“I finally had to ask myself whether our understanding and our concept of disease had not been entirely wrong because of our ignorance of the biological PURPOSE of disease.”
–Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. (above photo)


That quote by Dr. Hamer, btw, is exactly what Natural Hygiene has been saying for 180 years now, that all “dis-ease” processes, from the common cold to cancer & worse, are instituted by the body ON PURPOSE for the purpose of detoxing, unloading, repairing, etc. in order to keep us alive longer, not kill us faster!  The equation looks like this:

Detox=Dis-ease=”Healing Crisis”=Good!

If our bodies had not been designed (BY GOD) to Detox themselves along the road of life, & they Never instituted “Healing Crises” (which look like “Diseases” vs. “Healing” to the Unaware), none of us would make it past babyhood.

If anyone gets a dis-ease, it means your body is trying to rid itself of an overload of toxic & metabolic waste buildup.  It is the body’s “red flag” that it wants your attention & cooperation to allow it to do its job.  Our bodies are smarter than we are!

Dr. Hamer’s specialty was cancer.  But then HE got testicular cancer himself, & began asking, Why?  He thought it might be connected to his son’s death in 1978, which was a devastating, traumatic & UNEXPECTED SHOCK to the Doctor’s entire mind-body-soul.  That trauma set him on his new life path of investigation & discovery:

“Six months later (after his son died) Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. … While working in a large cancer clinic, he visited the ward with testicular cancer patients and began asking them questions. He noted that, prior to the diagnosis, every patient has had a serious conflict, or loss of a loved one.  He visited the ovarian cancer ward and the patients also had lost a dear loved one prior to diagnosis. He learned in the university that the testicles and ovaries were of the same embryonic origins.  Dr. Hamer then noted on brain CT scans that every testicular and ovarian cancer patient had a dark spot in the same location.  He concluded that not only cancers but all disease is triggered by unexpected shocks and traumas. Later he came to the conclusion that various related smaller emotional triggers can accumulate over years or even decades to manifest as disease.”  Source:

Read details of what Dr. Hamer learned about cancer & the brain-shock connection in one shorter & two detailed (& long) articles further below.  This is not merely psychological, but BIOLOGICAL.  He proved it with thousands of brain CT-scans on thousands of patients.  Fascinating.  So why doesn’t everyone know about this yet?  One guess.


1. Several doctors interviewed for the 
“Healing Cancer World Summit 2012” mentioned a “Dr. Hamer” & his excellent results with healing cancer & it’s connection to the brain’s reaction FIRST to emotions/shock/trauma & conflict which THEN allows the cancers to grow.

2. Later I saw at the “Total Healing Institute” website (Wheaton, Illinois) that they had a tab entitled “German New Medicine” (see further below).  I had no idea what “German New Medicine” meant at the time (& frankly, it sounded like some creepy New Age title) so I didn’t even click on it then.  Turns out it is related to this same Dr. Hamer.

3. Last night while Googling I saw this interesting bit of info posted in 2004 in Australia:

Doctors Being Deregistered in Droves for HELPING People:

Doctors around the world are being deregistered in droves by their respective medical boards for doing nothing more than helping their patients with nutritional and naturally based treatments.

Recent de-registrants include notable pioneers in natural treatments including:

–Dr. Durrant-Peatfield, a UK doctor specializing in natural therapies for thyroid, adrenal and chronic fatigue conditions.

–Dr. Serafina Corsello, a respected holistic physician.

–Among those relentlessly harassed by their medical boards were Dr. Emanual Revici, an internationally respected pioneer in the treatment of cancer by nutritional and natural means.

–Dr. Warren Levine, who founded the first Holistic Health Center in New York having helped thousands of patients during the nearly 30 years he was in practice.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, who had been granted a sizeable sum by the National Cancer Institute to conduct testing on alternative cancer therapy.

–The medical board of New Jersey deregistered Dr. Eric R. Braverman MD, clinician and author, after authorities noted his unique research and his success in treating serious conditions with holistic therapies.

–In Australia Dr. Eckard Roehrich, was deregistered on 21 September 2004 after he gave testimony in court on behalf of a family whose 11 year old daughter was forced to have chemotherapy against her wishes and those of her parents. The child’s treating oncologist at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle contacted the department of community services which instigated the forced treatment by way of a court order.
End Quote.

4. Dr. Hamer was not listed among those (the author probably wasn’t aware of Hamer yet) but Hamer should be on that list as well (see below re his research, patient successes, & subsequent persecutions by “established medicine” & police/judicial authorities in Europe).  
Dr. Herbert Shelton (1895-1985) should also be on the list.  He was thrown in jail 30 times (& Rycker’s Island once) during his non-“medical” career for helping tens of thousands of people via fasting, fresh produce, rest, sleep, sunshine, pure water.  Horrors!  What a crime, eh?  :-/
Shelton Bio:
–Here’s another one:  Andrew Lanyard wrote on 8/17/11:  “When I was a kid, my uncle and aunt were outspoken defenders of Dr. Andrew Ivy (1893-1978), a respected medical researcher who claimed that a substance named Krebiozen had cured many cancer cases.  Dr. Ivy’s claim created a firestorm of controversy, and he was soon stripped of his membership in leading medical organizations. (He had been a director of the American Cancer Society.)  Despite the fact that it did not conduct proper medical trials on Krebiozen, the AMA declared it to be worthless, and suggested that Dr. Ivy was senile. In short, despite the high standing he had enjoyed, he was professionally destroyed.”  :(
Comment Source:
Dr. Ivy Story:

5. Among those 7 that were listed in the 2004 Aussie article, I already knew of one (Eric Braverman, NY) for some time, & had only learned of these two others within the past few days:

Nicholas Gonzalez, MD (above, NY) was interviewed in the “Healing Cancer Summit” re using pancreatic enzymes to cure all cancers:

Emanuel Revici, MD (NY, above, died at age 101 in 1998). I’ve got a whole separate page I’m working on re him & his cancer research.  Look for it soon at this site.

6. What Dr. Hamer says (below) is somewhat similar to what Eric Braverman, MD, has been saying for some time.  Braverman, a Jewish convert to Christianity, is on Christian-TV often & I’ve seen him many times over the years. (Benny Hinn interviews Braverman quite often on his program; again the past few days, as a matter of fact.)

Braverman, above, a very smart fellow, REPEATEDLY quotes Ecclesiastes 12:6 re the “golden bowl” (the brain) as being the CENTER of all disease. He calls it the “Top Down Heirarchy” as in: God the Father, then Jesus Christ the Son, then the Holy Spirit; & like Man, Woman, Child, ie, From the Top Down in “Authority,” so to speak. Likewise with the human body, Braverman says, it also operates From the Top Downward in that THE BRAIN TELLS THE REST OF THE BODY WHAT TO DO. He says “Fix the Brain First” & the rest of the body will follow suit by obeying the Brain & healing itself.

When Braverman talks about healing the Brain, he is NOT referring to Psychiatry & Psych Drugs. He is referring to NUTRITIONALLY healing the Brain by giving it what it needs so it can send out CORRECT SIGNALS to the rest of the body (it is the warped, toxic signals from the Brain that create not only negative emotions, but also physical illnesses. Water-Fasting, btw, will detox your Brain just as it does the rest of the body & will turn your Brain into the happiest person on the planet. Then feed your Brain raw fruits/veggies/juices afterward & your Brain will stay nutritionally charged & happy & able to correctly direct the rest of your body to stay healthy. But if you are in crisis mode & can’t fast or make diet changes, etc., consider protocols such as Braverman’s, Hamer’s, etc. until you can do fasting & raw diet). Braverman has several books — google him — & has a medical practice in NY here (they do take cancer patients):
& a YouTube channel here:
& other videos w/Braverman here:
& more here:


Michael said (August 14, 2011):
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Patrick Quillan, former directer of the Cancer Centers of America in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In a lecture, he described their very cautious and limited use of surgery and chemo and radiation. They tried to focus on the physical as well as the mental and spiritual state of the patient. When a cancer was observed as being a certain years growth, say 10, it was often found that a traumatic event, death, divorce, or other tragedy had occurred at that time. Generally it’s believed that stresses so related, depress the immune system that normally keeps cancer in check.  Dr. Quillan authored a book, “Beating Cancer With Nutrition.” Thankfully, there are good medical doctors aware of what is going on. Some are persecuted more than others. Some are trying to get you really healthier, and to see them less. I admire Dr. Oz and believe he is in this vein, generally open and helpful-what a Dr. should be.

