“The LIFE of the Flesh is IN THE BLOOD.” –Genesis 9:4

(Or in the older-English-style of the KJV: “…flesh with the *LIFE* thereof, which *IS* the *BLOOD* thereof…”)

Meaning, BLOOD is the LIFE of the Flesh. To have healthy “FLESH,” the BLOOD must be kept healthy FIRST.



“When viewed under a dark-field microscope, the blood of a normal, healthy human being usually has a lot of parasitic worms, viruses, fungi, germs and pathogens swimming around. After three weeks of blood electrification, the blood is clean and the blood cells are plump and healthy. (Bob) Beck liked to call it ‘IMMORTAL BLOOD.'”

Lol, I like that. Read more below about the physicist, Robert C. Beck (above photo), & his 9-V Battery invention for purifying the blood (which, btw, water-fasting will purify your blood as well), & Royal Raymond Rife, a San Diego scientist who in 1934 “discovered that the microbes in cancer cells could be totally devitalized by radio frequencies which left patients unharmed.” Rife is reported to have had a 100% cancer cure rate for those he helped.


See my corresponding FP Youtube Playlist:

…for 99 videos I collected that go along with this “Bio-Electric” information re:
–Royal Raymond Rife & his gadgets
–Bob Beck & his gadgets
–An Aussie doctor, John Holt, & his cancer cure gadgets
–And a few videos re Dr. Hulda Clark & her “zappers.”




“A patient cured is a customer lost”
(for Big Pharma, Big Medicine)

–said Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc., physicist, & inventor of the Bob Beck Electrified 9-V Blood Purifying machine & the Xenon strobe flash technology (died in 2002 at age 77 after a fall).

“Beck’s blood electrification protocol has also been reported to have a dramatic effect on cancer patients. According to Beck, “by eliminating parasites, it supercharges the immune system to deal with the cancer.”

And: “This (Magnetic Pulser) is a (second) device (invented by Beck) that creates a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field). This is a moving magnetic field which causes 50-100 micro amperes to be generated deep within tissues to neutralize the parasites, viruses, and pathogens that are latent in tissues and not circulating in the blood. The magnetic pulser is designed for SPECIFICALLY TARGETING lymph nodes, organs, and TUMOR SITES and should be used in conjunction with the Silver Pulser blood electrification device.”

Fascinating story, read it here & grab the free download of Bob Beck’s original 59-page report re his 9-V Battery blood-cleansing Electrification & Magnetic Devices so you can make your own gadgets:

If you’d rather buy a gadget than DIY (Do It Yourself), see above link for sources. More details at these sites:

Practical details on the Bob Beck protocol for Stage 4 Cancers at Webster Kehr’s CANCER TUTOR site:

“Protocol instructions, interviews with Bob Beck, and testimonials from patients who cured themselves with Beck’s protocol”:


WARNING: It says you canNOT electrify your blood while taking meds/RX’s or herbs or garlic as the blood purifying process will greatly increase the strength/effect of the meds/RX’s or herbs or garlic which could be dangerous. It says the Bob Beck 59-page report gives full details.


Also see this Protocol at Cancer Tutor for patients with BLOCKED stomachs or colons (includes usage of Beck gadget):
“This protocol is the ideal protocol for those who have blocked or paralyzed stomachs or colons and thus they cannot process foods, not even supplements. This protocol includes very gentle electromedicine, treatments which can be taken through the skin (i.e. transdermally), and I.V. or Peg Tube treatments.”


See this page at Cancer Tutor for:

“Special Situations Cancer Patients Face” – skim down all the red/bold subheadings to see any that might apply:


Here’s a YahooGroup you can join that discusses DIY blood-electrifying gadgets:



ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE DOCUMENTARY on YouTube (see my Playlist #8):

“The complete story of the rise and fall of Royal Raymond Rife, the San Diego scientist who demonstrably cured cancer in 1934 only to have this great achievement ignored, attacked, and then suppressed”:
–Produced and Directed by Shawn Montgomery
–Narrated by Jeff Rense
–Run time: 125 minutes (in 9 parts at YouTube)

“The documentation and engrossing presentation of this little known story of 20th-century medical research creates a mind-shifting experience for those of us indoctrinated with a conventional view of biology.”
–Jule Klotter (Townsend Letters For Doctors and Patients)

Or buy the DVD:

The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife — a film (DVD) by Shawn Montgomery with new narration by Jeff Rense, produced by Zero Zero Two Productions:

•See the staggering discoveries and work of Roy Rife which led him to a cure for cancer (among many other diseases) in 1934.

