RIPENED vs. PRE-Ripened FRUIT: Can Farmers Really Be This Dense?

Orange-growing farmers are just NOW figuring out that RIPENED fruit tastes BETTER than PRE-ripened fruit that is picked PREmaturely from the tree! DUH! (I am in Shock & Awe-struck, in a negative way!)

If farmers are that dense & do not even understand common sense (ripened vs. pre-ripened), we are in big trouble (& no wonder they easily sell their souls to the GMO-Devil).

The below WSJ headline is misleading. It sounds like farmers are now manually ADDING sugar to oranges. No they’re not! They merely “DISCOVERED” that if you let fruit RIPEN BEFORE YOU PICK IT, it is SWEETER & tastes BETTER & more people will buy it! So they are simply changing the TIMEFRAME of when they actually pick the fruit off the tree. Brilliant, eh? (Duh x 2!) :-/

Unbelievable. What century is this anyway? Who has been training farmers all these years? Why did they not know this common sense fact before now? :-/

All the Futures Markets brokers are elated at this “New Discovery” that people will actually buy MORE oranges if they are RIPENED (sweet) vs. PRE-ripened (bland &/or bitter). NO KIDDING, FELLAS! What universe do these people live in? A little kid has more sense than you guys about fruit/taste & could have saved the whole lot of you wasting tons of money on “Extensive Research”! Ridiculous!

Read the whole article at below link; (caps added for emphasis) & try not to choke on the insanity of it all…


6/19/13: Success Tastes Sweet as Orange Growers Raise Sugar Content –

After EXTENSIVE RESEARCH on consumers’ TASTE preferences and fruit-buying habits, California farming groups FOUND that those FIRST oranges sold each year were often BLAND, BECAUSE THEY HAD SPENT LESS TIME RIPENING ON THE TREE. Dissatisfied consumers often waited weeks before trying another orange, while those that tried a sweet piece of fruit kept coming back for more.


Charlotte Knox

8 Million Metric Tons: Expected U.S. orange production this season.

“If a consumer’s first orange purchase of the season is delicious and flavorful, they’ll buy more with increased frequency,” said Russell Mounce, senior merchandise director for produce at Sam’s Club,Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s membership-warehouse chain, which sold 76.8 million pounds of oranges in the year ending June 1. “Consumers are looking for sweeter fruit. [NO, WE ARE LOOKING FOR RIPENED FRUIT, JUST AS IT SHOULD BE.] Overall, changing the metrics is the right thing to do.”


The good news is that people REFUSING to buy a product, any product (in this case crappy tasteless bland pre-ripened oranges) caused the manufacturer (farmer) to sit up & take notice. So individual boycotting of products or food works when it finally reaches critical mass & hurts THEIR pocketbook!

The bad news is, now that these farmers have “discovered” that people will buy MORE RIPENED (sweet) oranges, they are RAISING THE PRICES! :-/


My favorite oranges are HONEYBELLS, smaller & sweeter than regular oranges, but with a short growing season & harder to come by.

Now, if the grapefruit farmers would join the club & wake up to the fact that BITTER PRE-ripened grapefruit tastes like crap, they might see an increase in sales as well. Only ONCE in all the years did I ever find SWEET grapefruit & it was when I was visiting across the State in Bradenton & stopped at a place that had 5-pound bags of red grapefruit for ONE DOLLAR. I bought 5-bags ($5) & had a glorious feast of what grapefruit SHOULD taste like! Heavenly! That place must have PICKED them off the tree when they were actually RIPE!

Ditto for CELERY. Too much of it is BITTER! You can tell in advance by how the stalks look: If the stalks are THIN/NARROW & the two ridges/sides/edges of the celery are folded inward & practically touching each other, it will be bitter. But if the two ridges/sides/edges of each stalk are WIDENED & FANNED OUTWARD, NOT close to each other (fully ripened), it will be JUICY & DELICIOUS! :D

End of Rant & “Fresh Produce Lesson” for the day. :)



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