The list could be long of persons like Royal Rife, and Renae Cassie who worked in successful approaches to cancer, but because they threatened the “medical establishment” approach, their lives were subjected to attacks and conflicts that were entirely devilish–morally and criminally wrong as is the case of Dr. Hamer.


Now back to Dr. Hamer, since his info is the purpose of this particular email.

Stephen said (August 16, 2011):
…Some of the high ups in the cancer industry know of the various cancer cures.  One I know has actually been cured of cancer by Dr. Hamer’s New German Medicine.  They don’t want a cure, its bad for business.  I have treated several ex-pharma salesmen. They are filled with guilt and shame when they are forced to lie to MDs to sell expensive drugs that are not as effective as some of the old generics. You can’t be honest and be a good pharmaceutical salesman at the same time.  Many in the industrial medical complex should be judged by the same standards of the NAZI Nuremburg trials and then hung.


Hans said (August 13, 2011):
Since 30 years now they are hunting him (Dr. Hamer) down like a criminal across the whole of Europe. And his only crime is that he found 5 biological laws which allows a new understanding of diseases (which he calls SBS, Significant Biological Special Program).  Here is something about him in English:

Direct YT Link:  
http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=3zYWtzq4XBk


Per Dr. Hamer, Testes & Ovarian Cancers & Diseases are specifically associated with “Loss Conflict.” Simply put, Understand & come to terms with the loss that caused the emotional shock/conflict (which triggered the brain to tell the body to go into crisis/tumor-building mode) & the brain will reverse the message to the body & say, “It’s OK now, the trauma/shock/loss conflict has been resolved, so you [body part] can start healing.”

Hamer says the CT-scans show that the brain-trigger-locations directly correspond to whichever body part is associated with that part of the brain.  Therefore, he says, cancers are PREDICTABLE after a trauma-shock as is their EXACT location!

The 2nd article, below, includes a list of other body parts & what type of shock/trauma or conflict triggered those disease processes.


Full Dr. Hamer articles below are from two different sites.  This first long article is from the “Total Health Institute” site mentioned earlier:

Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm
By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.:

The 2nd long article is:


If you are in a rush, one person recommended this as a “Short Introduction of the (German) New Medicine” – .PDF:

And another recommended link re Hamer’s work:

“Dr. Hamer’s findings have been proved several times – always 100% correct”:


Full text, Article 1:

Dr. Hamer’s Medical Paradigm
By Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.


On August 18, 1978, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., at the time head internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany, received the shocking news that his son Dirk had been shot. Dirk died in December 1978. A few months later, Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Since he had never been seriously ill, he immediately surmised that his cancer development might be directly related to the tragic loss of his son.

Dirk’s death and his own experience with cancer prompted Dr. Hamer to investigate the personal history of his cancer patients. He quickly learned that, like him, they all had gone through some exceptionally stressful episode prior to developing cancer. The observation of a mind-body connection was not really surprising. Numerous studies had already shown that cancer and other diseases are often preceded by a traumatic event.

But Dr. Hamer took his research a momentous step further. Pursuing the hypothesis that all bodily events are controlled from the brain, he analyzed his patients’ brain scans and compared them with their medical records. Dr. Hamer discovered that EVERY DISEASE—not only cancer!—is controlled from its own specific area in the brain and linked to a very particular, identifiable, “conflict shock”. The result of his research is a scientific chart that illustrates the biological relationship between the psyche and the brain in correlation with the organs and tissues of the entire human body.

Dr. Hamer came to call his findings “The Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine”, because these biological laws, which are applicable to any patient’s case, offer an entirely new understanding of the cause, the development, and the natural healing process of diseases. In 1981, Dr. Hamer presented his findings to the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen as a post-doctoral thesis. But to this day, the University has refused to test Dr. Hamer’s research in spite of its legal obligation to do so. This is an unprecedented case in the history of universities. Similarly, official medicine refuses to approve his discoveries despite some 30 scientific verifications both by independent physicians and by professional associations.

Shortly after Dr. Hamer submitted his thesis, he was given the ultimatum to renounce his discoveries or have his contract renewal at the University clinic denied. In 1986, even though his scientific work had never been impeached, much less disproved, Dr. Hamer was stripped of his medical license on the grounds that he refused to conform to the principles of standard medicine. Yet he was determined to continue his work. By 1987 he was able to extend his discoveries to practically every disease known to medicine.

Dr. Hamer has been persecuted and harassed for over 25 years, in particular by the German and French authorities… Since 1997, Dr. Hamer has been living in exile where he carries on with his research and where he continues to fight for official recognition of his “New Medicine”.


Dr. Hamer established that “every disease is caused by a conflict shock that catches an individual completely off guard” (First Biological Law). In honor of his son, Dr. Hamer called this unanticipated stressful event a Dirk Hamer Syndrome or DHS.

Psychologically speaking, a DHS is a very personal incident conditioned by our past experiences, our vulnerabilities, our individual perceptions, our values and beliefs. Yet, a DHS is not a merely psychological but rather a biological conflict. Animals experience these biological shocks in concrete terms, for example, through a sudden loss of the nest or territory, a loss of an offspring, a separation from a mate or from the pack, an unexpected threat of starvation, or a death-fright. Since over time the human mind acquired a figurative way of thinking, we can experience these biological conflicts also in a transposed sense. A male, for instance, can suffer a “territorial loss conflict” when he unexpectedly loses his home or his workplace; a female “nest conflict” may be a concern over the well-being of a “nest member”; an “abandonment conflict” can be triggered by an unforeseen divorce or by being rushed to the hospital; children often suffer a “separation conflict” when Mom decides to go back to work or when the parents split up.

By analyzing thousands of brain computer tomograms (CT) in relation to his patient’s histories, Dr. Hamer discovered that the moment a DHS occurs, the shock impacts a specific, predetermined area in the brain, causing a “lesion” that is visible on a CT scan as a set of sharp concentric rings.

(In 1989, Siemens, the German CT scanner manufacturer, certified that these ring formations are not artifacts of the equipment).  Upon impact, the affected brain cells communicate the shock to the corresponding organ, which in turn responds with a particular—predictable!—alteration. The reason why specific conflicts are indissolubly tied to specific brain areas is that each part of the brain is programmed to respond instantly to conflicts that could threaten our survival. While the “old brain” (brain stem and cerebellum) is programmed with basic survival issues that relate to breathing, eating, or reproduction, the “new brain” (cerebrum) is encoded with more advanced themes such as territorial conflicts, separation conflicts, identity conflicts, and self-devaluation conflicts.

Dr. Hamer’s medical research is firmly tied to the science of embryology, because whether the organ responds to a conflict by a tumor growth, by tissue meltdown, or by functional impairment is determined by the embryonic germ layer from which both the organ and corresponding brain tissue originate (Third Biological Law).

GNM’s “Ontogenetic System of Tumors” illustrates that “old-
brain”-controlled organs,
which derive from the endoderm or the “old-brain”-mesoderm, like the lungs, liver, colon, prostate, uterus, corium skin, pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, breast glands, etc., always generate cell proliferation as soon as the corresponding conflict occurs. Tumors of these organs therefore develop exclusively during the conflict-active phase (initiated by the DHS).

