“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” — Hosea 4:6



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At Amazon the book has a 5-star rating, now in its 5th edition as of 2011, 430 reviews, 397 of those reviews were 5-star:

“It gives a good explanation of many alternative cancer treatments. Many are things you can incorporate as preventive measures with no disruption to your lifestyle. It also covers many heavy duty approaches that are more appropriate for advanced cancer.”

Seven of Ty Bollinger’s family members died of cancer so he went to work researching. The book is like a tome in three sections: the first part covers the Medical Mafia & its ugly connections, & the rest is like a “Heal Yourself Encyclopedia” in two parts (Cancer Cures & Cancer Diet). The book reads “almost like a novel” said one person.

The 400+ reviewers are raving over this book: “Eye Opener!” “Mind Blower!” “A Wealth of Information!” etc. Even a few doctors, a surgeon, several RNs, & other miscellaneous health professionals gave it the highest praise. It is very touching to see so many people having their eyes opened for the first time to “The Medical Racket,” & better, their realization that they can reclaim their personal power & don’t have to be a part of it.

They repeatedly say that Ty writes with passion & compassion & is very motivating & inspiring. They say they cannot put the book down. One person said they needed the book immediately & contacted Ty & he told them how to download it & gave it to them for free.

This next person said the PDF version was useful for all the links:

“Mel from Florida” wrote February 26, 2010 By Mel Bourne: “This book is really a fun read, very serious but so well written it flows and is most interesting. I first ordered the PDF format from TY Bollinger, then from his site ordered the paperback version from Amazon. I find both useful, the PDF file version has all the links to other countries, supplies, various cure protocols depending on type of cancer, and lots of great useful information. The stories of folks who have used various foods to successfuly cure their cancer with no adverse side effects, and in very short times takes a lot of the unnecessary fear out of the diagnosis of cancer. The information shows just what a difference there is from medical practice in other countries vs the USA in available treatments and costs and favorable outcomes.  This really is a treasure of useful information.”

This person describes the contents:

“Ty Bollinger has done his cancer homework, and we can benefit from his hard work. This book is filled with a tremendous amount of research,
–in-depth descriptions of how and why the body develops cancer,
–explanation of how the health care system became so corrupt,
–detailed alternative treatments,
–sources and clinics that provide alternative treatments,
–and much much more. I could not put it down. It is a must read for anyone who has or knows someone with cancer. Without a doubt, it could save your life or the life of a loved one.
–If nothing else, it will assist you in making more informed decisions regarding your own health.
–It will give you the confidence to rely on your knowledge without having to rely solely on your doctor. I would recommend this book to anyone!!”

The only very few complainers re the book were that:
–Ty is a Christian & preaches too much (tough stuff you God-haters, get over your whiny selves!),
–that there were typos & grammatical errors (maybe corrected in latest 5th Edition 2011?),
–that he believed in conspiracy & was too anti-MSMedical. (Wonder why w/7 family members dead!)
–Oh, & that the book cover looked like a Watchtower magazine, lol! No, Ty is not a JW.

Evidently Ty received hate mail & death threats after first publishing the book in 2006 & positive reviews were mysteriously disappearing off Amazon.

“It is not a miracle book. It is a WISDOM book,” said another person. Beautiful!

Video link: http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=e2Vw6IH_oCg

Here’s another review:

“Being a former CPA was the first indication to me this is a man who seriously knows how to crunch the numbers, sort out who’s dealing who, and dig to the bottom of a ledger sheet faster than a blind dingo to a well, and then go on to find who runs it, off on a distant Carribean island company offset retirement plan. You know what I mean? … 
       “Real researchers are the people who have done the background checks and verified the information, have done the digging to make a balanced analysis of ‘What is really going on’ with the current Cancer Epidemic. 
       “Every point and fact in Ty Bollingers’ book is backed up by thousands upon hundred thousands of global worldwide researchers who are all confirming these continuing causes. Not just the symptoms. … 
       “The real “Investigator” these days is someone who does it for the memory of their loved ones lost, NOT the fake tv world of celebrity status and its vices. In this regard I hold Ty Bollinger in high esteem, as with his publication as an exceptional encyclopedia of corporate mass control, and an A to Z of the Cancer industry ALONG with workable alternatives. Or, as the amazing Jeff Rense eloqantly described it so well:
“The Bible of Cancer Research.” This comment befits it only too well. 
       “I recommend this book. It is extending my own parents’ lives and many people I know who have read it gave them something special to think about next time they visit the doctor. God bless people like Ty Bollinger, a devoted family man and believer in GOD. There comes no higher accreditation in my mind than the aforementioned. All those who read this book will also share in it’s blessings.”


One reader ID “revolution afoot” said on April 14, 2010 By A. Keith Graham, Vancouver, BC: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1TAAR4KT0LWAK
“In Sept.09 my wife, a typically healthy, highly intelligent professional female of normal weight, with a well disciplined dietary & physical activity regime, & with a clear medical history, was diagnosed with stage 4 (terminal) ovarian cancer metastasized to the Lymph system. Survival rates @ 5 years is less than 5%. A large, hard tumor had grown at the left subclavicular portal vein where the purified Lymph fluid returns to the circulatory system. The oncologists offered sympathy but no direction other than superficial hope (ex. “I’ve known a patient to live 8 years with stage 4”) & a 6 cycle chemotherapy with a wait-&-see. No diet was recommended & no alternative option suggested. WHERE TO START? With an emotional pleading from my wife “not to give up on her,” I launched an extensive search of the internet using GOOGLE. One extremely valuable resource was the website […] where I found a book CANCER: STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX by Ty Bollinger. It opened a rich world of non-invasive natural alternative opportunities & possibilities with additional web sites by unorthodox courageous medical doctors & Research Phds who have put it all on the line. We investigated further & chose some natural protocols. After 1 month the oncologist examined my wife, noticing that her neck region had become symmetrical (It had swollen on the left side). She asked me if I had noticed it. She was also having difficulty finding the Lymp tumor & became excited to the point where she left the exam room, bringing back another oncologist to confirm her findings. This “surprise” finding kept recurring with several oncologists over a 6 month period. A hysterectomy revealed shrinkage of the tumor at the ovarian site by 85% & no evidence of malignancy in the lymph system. When I tried to tell the oncologists what we were doing, they were uninterested. At this point in time my wife is clear of cancer. I have nothing but accolades for Mr. Bollinger et al & highly recommend his book as a starting point. I have also recommended it to many others & will continue to do so. If this review disappears or is lost, you may contact me through the author.”

And another:

“I only wish I had known before….
April 3, 2010 By Marie Bucci “Grateful Marie”: Thanks so much to Ty for creating this information. I wish I had known years before this on the options we had for my mom. But, no, the “doctors” knew best and even once remarked to my dad and I when we asked a simple question “What do you think I’m trying to do, trying to kill your wife?” What arrogance!
       “Now, I realize he was only acting within the framework of his knowledge at the time, but she, in fact, died within three months of that statement.
       “My mom started out with the discovery of CLL and because of certain medications that were given, her immune system became compromised and she developed ovarian cancer, which wasn’t detected until it was too late. She was gone within 3 years of the first discovery and suffered immensly during various treatments.”

And another:

“I couldn’t stop reading it! – April 2, 2010 By Denise L. : I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over three years ago and have had multiple surgeries and several types of chemotherapy. When my cancer came back immediately after stopping my last chemotherapy, I knew I needed a different approach. I found this book, immediately ordered it, and it changed my life. I wish I had this information before undergoing three years of traditional treatment. Ty has inspired me to educate myself about natural ways to heal my body. I started reading the book and didn’t put it down for two days until I had finished it. I now have hope to live and heal. What a great resource! Truly amazing and well researched and well written. To have all of the available and comprehensive information on natural healing in one place is a God send.”