•Hear Rife’s own voice describe his breakthroughs and successes which shook the medical-pharmaceutical establishment to its core.

•This all new, completely re-edited DVD version of the original two-
part film by Shawn Montgomery, will leave you reeling with anger and shock at what has been withheld from all of us by men with an unbridled lust for profits and a complete disregard for the welfare of humanity.

•”The Rise and Fall” shows how Rife’s own brilliance led him to eventual ruin in the hands of the hopelessly corrupt American Medical Association, which did not and still does not want you to know his astonishing story. Countless millions of lives have been lost due to conflicting interests within the so-called Cancer Industry.
–Read Reviews:
—-by NEXUS Magazine, Parts 1-2:
—-by TOWNSEND LETTER, Parts 1-2:
–Buy DVD $19.95 + $5 Shipping (bulk orders also available):
–Original film was in two parts, The Rise, & then The Fall, now combined into one:

Earl said 8/16/11 re:
“Confessions of a Cancer Industry Insider”:

“Royal Raymond Rife developed a cure for cancer back in the 1930s (!!!). He first built a microscope which was decades ahead of its time; it allowed Rife to study the behavior of *live* cancer cells, when the cells were exposed to various radio frequencies. He found the specific resonance frequencies for different types of cancer; then directed that specific radio-frequency energy at the tumors. After first experimenting with mice and dogs, Rife went on to cure people. RIFE HAD A 100% CURE RATE.”

Detailed info here, read this entire page as I’m only including a snip here:

The Frequency Generator Protocol for Cancer – Electromedicine – Alternative Cancer Treatments:
Dr. Royal Raymond Rife discovered one of the most groundbreaking medical tools in the last hundred years. He invented the world’s best-
ever optical microscope and subsequently discovered that the microbes in cancer cells could be totally devitalized by radio frequencies which left patients unharmed. Due to financial and political interests, his discoveries were driven underground. Today, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF) is basing their research on true science instead of politics. People who are suffering from cancer and other diseases may participate in their own discovery with in-home research into the effects of high radio frequencies. Cancer Tutor will introduce this simple, yet life-changing technology on this web page for those who desire to implement a complete step-by-step protocol for their particular situation.

Dr. Rife’s work culminated with The Smithsonian Institution publishing the following quote in their 1944 annual report:

“Disease organisms such those of tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, typhoid and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies peculiar to each individual organism, and directed upon them by rays conveying a wide range of waves.”

That above site owner will also provide email support for using the Rife protocol/machine. Donations are accepted:

The actual machines are sold here (several thousand dollars), but you might can borrow or rent one from anyone else who might have one in your area, says Cancer Tutor:

More Rife info here:

The Royal Rife Story & Royal Rife – In His Own Words:



This quote was in the video description for one of the Rife videos I saved to Playlist #8 re Bio-Electric Cures:

“Published in the July issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society, researchers injected mice with ovarian cancer cells that had been dyed and soaked in a protein that would bind them only to cancer and not to regular cells. After gently massaging a mouse to disperse the cells, researchers placed a magnet on the mouse’s belly for 30 seconds. The glowing cells were clearly visible through the skin where the magnet had rested.

“Using a circulating pump system, researchers were also able to show that a magnet could draw the glowing cells to the side of a plastic tube, suggesting that metastasized cells could possibly be removed from the body with a dialysis-like procedure—filtering the blood of any magnetized cancer cells.”



In Scripture, the Devil is described as 
“…the PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR…” –Ephesians 2:2

The below comments between a few Christians were under this video, “The Brain Tuner – Bob Beck” — sold by SOTA Instruments who calls the Brain Tuner the “BIO-TUNER” at (not in UK):
http://www .youtube .com/watch?feature=relmfu&v=uRx0Luz86Uc

The Bio-Tuner is for zapping the brain. The other two Beck gadgets are for zapping the blood. You don’t need the “brain-zapper” for cancer/blood purifying.  My 2-cents in brackets:

ernestojb wrote:
“People wake up! this frequency 7.83Hz that can make you tune in to this “mystical” level of consciousness of knowledge from the “universe” is actually opening a gateway between the human mind and demons. Think about it, only fallen angels have this great knowledge because they’ve been around since God created them way before the earth was. Even Bob Beck said this knowledge will “make you a god” of knowing. Didn’t Satan say the same thing to Eve in the garden of Eden?” [Sure did! & New Agers say the same thing.]