Let’s take lung cancer, for example: The biological conflict linked to lung cancer is a “death-fright conflict”, because in biological terms the death panic is equated with being unable to breathe. With the shock of the death-fright the lung alveoli cells, which regulate breathing, instantly start to multiply, forming a lung tumor. Contrary to the conventional view, this multiplication of lung cells is not a pointless process but serves a very definite biological purpose, namely, to increase the capacity of the lungs and thereby optimize the organism’s chance of survival. Dr. Hamer’s brain scan analyses demonstrate that every person with lung cancer shows a distinct target ring configuration in the corresponding area in the brain stem, and that each patient had suffered an unexpected death panic prior to the onset of cancer. In the majority of cases the death scare was triggered by a cancer diagnosis shock that the person experienced as a “death sentence”. Given that smoking is on the decrease, this sheds new light on the enigmatic increase of lung cancer (“The #1 Killer”) and calls into question whether smoking is per se an actual cause of lung cancer.

Glandular breast cancer, according to Dr. Hamer’s findings, is the result of either a “mother-child” or a “partner worry” conflict. These types of conflict always impact the “old brain” in the area that controls the milk-producing glands. A female can suffer a mother-child worry conflict when her offspring is suddenly injured or seriously ill. During the conflict-active stress phase, the breast gland cells continually multiply, forming a tumor. The biological purpose of the cell proliferation is to be able to provide more milk for the suffering offspring and thus speed up healing. Every female human and mammal is born with this age-old biological response program. Dr. Hamer’s many case studies show that women, even when not breast feeding, developed a tumor in the breast glands from obsessively worrying about the well-being of a loved one (a child who is in trouble, a parent who is ill, or a dear friend who is a cause for concern).

What has been said about lung cancer and breast cancer equally applies to all other cancers that originate in the “old brain”. Each is triggered by a specific conflict shock that activates a “Meaningful Special Biological Program” (Fifth Biological Law) which allows the organism to override everyday functioning and deal physically with the emergency situation. For each type of conflict there is a brain relay from where the particular biological program is coordinated.

While “old-brain”-controlled organs generate a tumor growth during the conflict-active phase, the opposite is the case with all organs that are controlled from the cerebrum (“new brain”). Concerning the embryonic germ layer, all cerebrum-directed organs and tissues (ovaries, testicles, bones, lymph nodes, epidermis, lining of the cervix, bronchial tubes, coronary vessels, milk ducts, etc.) originate from the ectoderm or the “new-brain”-mesoderm. The moment the conflict occurs, the biologically corresponding organ tissue responds with cell degeneration. Necroses of the ovaries or testicles, osteoporosis, bone cancer, or stomach ulcers, for example, are conditions that only occur while a person is in a state of emotional distress in regards to the related conflict. As is to be expected, the tissue loss has a biological significance.

Let’s take, for example, the tissue of the milk duct lining. Since the squamous epithelial lining of the milk ducts developed at a much later time than the milk-producing glands, this younger tissue is controlled from a younger part of the brain, namely, the cerebral cortex. The biological conflict of the milk duct lining is a “separation conflict” experienced as if “my child [or my partner] was torn from my breast”. A female mammal can suffer such a conflict when her offspring is lost or killed. As a natural reflex to the conflict the tissue of the milk duct lining starts to ulcerate. The purpose of the tissue loss is to increase the diameter of the ducts, because with enlarged ducts the milk that is no longer used can drain off easier and doesn’t get congested in the breast. Every woman’s brain is programmed with this biological response. Since the female breast is, biologically speaking, synonymous with caring and nurturing, women suffer such a conflict by unexpected separation from a loved one they intensely care for. There are virtually no physical symptoms during the conflict-active phase, except occasional light “pulling” in the breast.


Dr. Hamer also discovered that, provided there is a resolution of the conflict, every disease proceeds in two phases, (Second Biological Law). During the first, or conflict-active phase, the entire organism is geared to dealing with the conflict. While a meaningful cell alteration runs its course on the physical level, the psyche and the vegetative autonomous system also try to handle the unexpected situation. Switched into a stress state (sympathicotonia), the mind becomes completely pre-occupied with the conflict contents. Sleep disturbances and lack of appetite are typical symptoms. Biologically speaking, this is vital, because the focus on the conflict and the extra waking hours provide the right conditions for working through the conflict and finding a resolution. The conflict-active phase is also called the “cold phase”. Since the blood vessels are constricted during stress, typical symptoms of conflict activity are cold extremities (particularly cold hands), the shivers, and cold sweats. The intensity of the symptoms is naturally dependent on the magnitude of the conflict.

If a person remains in an intense conflict-active state over a long period of time, the condition can be fatal. But Dr. Hamer proves beyond reasonable doubt that an organism can never die of cancer, in and of itself. A person can die as a result of mechanical complications of a tumor that, for example, occludes a vital organ such as the colon or the bile ducts, but in no way can cancer cells, as such, cause death.  In German New Medicine the distinction between “malignant” and “benign” cancers is entirely meaningless. The term “malignant” is an artificial construct (the same applies to tumor markers) that simply indicates that the activity of cell reproduction has exceeded a certain arbitrary limit.

If a person dies during the conflict-active phase, it is usually because of energy loss, weight loss, sleep deprivation, and emotional and mental exhaustion. Often, it is a devastating cancer diagnosis or a negative prognosis—“You have six months to live!”—that throws cancer patients (including their loved ones) into a state of despair. With little or no hope, and deprived of their life-force, they waste away and eventually die of CACHEXIA, an agonizing process that conventional cancer treatment will only accelerate.

If the patient has not undergone any conventional treatment (especially chemotherapy or radiotherapy), GNM has a success rate of 95 to 98 percent. Ironically these statistics for Dr. Hamer’s remarkable success rate were delivered by the authorities themselves. When Dr. Hamer was arrested in 1997 for having given three people medical advice without a medical license, the police confiscated his patients’ files and had them analyzed. Subsequently, one public prosecutor was forced to admit during the trial that, after five years, 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly “terminal” cancer were still alive. With conventional treatment the figures are generally just the reverse. According to epidemiologist and biostatistician Dr. Ulrich Abel (Germany), “Success of most chemotherapies is appalling…There is no scientific evidence for its ability to extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancer… Chemotherapy for malignancies too advanced for surgery, which accounts for 80% of all cancers, is a scientific wasteland.” (Lancet 1991).


The resolution of the conflict signals the beginning of the second phase of the biological program. Our emotions and our organism switch immediately into a healing mode assisted by the vegetative system’s switch into “vagotonia”. During the healing phase the appetite returns, but we are very tired (we might not even be able to get out of bed). Rest and supplying the organism with nutrients are essential while the body is trying to heal. The second phase is also called the “warm phase”, as during vagotonia the blood vessels are enlarged, causing warm hands, warm feet, and warm skin.

With the resolution of the conflict there is also an instant change at the organ level.  Cell proliferation (“old-brain”-controlled tumor growth) or cell meltdown (“new-brain”-controlled tissue loss) immediately comes to a halt, and the appropriate repair process is set in motion. An area that necrotized or ulcerated during the conflict-active phase is now being refilled and replenished with new cells. 

This is usually accompanied with potentially painful swelling, caused by an edema that protects the tissue while it is healing. Other typical repair symptoms are hypersensitivity, itching, spasm (if muscle tissue is involved), and inflammation. Examples of “diseases” that only occur in the healing phase are: certain skin disorders, hemorrhoids, laryngitis, bronchitis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, bladder or kidney disorders, certain liver diseases, and infections.

Based on the observation of cell multiplication (mitosis) and the standard distinction between “benign” and “malignant” tumors, conventional medicine interprets the natural cell production of healing tissues as a “malignancy.” In GNM we likewise distinguish two types of tumors. But the tumors are not divided into “good” and “bad” ones; rather they are classified according to their tissue type and the part of the brain from which they originate and are controlled. There are those tumors which develop exclusively during the conflict-active phase (lung tumor, colon tumor, liver tumor, uterus tumor, prostate tumor, etc.) and, conversely, those that result from the natural repair process. As with “old-brain”-controlled cancers, the tumor growth is neither accidental nor meaningless since the cell proliferation stops as soon as the tissue is mended.  Testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, various types of sarcoma, bronchial and laryngeal carcinoma, and cervical cancer are all of a curative nature and are exclusively phenomena of the healing phase. Provided that the healing process is not interrupted through medication or a conflict relapse, these tumors eventually degrade during the completion of the healing phase.