And another:

“I was knocked out by the shocking evidence and many examples of how little we as lay persons know about conventional cancer treatments and how ineffective these methodes are in treating cancer. My wife has ovarian cancer and I wish I had known about this book before she was cut open and put through the horrors of chemo and all it’s side effects. I was so impressed with the information in this book that I bought 5 more copies to give away as gifts to the ladies in my family who are prime candiates for ovarian cancer or breast cancer. This book is actually a great tool for anyone…”


Video link: http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=9v4cRB462WI


Nov. 2012 review at Amazon of above book says:
“I’ve been battling cancer for two years. When five more tumors arrived on the scene, the doc wanted to do more chemo. After two years of trying things his way, I was DONE. I’d heard about B17/Laetrile, which is talked about in this book, and I started taking 500mg twice a day. Within ten weeks, ALL FIVE TUMORS are GONE! My doc sent me home and told me to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working, and it’s better than anything he had to offer. I get my B17 here on Amazon and it comes out of Mexico. I take 500mg twice a day. The brand I use is called NovoDalin. I hope my review can help others survive this dreaded disease!”

Another reader & B17 story:

“We purchased this book about 1 and half months ago. Our daughter was diagnosised with liver cancer. As a cancer survivor my self, we knew we did not want her to go through traditional treatments. We looked long and hard for the right alternative treatment to use and found this amazing book with all the information compiled into one volume with all the web sites that we needed to get more information from, in the book. We choose to use apricot seeds and the results have been wonderful. For 11 months our daughter was not able to care for her 2 beautiful boys or even clean her house. After we started treatment, which was very hard on her physically and mentally, she was able to clean her house 2 weeks later. She called and said that she was afraid to get her hopes up, because every time she had a good day before, she would be sick again the next day. It did not happen this time and has regained her energy slowly. She has been helping put up sheds for the horses and fencing property and she is able to care for her children and play with them. She is gaining a small amount of wieght and the dark circles under her eyes are gone. She recieved her first set of lab work back and the numbers have improved and she will receive the next set next week. We are so blessed to have been able to help our daughter using alternative medicine and she has not had to suffer the side effects of traditional medicine. We know with the proper diet, she will be able to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”


“…in 2004, after being diagnosed with a invasive ductile positive estrogen driven breast cancer, I refused all conventional treatment, FIRED my oncologist and experienced a stunning recovery with Protocel, a highly effective alternative treatment that Ty Bolinger covers in the “Top 7 Cancer Treatments for Stage IV Cancer” chapter of “Cancer: Step Outside the Box.”



One reader wrote: “The Corruption of Big Pharma – I knew that the medical field had its problems, but I didn’t realize how money-hungry it really was. I must warn you that you might want to keep a pillow nearby. You may need to scream in it once you read the appalling stories of conventional medicine behind-the-scenes.” :O

Another guy wrote: “My wife also had cancer 11 years ago, they did the surgery but we wouldn’t let them do the radiation. We did the type of things in Ty’s book and she is still alive and well. When I asked her radiologist what his success rate was, he couldn’t remember.  We said thanks but no thanks.” — HE COULDN’T REMEMBER, yeah, right. Sure buddy! Lol.



Out of the 430 reviews, I got through page 36 in mobile version, approx. 10 reviews per page, approx. 360 reviews, & less than 5 of those were negative. All the rest were overwhelmingly positive & many said out of all the cancer books they had read, this was the best one, & the one they lend out to everybody &/or they buy copies for everybody they know, & that this is the one they keep referring to over & over again because of its treasure trove of information & treatment options they never knew existed.

They also said Ty gives discounts for bulk purchases.