“I’m not saying Bob Beck is a satanist, but he may not be aware of what actually is out there lurking in the shadows beyond what we can not see. This “knowledge” or “knowing” that we receive has to come from somewhere, and it has to have some sort of intelligence otherwise how can we channel it and receive it? Demons lurk in these frequencies, that’s why many paranormal or demonic investigators use EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) where demons are clearly heard talking on these electronic devices.”  

[I wouldn’t doubt it.  I’ve always heard that if Christians try to start radio &/or TV stations, they are in for the fight of their lives because of trying to move in to & set up shop in the realm of The Prince of the Power of the Air’s territory > the “air waves.”  It’s a big enough fight just trying to set up blogs on the internet — also a medium “of the air,” so to speak.]

revnu2 replied to the above person:
“I agree with you, but it is hard to tell someone who isn’t familar with the true meaning of the teachings of GOD/Jesus. I myself took out the 7.83hz of my DIY-CES-Device, after I read your comment. I already was a little bit distrustful, after I realized what Beck wanted to say with his “shaminic, cosmic” stuff. I think he is a victim of Esoteric-mixing-with-Christianity, but I think Beck is honest, & doesn’t realize that there is a mixing of the “darkside” with Christianity.” 

[A lot of that “mixing” going around! > “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” – 1st Timothy 4:1]

germanicelt asked:
“Do you know what frequencies are used to do this other than the 2.72kHz? Dr. Beck said there were two more…”

[Nobody answered that person’s question, sorry, & I don’t know anything about electricity & frequencies, etc.]


Speaking of electricity, The Total Health Institute (THI) says:

“Energy gives life to every cell in your body. There are four forms of energy that keep the human body healthy.

“To heal completely you must focus on all 4 of the Energies that heal the body:

“Energy is the power to run the body and mind. This is the circuit breaker or fuse box in your house.

“Once the power is turned on then you must learn how to keep it on … You cannot plug 20 things into one outlet, only 2 things, or else you blow the fuse, you shut off the power.

“The (THI) treatments turn the power on to all organs. The teaching shows you how to keep the power on permanently. Teaches you how not to blow the fuses.

“Only with this approach will you heal 100% of every organ, gland, system”:


On the opposite side of the fence are the harmful EMF’s, etc.:

1/18/11: “Is Electropollution Making You Sick?” – Chris Beat Cancer:


We started this post with blood & we’ll end it with blood…

“THE BLOOD WILL NEVER LOSE ITS POWER” — Music Break with four-time cancer survivor, Andrae Crouch:

That is the title of Andrae Crouch’s first song, written at age 15, circa 1957, which he threw in the trash (he says he didn’t know it was a song; he didn’t know he was a songwriter at the time) but his sister dug it back out of the trash & saved it.  Andrae had a stutter problem, was/is dyslexic, & cannot read music, but has written 1,700+ songs. He writes songs by drawing pictures, as words sometimes still give him trouble. He is about 70 now & has had cancer four times, the last round in recent years was throat cancer (just like the Devil to go after a singer’s throat).  He credits the Lord for getting him “Through It All” > the title of another of his songs.

In the early 1990’s Crouch lost his mother, father, & a brother to cancer, all in the span of 2-3 years. (His first three cancers were probably from the “shock” “shock” “shock” of losing them all so unexpectedly — referencing Dr. Ryke Geert Hamer’s “unexpected traumatic shocks” as the cause of cancers: ). 

Andrae says he was pretty mad in those years when his family was dying off but by 1995-1996 he began pastoring the church his parents had founded, which he still does through the present, along with his twin sister.  The meaning of the song is that the blood of Christ will never lose its power to forgive & save all who come to Him.

Various versions of the song over the years, newer to older:

Old Album cover:

A version by The Caravans, 1962, a female gospel group, cool:




Again, the YouTube Playlist Link for this post is:


Now go watch some 99 videos to learn more!  Don’t ask me because this stuff is over my head. :)



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