The second type of breast cancer, the “ductal carcinoma in situ” (DCIS), also falls into this category. While a glandular breast cancer is an indication that a woman is in the active phase of a worry conflict, an intra-ductal cancer is a positive sign that the related separation conflict (“torn from my breast”) has been resolved. A woman doesn’t develop breast cancer without a reason! Neither does she develop breast cancer by coincidence in precisely her right or left breast.


Another aspect of Dr. Hamer’s research has been the role of microbes during disease development. This, in brief, is what he found (Fourth Biological Law): Microbes such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses are only active during the healing phase, and the manner in which they operate is fully in accordance with … logic. Tubercular bacteria, for example, populate only “old-brain”-controlled tissues. Their function during the repair phase is to decompose tumors that are now superfluous, e.g., lung tumors, colon tumors, kidney tumors, prostate tumors, uterus tumors, breast gland tumors, melanomas, and mesothelioma. Tubercular bacteria are essential for breaking down the buildup of “disposable cells” that proliferated for a biological reason during the conflict-active phase. If the required bacteria are not available, due to vaccination, overuse of antibiotics, or chemotherapy treatment, the tumor cannot disintegrate properly. As a result, it stays in place and encapsulates harmlessly. Detected in a routine check-up, however, such an encapsulated growth can lead to a “cancer” diagnosis and, potentially, new conflict shocks with new symptoms. By understanding the biological laws of disease development this prospect can be virtually eliminated.

While bacteria break down tumor cells that are no longer needed, viruses appear to be involved in the healing process of—exclusively—cerebral-cortex-controlled tissues (e.g., bronchia, nasal membrane, stomach lining, lining of the bile ducts, and epidermis). Hepatitis, pneumonia, herpes, influenza, and stomach flu, are indications that a “virulent” but natural healing process is running its course… The dilemma in which conventional medicine finds itself is that by failing to recognize the two-phase pattern of every disease, the first, conflict-active phase, routinely gets overlooked. Since microbes are only active during the healing phase, and since the activity of microbes is typically accompanied by swelling, fever, pus, discharge, and pain, microbes are considered malevolent and the cause of infectious diseases. But microbes do not cause the disease. After all, it is our organism that employs the microbes to optimize the healing process. Microbes can, of course, be transmitted, but they remain dormant until the person is in the healing phase of the same type of conflict.


Based on GNM’s “Ontogenetic System of Tumors”, the widely propagated theory of metastasis that suggests that cancer cells travel through the blood or lymph vessels and cause cancers at new sites is, in Dr. Hamer’s words, “pure academic fiction.”  Cells in general and cancer cells in particular can under no circumstances change their histological structure or cross the germ layer threshold. For example, a lung tumor cell, which is of endodermal origin, controlled from the brain stem (“old brain”), and which proliferates during the conflict-active phase cannot transform itself into a bone cell, which is of mesodermal origin, controlled from the cerebrum (“new brain”), and which deteriorates during a conflict-active decalcification process. In the scenario “lung cancer metastasizes into the bones”, the lung cancer cells would actually be creating a hole (i.e., cell meltdown!—the reverse of a cancer) in some bone in the body. We also have to ask ourselves why cancer cells rarely “spread” to the closest neighboring tissue, e.g., from the uterus to the cervix. If cancer cells travel via the blood stream, why is donated blood not screened for cancer cells? Why are there not multitudinous tumors found in the walls of the blood vessels of cancer patients?

Dr. Hamer does not, of course, dispute the fact of second cancers, but these subsequent tumors are not caused by migrating cancer cells that miraculously transform into a different cell type, but rather by new conflict shocks. New DHSs can be initiated by additional traumatic life experiences or through diagnosis shocks. As already mentioned, an unexpected diagnosis of cancer, or being told that it is “metastasizing” can trigger a death-fright (causing lung cancer) or any other type of diagnosis-related shock, causing new cancers in other parts of the body. In many cases these patients don’t make it into the healing phase, because the severe state of stress weakens them to a point where they have very little chance of surviving the highly toxic chemotherapy treatment.

[FP Note:  Natural Hygiene, via Dr. Herbert Shelton (1895-1985), also did not believe in what the AMA-doctors say re Metastasis.  He also did not deny that other tumors can occur in other parts of the body, but said if they do show up, it is simply because of toxemia (toxic overload) in those sites as well as the original site.]

The second most frequent cancer after lung cancer is bone cancer. Dr. Hamer found that our bones are biologically linked to our self-esteem and our self-worth. Thus, being told one has a “life-threatening illness”, especially one that allegedly “spreads like wildfire” through the body, is equated with: “now I am useless”, and the bone(s), next to where we feel “useless” start to decalcify (in the case of breast cancer often in the area of the sternum or the ribs). Just as with a fractured bone, the purpose of the biological program (of the “disease”) appears at the end of the healing phase. When the repair phase is completed, the bone will be much stronger at that site, thus assuring that we are better equipped for the eventuality of a new “self-devaluation conflict”.

[FP Note:  Bone Scriptures:

“For my life is spent with grief, and my years with sighing: my strength faileth because of mine iniquity, and my bones are consumed.” — Psalms 31:10

“Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.  It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.” — Proverbs 3:7-8

“A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.” — Proverbs 14:30

“The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart: and a good report maketh the bones fat.” — Proverbs 15:30 

“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” — Proverbs 16:24 
“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” — Proverbs 17:22


Once the conflict has been resolved, the brain lesion—along with the psyche and the organ—also enters the healing phase. As with any wound that is being repaired, an edema (excess fluid) develops to provide protection of the recovering neural tissue. On the brain scan the changes are clearly noticeable: the sharp target rings submerge in the edema and appear now as blurry, indistinct and dark.

At the height of the healing phase, when the brain edema has reached its maximum size, the brain triggers a brief, strong push that expels the edema. In GNM terminology, this counter regulation is called the “Epileptoid Crisis” (EC). During this crisis, the entire organism is thrust briefly into a state of sympathicotonia, i.e., re-living the typical symptoms of the conflict-active phase such as cold sweats, cold extremities, a fast heartbeat, and nausea. The intensity and duration of this pre-programmed crisis is determined by the intensity and the duration of the preceding conflict. Heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, and epileptic seizures are just a few examples of this crucial turning point.  The type of “crisis” always depends on the nature of the conflict and the precise brain area involved. After the brain edema has been pressed out, neuroglia, which is brain connective tissue that provides structural support for neurons, assembles at the site to restore the function of the nerve cells that were affected by the conflict shock (DHS). It is this natural glia accumulation that conventional medicine labels as a “brain tumor”, with often dire consequences for the patient. Dr. Hamer established already in 1981 that a “brain tumor” is not a disease in itself, but symptomatic of a healing phase that runs parallel in the organ (controlled from the correlated area of the brain that is simultaneously undergoing the repair phase).

“Metastatic brain cancers”, therefore, do not exist either.

GNM THERAPY (in a nutshell)

The very first step in GNM therapy is to provide an understanding of the biological nature of a symptom, e.g., a certain cancer, in relation to its psychical cause. A brain scan and a thorough medical history are vital to determine whether the patient is still conflict-active or is already healing. If still in the active phase, the focus is to identify the original DHS and to develop a strategy to resolve the conflict. It is crucial to prepare the patient for the healing symptoms and for potential complications.  These symptoms are very predictable!  Dr. Hamer’s findings provide us —for first time in the history of medicine—with a reliable system that allows us not only to understand but also to predict the development and symptoms of each and every disease. This is real preventive medicine, an aspect of German New Medicine which can hardly be emphasized enough. True prevention requires an understanding of the real cause of a disease, and that is what Dr. Hamer’s research supplies in splendid detail. By understanding the “Five Biological Laws” of the cause and healing process of disease we can free ourselves from the fear and panic that often come with the onset of symptoms. This knowledge is more than power, it can save lives.


