Abraham’s Competition? Not Quite!

New Dad, above, at age 96, second child. Firstborn was at age 94. Wife was 52-54.

Abraham was 100 when God revitalized he & Sarah to become pregnant with Isaac. Sarah was 90 (Genesis 17:15-21; 21:1-3).

Mr. Raghav, above photo, is proud of his prowess, & attributes it to a diet of almonds, butter, milk, & God.

The Weston Price & Paleo Diet folks will love Raghav’s high protein & fat almonds-butter-milk testimony. :) He’s a farmer by trade so probably makes &/or grows his own.

Raghav says the doctors laughed at him & would not believe the babies were his. (Calling Montel Williams or Maury Povich for a free paternity test, lol.)

Full story here (rated R, btw, in a “health” kind of way. Let’s just say the man is not “shy” about discussing his “accomplishments”):

10/16/12: “World’s Oldest Dad Aged 96: Ramjeet Raghav Welcomes Second Son in Haryana, India”:



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