:  Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting – Organic Spies – CENSORED by YouTube – NaturalNews.tv VIDEO:


Description:  This is the now-famous video that was censored by YouTube. It shows Whole Foods employees LYING about the GMOs being sold by the store.

Fact: Whole Foods is a massive retailer for Monsanto’s GM corn, which is found in all sorts of products on the shelves at Whole Foods. This is the same strain of genetically engineered corn that French researchers recently linked to massive cancer tumors in rats.

As of this writing, Whole Foods has offered ZERO support for Proposition 37 and has made NO effort to require GMO labeling for the products it sells.

SHARE this video. Spread the truth about Whole Foods and GMOs.

Read the full story at:


Controlling Our Food:  A Documentary On Genetically Modified Foods GMO’s
By greggdurham
Posted May 2, 2011

URL:  http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=SJ0Drb0oZwc

Description:  On March 11, 2008 a new documentary was aired on French television, a documentary that Americans won’t ever see. The gigantic bio-tech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years.

Genetically modified foods (or GM foods) are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO). Genetically modified organisms have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. These techniques are much more precise than mutagenesis (mutation breeding) where an organism is exposed to radiation or chemicals to create a non-specific but stable change. Other techniques by which humans modify food organisms include selective breeding; plant breeding, and animal breeding, and somaclonal variation.

GM foods were first put on the market in the early 1990s. Typically, genetically modified foods are transgenic plant products: soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. Animal products have also been developed, although as of July 2010 none are currently on the market. In 2006 a pig was controversially engineered to produce omega-3 fatty acids through the expression of a roundworm gene. Researchers have also developed a genetically-modified breed of pigs that are able to absorb plant phosphorus more efficiently, and as a consequence the phosphorus content of their manure is reduced by as much as 60%.


Two comments that were right at the top for the above video are RIGHT ON & say it all:

Sep 9, 2012:  “Genetically engineered food is intended to ‘soft kill’ most of the world’s population. The ‘elite few’ want to drastically decrease the number of ‘useless eaters’, but they cannot do it with bullets and bombs. What better way to kill off these ‘useless eaters’ by feeding them with food that would slowly sicken them without them even knowing it. My friend died from cancer at the age of 37 after years of eating what he thought was healthy genetically engineered fruits and vegetables.”

Sep 15, 2012:  “Only God can defeat these demonic acts…remember the Bible says man must not live by bread alone….the world is pure Evil…only in God we can defeat the worldly system.”

Indeed! “…the whole world IS lying in the power of the Wicked One.” – 1st John 5:19.  

Everyone has heard the saying, “The fox is guarding the hen house.”  These days it is “The Luciferian Overlords guarding the kitchen!”


Regarding Barcodes and GMO food:
–If the barcode starts with an 8 it means your fruit or vegetable is GMO.
–9 = organic
–other number (4, 5) = neither.
–There is an article that explains barcodes here:


It’s bad enough w/just the garbage they put in processed food these days. New article at Henry Makow’s site re HAIR, FEATHERS, ABORTED FETAL TISSUE, SECRETIONS FROM A BEAVER’s ANAL GLAND, etc. being used as “NATURAL FLAVORS” in processed food, no joke:

Nothing Natural about “Natural Flavors”:




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