Full Text, Article #2:


Dr Hamer (Europe) had an exceptionally high success rate with his cancer therapy, by far the highest I have seen of any therapy. During one of several trials of the persecuted Dr Hamer the public prosecutor (Wiener-Neustadt in Austria) had to admit that after 4 to 5 years 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive. That is over 90%, almost a reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced conditions.

Dr Hamer started his cancer research when he developed testicle cancer after his son was shot dead. He wondered if his son’s death was the cause of his cancer. Subsequently he investigated and documented over 15,000 cases of cancer and always found the following characteristics to be present, which he termed the Iron Rules of Cancer.

The Iron Rules of Cancer

Every cancer and related disease starts as a DHS, that is, a Dirk Hamer Syndrome, which is a serious, acute-dramatic and isolating conflict-shock-experience.  It manifests simultaneously on three levels, psyche, brain and organ.

The theme of the psychic conflict determines the location of the focus or HAMER Herd in the brain, and the location of the cancer in the organ.

The course of the psychic conflict correlates with the development of the HAMER Herd in the brain, and the course of the cancer in the organ. At the moment of the conflict-shock a short circuit occurs in a pre-determined place of the brain. This can be photographed with computed-tomography (CT) and looks like concentric rings on a shooting target or like the surface of water after a stone has been dropped into it.  Later on, if the conflict becomes resolved, the CT image changes, an edema develop, and finally scar tissue.

How specific and precisely located these brain lesions are may be seen from the following. After a professional lecture a doctor handed him the brain CT of a patient and asked to explain it. From this Dr Hamer diagnosed the patient to have a fresh bleeding bladder carcinoma in the healing phase, an old prostate carcinoma, diabetes, an old lung carcinoma and sensory paralysis in a specific area, in addition to the corresponding emotional conflicts.

Amazingly, Dr Hamer was able to show that at the same time as the concentric brain lesion appears, also the target organ CT may show such a concentric lesion. According to Dr Hamer this happens instantly when the psychic shock hits the subconscious level and this same second is the start of cancer.  However, also other diseases can be caused by the same mechanism. How severe a disease becomes may depend on other psychological, energetic and nutritional factors but its nature and location are determined by the content of the conflict shock.

Hamer believes that the correlation between key emotional shock events, the target brain areas and the related organs has developed as an adaptation of our human evolution from similar programs in the animal world. 

[FP Note:  Scratch that “evolution heresy nonsense” & read it like so:  “…was DESIGNED BY GOD FROM THE BEGINNING as a BUILT-IN mechanism of our HUMAN body from similar programs that GOD ALSO DESIGNED & BUILT INTO the animal world.”  Humans did NOT “evolve” from animals of any kind.  God created animal species each after “THEIR OWN KIND.”  Humans He created after “HIS — God’s — OWN IMAGE.”  HUGE difference!  See Genesis chapters 1-2.]

When we unexpectedly experience emotional distress, an emergency repair program is set in motion, a biological conflict program with the aim of returning the individual to normal. Such programs can even apply to families or other groups.

Hamer gives the following example. A mother sees her child in a bad accident. …small children recover faster when they receive extra milk. Therefore, the biological conflict program tries to stimulate milk production by increasing the number of breast cells. If the mother is right-handed, that will instantly cause the appearance of a Hamer Herd in a specific part of her right brain, which in turn relates to the left breast. When the child is well again, conflict resolution begins and extra milk is no longer needed. The mother gets a benign form of tuberculosis in that breast which breaks up the excess breast cells. However, if the mycobacteria required for this are lacking, then the area may just calcify and remain as a dormant tumor.

The same process applies also to animals. A sheep that loses its lamb to a wolf is prone to develop teat cancer; the side depends on whether it is right or left footed. However, commonly the sheep resolves this conflict by bearing another lamb.

The following example may illustrate the original survival value of this mechanism. Let’s assume a lion chases an antelope. The antelope must immediately mobilize all its resources to survive. The sympathetic nervous system takes over and in addition a specific brain center becomes active that stimulates lung activity. After the successful escape the animal rests and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant for a while to normalize body functions.

If instead a human gets a cancer diagnosis, even if the diagnosis is wrong, the same biological program is set in motion by the same fear of death that helped the animal to escape. The stress level jumps and the brain-lung connection is activated but now there is nowhere to run. Until the conflict is resolved, which may take years, there will be constant stress as well as brain-induced stimulation of lung activity, which now takes the form of increasing lung capacity by the incessant division of cells.

This process can only be stopped by switching off the trigger in the brain through defusing the original conflict shock.  This happens when the patient subsequently has surgery or natural therapy, which he or she fully believes will lead to a cure. However, the same procedure in a patient who has doubts about its effectiveness will leave the conflict unresolved and the disease to progress.  Thanks to Dr Hamer’s work, this is no longer just an unsubstantiated assumption but rather scientific fact that can be verified anytime with a CT brain scan.

The selection of the conflict focus occurs by subconscious association. For instance:

–biological conflicts involving water but also other fluids, such as milk or oil, lead to kidney cancer,

–fear of death to lung cancer

–and psychologically swallowing a bigger chunk than we can digest to stomach or intestinal cancer.

Originally, in the animal world, it really was a big chunk of food, but for us it may be a financial over-commitment or any other obligation that we have taken on and cannot fulfill. However, the target focus is not determined by the event itself, but rather by the psychological significance that it has for us at the time of the event.

Hamer illustrates this with another example, a woman who finds her husband in bed with another female. As a sexual frustration conflict it causes uterus cancer. If she instead experiences it as a partner conflict, then in a right-handed woman it leads to cancer of the right breast. If the conflict feeling is fear and revulsion then it causes hypoglycemia and with lack of self-worth cancer may develop in the pubic bone.

If the lack of self-worth had been due to a failure in sportsmanship rather than being sexually related, then the problem would have arisen in an arm or leg instead or possibly in the fingers or shoulder.

Other typical situations that may lead to biological conflicts are loss situations, loss of a loved one, of a job, a valued possession or a territory.

Dr Hamer believes that most metastases or secondary tumors are caused by the cancer-fear or death-fear resulting from the patient given the cancer diagnosis or a negative prognosis.  However, also in this case the resulting conflict shock may not be fear of death but rather anger, resentment or a separation conflict from partner or children and then tumors would appear in different places.  Also a diagnosis of colon cancer commonly leads to liver cancer because of a subconscious fear of starvation.

Generally hopelessness, despair and meaninglessness create chronic stress, which prevent the healing from cancer and other diseases but they are not the cause. According to Hamer the real cause of cancer and other diseases is an unexpected traumatic shock for which we are emotionally unprepared. The following list shows some of the relationships between conflict emotions and target organs.


–Adrenal cortex – Wrong direction, gone astray
–Bladder – Ugly conflict, dirty tricks
–Bone – Lack of self-worth, inferiority feeling
–Breast milk gland – Involving care or disharmony
–Breast milk duct – Separation conflict
–Breast, left (right-handed) – Conflict concerning child, home, mother
–Breast, right (right-handed) – Conflict with partner or others
–Bronchials – Territorial conflict
–Cervix – Severe frustration
–Colon – Ugly indigestible conflict
–Esophagus – Cannot have it or swallow it
–Gall Bladder – Rivalry conflict
–Heart – Perpetual conflict
–Intestines – Indigestible chunk of anger
–Kidneys – Not wanting to live, water or fluid conflict
–Larynx – Conflict of fear and fright
–Liver – Fear of starvation
–Lung – Fear of dying or suffocation, including fear for someone else
–Lymph glands – Loss of self-worth associated with the location
–Melanoma – feeling dirty, soiled, defiled
–Middle ear – Not being able to get some vital information
–Mouth – Cannot chew or hold it
–Pancreas – Anxiety-anger conflict with family members, inheritance
–Prostate – Ugly conflict with sexual connections or connotations
–Rectum – Fear of being useless
–Skin – Loss of integrity
–Spleen – Shock of being physically or emotionally wounded
–Stomach – Indigestible anger, swallowed too much
–Testes and Ovaries – Loss conflict
–Thyroid – Feeling powerless
–Uterus – Sexual conflict

The conflicts for some other diseases are as follows:

–Diabetes and hypoglycemia: A right-handed female develops hypoglycemia from anxiety and revulsion; if left-handed she develops insulin-dependent diabetes. A right-handed male develops insulin-diabetes from a conflict of resisting or struggling against something, if left-handed he develops hypoglycemia.

