When “Fit For Life” became “Fit For Jail” :-/

Oh dear, what a mess. Somehow I missed this news from 2009-2010. The son, Beau, of the 1980’s famed natural health “Fit For Life” couple, Harvey & Marilyn Diamond, grew up to become a little ponzi schemer per these articles.

Whether Dad, Harvey, was just as guilty was never judicially determined, as far as these Herald-Tribune articles go. Evidently Harvey has health problems in his older age compounded by Agent Orange exposure while in VietNam, per the same articles. Here’s a 2005 interview with Harvey: http://www.formerfatguy.com/interviews/harvey-diamond.asp
And here’s his Facebook page which is current & has some great news links: http://facebook.com/HarveyDiamond?id=149375015106731

Mom Marilyn seems to be doing well these days, still writing & being a health enthusiast with her newer husband (the Diamonds divorced 20+ years ago).

And Son Beau was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2010. The good (funny) news was that he was growing sprouts in his jail cell, lol. He took the sunflower seeds out of Trail Mix & germanated them on a wet paper napkin under the fluorescent light. Now that’s ingenuity being put to good use!

9/22/09: Best-selling Diet Author Harvey Diamond in Foreclosure, Son Arrested for Fraud – Zillow Blog:

9/26/10: “Harvey Diamond: From high life to low point” – Herald Tribune: http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20100926/article/9261060?p=all&tc=pgall

10/13/10: “Lawsuit against Sarasota’s Harvey Diamond is delayed” – Herald Tribune:

12/22/10: “Sarasota Ponzi schemer Beau Diamond sentenced to 15.5 years in prison” – Herald Tribune: http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20101222/ARTICLE/12221036?p=all&tc=pgall


I’m sorry for the families’ troubles (including the investors who lost their money) but the FIT FOR LIFE book was my doorway to priceless truths regarding Natural Hygiene & Health back in 1987 (as found in the additional information section in the back of the Diamonds’ book). For that I am forever grateful!





4 responses to “When “Fit For Life” became “Fit For Jail” :-/

  1. Cathy

    I am also saddened by this information. I am alive today because of that same information for the American Natural Hygiene Society that they included in the back of their book. I found their book at my local library after weeks of searching for answers that my doctors didn’t have. That was in 1993.

  2. FP

    Thank you, Cathy, for that encouraging testimony!

    Those days were a great time of discovery! It was thrilling, literally. After I learned of the ANHS from the Diamonds’ book, I ordered all the Shelton books & TC Fry newsletters & Mendelson’s book & Allen’s Don’t Get Stuck book, & Bragg’s fasting book, etc. etc. What a joyous time of reading/learning.

    I was able to attend two weekend seminars in the Tampa area shortly thereafter that TC Fry hosted & ANHS hosted the 2nd one. Great old-timers like Vivian Vetrano, Ralph Cinque, TC Fry himself, James Lennon, Ron Cridland, Doug Graham, etc. were the speakers. It was a hoot at lunchtime to see everyone walking around stuffing wads of Romaine into their faces. :D Ditto the 1989 ANHS annual conference near South Miami Beach right as they were beginning to renovate the Art Deco District. (Those old bldgs. were so cool!! Too bad it thereafter became “Sodomite City.”) That conference had the Burtons, Sabatino, the Goldhamers, & others. It was also a joy!

    I used to adore the ANHS Life Science magazine in the old days with the gorgeous front covers. Then, what I refer to as the “Commies,” must have taken over after James Lennon left, circa the later 1990’s & it was never the same. I ended my membership after at least a dozen years.

    The historic “American Natural Hygiene Society” (founded 1948) became the Orwellian-sounding “Nat’l Health Assoc.” (all for the sake of “appealing to the wider masses”). How bland & void of “personality” can you get? That’s Communism for you, it does the same thing > strips out & rewrites history, promotes dumbed-down intelligence & lower goals for the masses, wants everyone to be a clone of itself, etc.

    It was great while it lasted. Glad we were able to “ride the wave” before everything changed. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. FP

    Hi Glenn, I did hear that she was writing a new book of her experiences & “new life” as a meat-eater, etc., & tried to find online any reviews of the book but couldn’t find anything (that was a year or two ago. I haven’t looked lately).

    If you have read Marilyn’s new book &/or know more about the specifics, please feel free to post a “book review” & your opinions/thoughts. Thanks!

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