If you’re an Internet-reader vs. a Book person, you can find similar info at:



UPDATE:  If you’re a video-watcher vs. a reader, I added a second post to this blog with Ty Bollinger lecture videos:


Then on Turkey Day 11/22/12, I began creating an associated Fasting Paradise YouTube Channel as a place to gather, save, & organize the many of the TONS of videos online re Raw Diet for Cancer, Alternative Treatments for Cancer, Baking Soda & Cancer, Hydrogen Peroxide & Cancer, B17 & Cancer, Electrical Blood Purifying & Radio Wave gadgets for Cancer, etc. etc. etc.  Check it out here:


–In Correct Order:
–In YT’s Scrambled Playlist Order:


And, of course, you can find hard-copy DVDs on these Cancer subjects as well. Google google google!

There is NO LACK of information & solutions readily available for everyone with an open mind.



There was no full Table of Contents at Amazon but these previews are at Ty’s above site: http://cancerstepoutsidethebox.com
–Foreword by R. Webster Kehr (who has a great site, CancerTutor.com)
–Page 8 – The Cancer Industry
–Page 33 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed
–Page 63 – Persecution & Suppression
–Page 75 – Toxic Treatments
–Page 88 – Biology 101 & Cancer
–Page 105 – Pasteur vs. Beauchamp
–Page 119 – Budwig Diet
–Page 160 – Protocel
–Page 182 – Breast Cancer
–Page 211 – Nutrition & Cachexia
–Page 229 – Healthy Herbs & Foods
–Page 248 – Colloidal Silver
–Page 268 – Vitamin D
–Page 332 – Vaccinations
–Page 354 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s
–Page 373 – Codex Alimentarius
–Page 410 – Jason Vale & the Cancer Mafia

Another site with the book’s description:

Another Video:




Some people in the Amazon reviews also recommended these books as well:
Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson
Never be Sick Again by Raymond Francis
Cancer is Not a Disease by Andreas Moritz

Other books I’ve recently heard about:

The Doctor Who Cures Cancer by William Kelley Eidem re Dr. Emmanuel Revici’s “natural chemo” to target tumors & much more (one Denver pharmacist who read the book said to read Chapters 15 & 16 re cancer)
Cancer is a Fungus: A Revolution in Tumor Therapy by Dr. T. Simoncini, an Italian oncologist – He’s the Tumor & Baking Soda doctor.  Simply put, tumors/cancers cannot survive where there is oxygen (Dr. Otto Warburg 1931 Nobel Prize).  Baking Soda is oxygen.  Applying Baking Soda to a tumor makes it shrivel up & go away.

And if cancer is fungus, water-fasting clears out all such things, fungus, candida, etc., naturally.



One other complainer re Ty Bollinger’s book at the Amazon Reviews said it was “too Christian” & should have included “everybody” so “nobody feels left out” such as info from Muslims & all the other religions & cultures & healing therapies connected with those cultures, such as the Eastern (Oriental) health methods, etc. etc.

I was like, Umm, No, Dear, you don’t get it!  First off, her attitude is a DIRECT RESULT of New World Order brainwashing (“unity” & “diversity” & “globalism”), etc.  Their brainwashing creates “over-sensitive” crybabies just like her where nobody is allowed to have a strong individual opinion.

Secondly, it was Ty’s book & he can write whatever he wants in it.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.  Read the Reviews first.  Or write your own book.

Lastly, it is not a Christian’s job to be “ecumenical” & promote false religions but rather to expose them for the folly they are, & that includes Eastern Mysticism & its “Kundalini Serpent Power” which is intimately tied to their “Eastern healing methods” such as yoga, meridians, etc.  Anybody who wants info on any of that stuff, God knows there are ALREADY plenty of books on that New Age garbage.  So leave the man (Ty Bollinger) alone.  And don’t expect us (Christians) to pamper & indulge your desire for continued falsehoods & deceptions.  It isn’t going to happen except by Christian heretics (& there are plenty of those around as well!)  



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