Heart infarct: fight for territory or its content.

–Hemorrhoids: both, a right-handed woman with an identity conflict and also a left-handed man with territorial anger in the healing phase will get hemorrhoids.

–Multiple sclerosis and Paralysis: inability to escape or continue on or to hold on to or not knowing what to do.

–Facial paralysis: fear of losing face, having been made a laughing stock.

–Psoriasis involves separation conflict concerning mother, father, family, home, friends or pets.

–Psychoses of all kinds have one or more active Hamer Herds in each of the two parts of the brain.

–Vitiligo, Leukoderma: ugly or brutal separation conflict.

–In regard to AIDS Dr Hamer observes that no one ever died of AIDS without having previously been told that they are HIV positive or believe that they are. The implication is that just as with cancer, it is the negative perception associated with AIDS that causes its devastating effect.

Left-handed individuals develop problems on opposite sides to genuine right-handed individuals.  Handedness can be tested by observing which hand is on top when clapping; this is the leading hand. With right-
handedness all muscles at the right side of the body are involved with partners and possibly other individuals and all left-sided muscles with children or the own mother. These conditions may change with hormonal changes as with the birth control pill or menopause.

The Healing Phase

The start of a DHS or conflict-shock experience is different from other conflicts that we experience in our daily lives. It causes a continuous stress resulting in a tendency to develop cold hands and feet, lack of appetite and weight loss, sleeplessness and dwelling all the time on the conflict content. If the conflict does not become resolved soon, the long-lasting stress will lead to specific symptoms and the development of cancer or another disease.

When the conflict resolves, the patient is no longer occupied with the conflict content, the appetite returns, hands are warm again and also normal sleep returns, but there may also be weakness, fatigue and a need to rest. These effects show that the parasympathetic nervous system is now in control. This is the beginning of the healing phase, which can be long and difficult.

During the first part of the healing phase we see water retention and inflammations but the tumor stops growing. This eventually leads to a healing crisis, which Hamer calls an epileptic or epileptoid crisis because it is caused by an edema in the Hamer Herd brain lesion. It shows unique symptoms for each illness.

After this the body starts to expel the accumulated water, the patient gradually regains strength and body functions become normal. Now the connective tissue in the brain, the glia, starts repairing the Hamer Herd. This may be interpreted by conventional radiologists as a fast-growing brain tumor and treated accordingly. Hamer writes that real brain tumors do not exist, as nerve cells in the brain cannot divide.

Hamer estimates that 99% of brain events, such as strokes, bleeding into the brain, cysts and tumors are due to healing events of Hamer Herds and with this are temporary and self-limiting unless there is inappropriate medical intervention. The most important support in these situations is the reduction of any brain edema.

During the healing crisis the patient may for a short time re-experience the original psychological conflict with cold hands and cold sweat. This serves to suppress and eliminate the edema in the brain lesion, which then allows other body conditions to normalize. The main danger point is just before the end of the healing crisis when it will become apparent if the body is strong enough to eliminate the disease. In difficult cases with long or strong conflict duration, massive brain edema may develop for which Hamer uses cortisone injections. In natural therapy we use an assortment of urea and anti-inflammatory therapies instead.

Urea has strong diuretic properties and an excellent effect in cases of dangerously high fluid pressure in the brain. Generally 20g of urea are used 2 to 5 times daily. One life-threatening case has been described of a massive “brain tumor” re-growth that completely disappeared within 2 hours after receiving 256 ml of 30% urea (described in Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy, Future Med). This report clearly shows that the presumed brain tumor in fact was a massive edema as postulated in the New Medicine.

What Hamer calls the epilepsy crisis may be experienced by the patient as a heart attack, lung embolism, hepatitis or a lung infection. Generally, during the healing phase, the patient will have more discomfort than when the tumor was actively growing. In the first part of the healing phase most problems are due to water retention, inflammations and swelling of tissues that can cause a lot of pain. Hamer regards edema, whether found in the brain or in an organ, as positive, a sign of healing.

Tissue Repair

After the healing crisis, adeno-carcinomas are removed by fungi and mycobacteria while hepatitis virus may in addition help to regenerate the liver. At this stage, bacteria, viruses and fungi that help to break down the tumors and repair damaged tissues also cause inflammation, pain and fever.

If you find it odd that Hamer regards microbes as essential friends and helpers in the healing of cancer, he has made an even more surprising discovery. In his ontogenetic system of tumors and cancer equivalent diseases, he distinguishes between two opposite processes during the active conflict phase. Depending on the location of the Hamer Herd in the brain, there may be either cell proliferation or cell destruction.

The first group has cell proliferation and tumor growth during the conflict phase and then removes excess cells with the help of microbes during the healing phase.  The other group causes cell destruction during the conflict phase resulting in ulcers, necroses and tissue holes affecting for instance bones (osteoporosis), kidneys, spleen or ovaries.

During the healing phase, this second group tries to fill in the created holes through cell proliferation. Tissue necroses and osteolyses (dissolved bone) are now repaired by bacteria that first form abscesses, which are then filled in with scar tissue and later with granulating tissue to form osteosarcoma, lymphoma, fibroma and healing cysts. Also leukemia commonly occurs during the healing phase, as after bone marrow damage from radiation, chemicals or bone cancer.

According to Hamer these conditions are generally self-limiting and only get out of control when additional conflict shocks occur or the body is too old or weak or through the methods of conventional medicine.  In contrast, natural healing methods aim to support body and mind during this trying time. Most healings proceed without major problems, but about 10% need the full support of an experienced therapist, especially at the time of the healing crisis.

Healing the Psychic Conflict

The main task in every case of cancer is to find the original emotional shock experience and make sure that it has been healed or is being healed. In many case it will have corrected itself and the patient suffers from an effect of the healing phase.

For instance, someone may have lost a farm or business but has now started another satisfying venture or hobby. As after-effect there may now be a tumor that gradually becomes dormant or eventually disintegrates. About 40% of tumors discovered during routine medical investigations are said to be old and harmless, that is dormant and calcified. However, complications may still arise if medical intervention now instills a fear of death conflict shock that induces the same or another tumor to grow.

Nevertheless, in other cases the original conflict may still be active or there may be a second active conflict. As we do not know, we have to probe in every case to find the original and any other conflicts. We need to think back, especially one to two years before our problem started and analyze our emotional history during this time as well as before and after. Also meditation and regression therapy may be useful to discover conflict shocks.

[FP Note:  Scratch that New Age, Eastern Mysticism, & Western humanistic “meditation & regression therapy” garbage & simple ask God to help you figure it out if it isn’t already obvious to you.]

If we still have a strong emotional response when we discover the content of the conflict, then we can be sure that it is still unresolved. If at all possible it is best to solve it in a natural way. For instance if it was caused by losing a partner, then find someone new; if you lost a child, become pregnant again or adopt a child or buy a pet. Cancer does not continue to grow after the third month as pregnancy has priority.

If a natural solution is not possible, then use guided imagery… 

[FP Note:  Say No Thanks to “guided imagery,” too!  Rely on the Lord instead, prayer, fasting, etc.]

If … you feel that you have to continue your present duties or ordeal for whatever reason, then only increased spiritual understanding and acceptance may be able to help. In either case, be aware of your vulnerabilities and avoid any further conflict shocks but if one does happen, get it out of your system is soon as possible.

In addition, I firmly believe that all active conflicts will be terminated and the healing phase begin when we are able to strongly feel love and forgiveness within ourselves and then radiate it to all others but especially to anyone who we feel might have wronged us. We can further ease the healing phase by EXPECTING [FAITH IN GOD, says FP] it to be short and mild and lead to full recovery.

