(Photo: Apricot Seeds after harvesting. Gorgeous!)

Great detailed “starter” article here from Chris (who) beat (colon) cancer/tumor:

9/29/11: B-17 / Laetrile: Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed for 50 Years – Chris Beat Cancer blog:

In the Ty Bollinger Pittsburgh 2011 lecture videos (Cancer: Step Outside the Box), he explains how Laetrile (in apricot, peach, apple seeds, etc.) works on cancer. He says it’s a marvelous miracle from God how the seeds have both counteracting substances built right in, a give/take situation; gives powerful cancer killers & then takes the bad stuff right back out (simply put by me, he explains it better).

V said (August 14, 2011):

“A year and a half ago I read a great book by the author of ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’, G. Edward Griffin who wrote a great book on cancer titled ‘World Without Cancer’. Griffin exposes the quakery of cancer ‘cures’ by modern medicine and the politics of cancer by the ‘elite’ in the second half of the book. In the first half of the book Griffin talks about a vitamin called B17 which has a phenomenal rate of destroying cancer cells. One of the highest concentration of vitamin B17 is inside the apricot seed.

“Watch this video. It’s a little outdated but brilliant”:

G. Edward Griffin – A World Without Cancer – The Story Of Vitamin B17:

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http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=JGsSEqsGLWM


MS wrote in August 2011:

“For all cancers, please, PLEASE, please, look into “BITTER APRICOT SEEDS” and vitamin b17!… but the b17 must be natural, apricot seeds… bitter!


Re B-17: Dr. Francisco Contreras (Oasis of Hope cancer hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, & Irvine, Calif.) said in the Cancer Summit interview, Night #2, that the Mexican government took all the results of the studies done by USA universities & medical centers re Laetrile years ago & made good use of it & allows B-17 cancer treatment. The USA won’t allow it because it works, & so it would interfere with their Big Pharma RX-chemo-radiation profits.

G. Edward Griffin (mentioned further above) of Reality Zone has a DVD (& book & audio) re B-17/Laetrile for cancer:

“World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 (Laetrile): Written and Narrated by G. Edward Griffin:

I think it was in Dr. Connealy’s interview who said one guy with lung cancer in USA simply began eating apricot pits everyday which, he feels, helped turn around his lung cancer (B-17 is in apricot pits naturally).


Brief Overviews of Laetrile, Vit. C, & other Alternative Cancer Treatments:

Amazon reader review dated Nov. 2012 re “Cancer: Step Out of the Box” book said:

“I’ve been battling cancer for two years. When five more tumors arrived on the scene, the doc wanted to do more chemo. After two years of trying things his way, I was DONE. I’d heard about B17/Laetrile, which is talked about in this book, and I started taking 500mg twice a day. Within ten weeks, ALL FIVE TUMORS are GONE! My doc sent me home and told me to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working, and it’s better than anything he had to offer. I get my B17 here on Amazon and it comes out of Mexico. I take 500mg twice a day. The brand I use is called NovoDalin:
I hope my review can help others survive this dreaded disease!”

There are 12 reviews at Amazon as of this writing re the above NovoDalin B17.  Ten of the reviews gave it 5-stars, 1 person gave it 4-stars, & 1 person gave it 1-star only because the instructions are not in English.  Another person told them there are plenty of instructions on the internet (& I also noticed there are plenty of other places to buy it as well).  Most of the reviewers were taking 1000mg per day (2 pills per day, some with other supplements).  One lady said she was sent home to die (about a year ago 2011)  with 3-weeks to live & she began the B17 ASAP & she’s still here & was able to get up & do things around the house after about 2 months on the B17.  Another guy said he tried to eat the pits first, but they were too bitter so he switched to the pills.  Check out the other 10 great reviews at the above Amazon link.   

Another hopeful B17 story that came from Amazon reviews re Ty Bollinger’s book:

“We purchased this book about 1 and half months ago. Our daughter was diagnosised with liver cancer. As a cancer survivor my self, we knew we did not want her to go through traditional treatments. We looked long and hard for the right alternative treatment to use and found this amazing [Ty Bollinger] book with all the information compiled into one volume with all the web sites that we needed to get more information from, in the book. We choose to use apricot seeds and the results have been wonderful. For 11 months our daughter was not able to care for her 2 beautiful boys or even clean her house. After we started treatment, which was very hard on her physically and mentally, she was able to clean her house 2 weeks later. She called and said that she was afraid to get her hopes up, because every time she had a good day before, she would be sick again the next day. It did not happen this time and has regained her energy slowly. She has been helping put up sheds for the horses and fencing property and she is able to care for her children and play with them. She is gaining a small amount of weight and the dark circles under her eyes are gone. She recieved her first set of lab work back and the numbers have improved and she will receive the next set next week. We are so blessed to have been able to help our daughter using alternative medicine and she has not had to suffer the side effects of traditional medicine. We know with the proper diet, she will be able to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Another lady wrote:

“Apple seeds contain vitamin B17. B17 has been proven to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. The FDA will not approve B17 because they cannot patent an apple or an apple seed and therefore cannot make billions of dollars. My husband and I have been eating the seeds of apples, pears, grapes, apricots, peaches etc. for 7 years now. Because the FDA will not approve B17, anyone who tries to sell the seeds touting their proven healing power will be arrested and thrown in jail. Thrown in jail for selling apple seeds! It happened to one person [Jason Vale].  Read his story in Ty’s book.

Back in 1988, Annie Sylvan, an older European ND at the Shangri-La in SW Fla (now deceased), was the first person to ever tell me to also eat the apple seeds, not for B17 or cancer, but just because they are good for you. She also wanted me to take Germanium which is another oxygenated source.


Another reviewer of the same book wrote in Oct. 2011:

“THE HIDDEN CURE. Cancer is a chronic metobolic disease caused by a dietary deficiency of nitrilosides (B17) found in bitter fruit seeds and other unpopular foods just like scurvy is a deficiency of vitamin C or Pellagra is a deficency of vitamin B3.

“When these essentials are restored to the diet the disease is quickly reversed and the symptoms fade away. This information is catching on like wildfire as more and more people today are becoming aware of and seeing through the corporate/government greed health agenda.

“The highest concentrations of nitrilosides are found in raw apricot seeds and peach seeds or in the pill form of amygdalin or laetrile (vitamin B17).

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” — Genesis 1:29

“Cultures and populations that consume an abundance of nitrilosidese are 100% cancer free. However, when individuals from these populations adopt the standard western diet they develop cancer at the same 3 in 1 rate as the rest of the world.

“Chemo, radiation and surgery only mask the symptoms but do not address the underlying cause. Cancer always returns and the end results is almost always a death sentence if the deficency issue is not addressed.

“Smoking, radiation and other household hazards are just triggers that determine where these symptoms tumors) will show up but are not the cause.

“Cancer is not caused by anything but by the lack of something that has been deleted from the western diet. This fact was discovered in 1952.  Big drugs / FDA covered up the cure and declared it fraud and quackery.

“Watch the “WORLD WITHOUT CANCER” Video by G Edward Griffin and investigate the testimonies and case studies. Many lives have been saved just by modifying diet and just saying no thank you to the Big pharma / FDA /chemo/ radiation $ cartel.

“You may also want to see THE SCIENCE and POLITICS of CANCER A DISCOURSE by G. Edward Griffin, video, and download the book free, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO VITAMIN B-17 METABOLIC THERAPY, this info needs to get out- we can put an end of cancer naturally within the decade.”


I’m sure there’s many other sources of info out there re Laetrile, but this is a brief simple start!



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