Liberty Counsel vs. ObamaCare Update

This anti-Obamacare lawsuit may be our only hope. It was the first PRIVATE lawsuit filed (on behalf of employers & individuals) on the same day (they had the lawsuit prepared, printed, & waiting) Obummer signed OC into law back on March 23, 2010, I believe was the date(?), & I have been following it ever since.

The suit had already worked its way up to the Supreme Court but they opted not to hear it & sent it back to the Court of Appeals who should be making a decision sometime this year. Recent developments per Liberty Counsel’s RSS feed (non-profit legal group):

5/16/13: <b>”Mat Staver Presented Oral Argument In The Court of Appeals Today Against Obamacare (Audio Clip)”:</b>

5/15/13: <b>”Mat Staver Argues the Most Comprehensive Challenge to ObamaCare Tomorrow (audio clip)”:</b>

See also:

5/24/13: <b>”Poll: 56% of Americans Don’t Want Obamacare”:</b>



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