It is my perception that full recovery requires a two-step program to heal this conflict.

–The first step involves appropriately expressing the emotional shock experience. When losing a loved one, this means feeling and expressing the inner grief or sadness; when losing a job, asset, or business, this means feeling and expressing the anger, frustration, or disappointment felt at the time.

–The second step involves repairing the external damage, such as finding another partner, pet, job, business or hobby.

According to Hamer, animals in the wild get cancer from the same shock programs as we do. However, 80 to 90% survive and do not notice much because the healing phase can take its natural course. Those that die are mainly old animals that cannot resolve a conflict, such as regaining their territory from a rival or replacing a lost cub.

It is different in our society as the natural healing process is routinely interfered with. It starts with getting tranquilizers or antidepressants during the active conflict phase, which prevent us from fighting back and regaining our territory. This may then lead to a cancer diagnosis that causes an additional active conflict and ends with morphine, which totally disables our healing responses.

While Hamer does not believe that health foods, remedies, cleansing or healthy living in general can cure cancer, these certainly can be important in order to survive the ordeals of the healing phase.

Actually, Hamer regards all diseases as consisting of two phases, initially with active conflict followed (if possible) by a healing phase that reverses the conflict program. He does not call them diseases anymore but rather special biological programs. In all he is stated to have worked with over 31,000 patients and found his theories confirmed in every single case without exception. Hamer claims that overall the New Medicine has a 95% success rate with cancer.

Persecution of Hamer

Siemens, the manufacturers of the CT equipment, have independently verified the existence of the Hamer Herds in the brain. Furthermore, their diagnostic significance was confirmed in 1998 at the University of TRNAVA in Slovakia. Nevertheless, Dr Hamer faced exceptional persecution.

Under German law the right to practice medicine can be withdrawn if the doctor has diminished mental abilities. This law was used in 1986 by a German district court to withdraw his right to practice. As proof of Hamer’s inadequate mental condition the court stated that he was not wiling to retract his theories and swear allegiance to the principles of orthodox medicine. Even worse, the court had discovered evidence that he was incapable of converting back to the principles of orthodox medicine: he tried to convince a group of prominent professors of the correctness of his theories only one month before the court case! One year later the same court requested a psychiatric assessment of his mental abilities, which Hamer refused. A court-
appointed psychiatrist, without ever seeing him, diagnosed him anyway as being a psychopath.

In 1997 Dr Hamer was arrested and jailed for 18 months under an obscure natural therapy law introduced under Adolf Hitler to suppress Gypsies. His crime was that he had given free health advice to some individuals who had asked him for his opinion. The public prosecutor had openly stated that all means must be used to remove Hamer from society. Compare this to a delay of the court case for 13 years and then a sentence of only 6 months on probation for the killer of his son. This mild sentence may have something to do with the accused being the Prince of Savoy, the son of the last King of Italy.

Since 1999 Dr Hamer lives in Spain because courts in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland now want to try him for any cancer patient who died following his advice. According to this reasoning he is a mass murderer because he denied cancer patients the supposedly safe and effective treatment offered by orthodox medicine. There is also a private court case pending against him for a large sum of money because he advised a patient against having chemotherapy. This means that every medical practitioner is now on notice to offer chemotherapy or face financial ruin. This witch-hunt has been compared to the fate of Dr Semmelweis who at the age of 47 died in a mental asylum for suggesting that surgeons wash their hands before operations.

Dr Hamer survived 8 assassination attempts, and the mass media in Germany treat him as a deranged criminal. While many individual doctors, including professors of medicine, have verified the principles of the New Medicine, so far no German university has agreed to test them, despite a court order that the University of Tubingen conduct such tests.

Also doctors and natural therapists in Europe who practice according to the principles of the New Medicine face persecution. In Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain authorities had started proceedings against such doctors to take away their right to practice. Court cases have been going on for years. Only courts in Spain adopted the enlightened position that it was not their role to decide between conflicting medical theories and therapies. This vicious response of the establishment is understandable because widespread knowledge and application of the New Medicine would mean the end of the medical- pharmaceutical complex.

However, in 2001 a prominent neurologist openly defended Dr Hamer by publishing a book about the New Medicine and demanding that his theories be officially tested. Because Dr Therese von Schwarzenberg also belongs to the high nobility, the mass media are in a bind on what position to take on this. Until now they have only reported about Dr Hamer in the most derogative ways and here is now that high profile personality who claims that Hamer is right and deserves a Nobel Prize! Nevertheless, the official response of prominent oncologists still remains that it is totally absurd to assume emotions could be important in the cause and cure of cancer and, therefore, Dr Hamer’s claims must not be tested.

Comment by Article Author

My own understanding and experience leave no doubt about the primary importance of our emotions and beliefs in the cause and cure of our diseases. Furthermore, the writings of Dr Hamer give the impression of a serious and meticulous researcher whose findings have been confirmed by various scientific institutions and medical practitioners, including professors of medicine. Only those continue to denounce him who refuse to look at his evidence.

Therefore I have no doubt about the validity of his basic premise, namely that specific diseases and in particular cancers are associated with visible lesions in specific locations of the brain as well as specific psychological experiences. His postulated two-part disease process in which the healing phase is a reversal of the original disease conditions is a basic concept of natural therapies.

However, Dr Hamer appears reluctant to consider extending or modifying his theory to take other possibilities into account. Basically Dr Hamer postulates a one-way communication from psyche to organ via the brain. I suggest instead a two-way communication from psyche to organ as well as from organ back to brain and psyche.

I like to explain this on an example. I understand that the rate of death from breast cancer in China is one in 10,000 compared to about one in 10 in most Western countries. Professor Jane Plant realized that unlike western and westernized women, the Chinese do not use animal milk or related products. At this stage she had the fifth occurrence of her breast cancer and had been given up to die. As soon as she avoided all milk products her tumor disappeared and for 13 years she is now free of cancer (Your Life in Your Hands by Jane Planet, published Virgin, UK 2000).

As the Chinese have normal rates of some other cancers, there needs to be a special factor that causes these low breast cancer rates. Assuming that it really is milk, I would apply the following reasoning.

Milk is high in insulin growth factor, IGF-1, which stimulates breast tissue to grow during puberty and pregnancy. IGF-1 is also present in the meat of dairy cows and apparently also stimulates other hormone-related cancers, including prostate cancer. Assuming that this causes constant low-level stimulation of breast tissue and the related brain area in milk-drinking or dairy-consuming women, there are now 2 possibilities.

The sensitized brain areas will cause the woman to have a much stronger emotional response than normal to any child or partner conflict, and this causes milk-drinking women to develop more frequent breast cancers.

The second possibility is an existing sub-acute conflict situation or past event that is still subconsciously active. The persistent combined stimulation by a sub-acute conflict in addition to IGF-1 may cause the gradual development of a Hamer Herd or alternatively its sudden appearance when a certain threshold is reached.

In this way any environmental factors can be taken into consideration for creating Hamer Herds in combination with psychological conflicts. Most people presently have a very unhealthy lifestyle in addition to a poor quality of inherited genes. It may well be that really healthy individuals will not develop a Hamer Herd in response to an unexpected emotional shock or that it will be a mild and self-healing event.

In a similar way may appropriate natural therapy directed to a diseased organ give a message to the associated brain area that helps healing the Hamer Herd, and in time also leads to a resolution of the emotional conflict.
I suggest that conflict resolution may also happen in unspecific ways. Assuming a patient receives a conflict shock due to a diagnosis of cancer, then this conflict but possibly also the original conflict shock may possibly be resolved if the patient fully believes and expects that the subsequent treatment will be curable. Other possibilities have been suggested under the heading Healing the Psychic Conflict.

The official English-language website of Dr Hamer is at However, much more information is on the German website Dr Hamer has written several books of which one is available in English under the title Summary of the New Medicine.

It is obvious that we don’t have “Medical Freedom of Choice”

Dr. med. Mag. theol.
Ryke Geerd Hamer
Amici di Dirk
Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina, S.L.
ES-29120 Alhaurin de Grande
Alhaurin el Grande, September 14, 2004

Declaration concerning the arrest of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr. Hamer was arrested by the Spanish National Police on September 9, 2004 around 10 a.m., at his doorstep.

He was first taken to a jail in Malaga (Comisaria Central de la Policia Nacional, Plaza de Hazana). According to a policeman from Malaga, the order came through Interpol from France to the Spanish Police.

Dr. Hamer spent one night in Malaga and shared his prison cell with a homosexual by whom he was hassled continually.

The morning of September 10, he was taken to Madrid where he was obviously considered to be a dangerous offender, as he was locked into a cold room for 8 hours, left wearing only his underwear, and received nothing to eat.

At present, the conditions of his detention are better and he is being treated decently. Considering the circumstances, he is doing relatively well.

In the meantime, his closest friends have put him in contact with a Spanish lawyer with whom Dr. Hamer feels comfortable with.

It has become known in the meantime that the court hearing in France, i.e. the appeal to the “Cour de Cassation” is by no means decided. According to his French lawyer, this could take another 2–3 years. Therefore, we are dealing here with a “preventive arrest” with the exclusive goal to extradite Dr. Hamer to France and to finally get him locked up in a psychiatric institution from where he may never leave again.

This has to be stopped under all circumstances!

The hasty arrest can not be truly justified on grounds of “risk of escape” since Dr. Hamer has been living at the same address for years and has never tried to leave from there, and he certainly has not been in hiding.

As well, the extradition papers give no reason as to why a prison term of 3 years was imposed. It is obvious that this has clearly been an arbitrary action, particularly as the authorities, if anyone, are most familiar with the laws.

The German authorities have not been supportive in any way — to the contrary.

Last Sunday, his closest friends were allowed to visit him and were able to talk to him for 40 minutes. Dr. Hamer was very pleased and touched by all the sympathy and solidarity. He gives his heartfelt thanks to all those supporting and helping him now, be it in their thoughts, through actions or through donations. And he is enthusiastic that so much is happening right now in regards to the German New Medicine, because the GNM has never needed this help as urgently as now.

He also communicated that the last sentence in his new book “Cancer and All so-called Diseases. A Brief Introduction into the German New Medicine” is meant exactly as it was written!

Dr. Hamer requested that the circumstances of his arrest may be announced to the public.

How did the sentencing and the arrest of Dr. Hamer come about?

Dr. Hamer is being accused by the “Tribunal de Grande Instance” in Chambéry, France, of “agitation against medical science and instigation of the New Medicine, with the purpose of its practice” (Inquiry Custody Order since 1993)

He is supposed to have committed a crime in France by writing in another country a French book on the New Medicine. The crime would have been committed in that he agreed in a telephone conversation with the president of ASAC (Association “Stop cancer”, France) to being sent CTs of a patient. In reality it was Dr. Hamer’s son Bernd, also a doctor, who had been speaking on the phone. His voice is very similar to the voice of his father.

The phone line had been (illegally) bugged by French or German authorities.

Following this, in response to the Chambéry public prosecutor’s request, seven years later but before the court case, French justice issued an international arrest warrant that would have forced Dr. Hamer to “witness” his own trial in handcuffs in the courtroom or from prison. However, the court summoned him two days too late, making it impossible for him to comply with the deadline. It is also important to mention that 10 days prior, his lawyer had not yet been able to access Dr. Hamer’s files.

Also, the court had already disregarded the verifications of the Universities of Vienna (1986), Düsseldorf (1992) and Trnava/Bratislava (1998) and kept them aside from the proceedings even before the trial, to be considered irrelevant as evidence. In fact, UNAFDI, the state Anti-sect department became an accessory prosecutor in the case.

Later, the French courts informed the Spanish authorities that Dr. Hamer’s extradition from Spain was planned, should he not be present at the next trial in district court.

This time, however, following the advice of his lawyer, Dr. Hamer did not attend by the deadline, as his health was not good enough.

Thereupon the original sentence of the year 2000 was revoked in Dr. Hamer’s absence, and the sentence was renewed to 18 months in prison, including 9 months probation. plus a financial penalty.

At the end of May 2004, something happened which may be unique and unprecedented in the history of jurisdiction: the French Appeals Court (Cour d’Appel de Chambéry) simply held the appeal hearing against Dr. Hamer without that either he or his layer had been called or even notified.

Dr. Hamer first learned about this hearing on May 27, 2004 when he received a faxed copy of a newspaper article with the title “Hamer in Hiding” (Hamer aux abonnes absents). He was found guilty of fraud and complicity in the illegal practice of medicine.

The public prosecutor had requested a long jail term in order to obtain a European arrest warrant. The previous sentence had been too short, because 9 months of the 18 where to be on probation. To secure a European arrest warrant a minimum penalty of 12 months without probation is needed.

On top of that, Dr. Hamer has been ordered to pay compensation in the amount of Euro 200.000 to people he has never seen and who are supposed to have suffered damages through his German New Medicine or his books. Presumably this is also unique in the delivery of justice.

All this of course is based on the assumption that the German New Medicine is false, although there is proof to the contrary. Yet the court refuses for the 10th time to order a proving of the correctness of the German New Medicine on the basic of scientific evidence.

Instead, the lawyer for the Anti-sect department, Joelle V., lamented that ”the German New Medicine finds further and further ways to spread via the Internet” and asked the question: “What can be done to stop Hamer — in the truest sense of the word?”

And Madame senior public prosecutor, Jakobine D., has requested from the court to sentence Dr. Hamer to a “long enough sentence to allow requesting a European arrest warrant”, literally, “at least one year in prison without probation”. She has even appealed to the European court to confirm in advance the minimum sentence of one year, to be imposed when the time will come.

Now the time has come!

In July 2004, the sentence was even increased and Dr. Hamer has been sentenced to 3 years in prison without parole for “fraud and illegal practice of medicine”. The real reasons why one wants to get a hold of Dr. Hamer are not these idiotic accusations, but solely the extermination of the German New Medicine. For this, any means will do. The hope is that the capture and possible compulsory internment of Dr. Hamer in a psychiatric institution will put an end to the scientific feud between traditional medicine and the German New Medicine — a feud that has become a political issue.

We will keep you informed.

PS. Dr. Hamer is allowed to receive mail in prison from anywhere in the world. Even if he cannot answer letters, he would certainly be happy to receive them. For those who would like to write, here is his address:

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Centro Penitenciario Madrid V
Apartado de Correos 200
Colmenar Viejo
E-28770 Madrid

Source Page and Additional Information



See rest of that page for nore info on how the European govts went after Hamer for not promoting/practicing their “official” version of “orthodox medicine.”


You might not can call up Dr. Hamer since he is in hiding, & you might not can afford the high-potency pancreatic enzymes used by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, & you might not can get to NY to see Dr. Braverman (though phone consults may be affordable), & it might be impossible to find anyone locally using Dr. Revici’s protocol, BUT… UNDERSTANDING THEIR PRINCIPLES is half the battle!

Knowing & Understanding how/why the body DOES WHAT IT DOES is invaluable.

Knowledge Also Erases Fear (whether re cancer or anything else). If you ever feel fearful, just tell yourself, “I simply need more information,” & then start doing your homework.

And start, first, AT THE TOP:

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ASK OF GOD, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” — James 1:5

“Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” — Philippians 4:6-7 

“The fear* of the LORD [is] the BEGINNING of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do [His commandments.] His praise endures forever.” — Psalms 111:10

*The original Hebrew word for “fear” in that verse is yir’ah & means:
“fear (of God), respect, reverence, piety, revered”:


And remember, while the body is in detox “house cleaning” mode, (“healing crisis”), it NEVER feels good.

It is just like cleaning out a junked up closet, Ugh, dread!  But after you do it, you sit back on the couch with your feet on the ottoman & let out a big satisfying “Ahhhhh!  THAT FEELS SO GOOD!”  Ditto for the body.  The better day will come!


THE END… is Just the Beginning!
It always is!

So hang in there!  



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