8/21/13: “Americans in shock as businesses cut work hours and health benefits because of Obamacare”:



Rather than cutting employee hours to 29.5 (below the 30 required to have ObamaCare), or not hiring that needed 50th employee (which puts businesses in the ObamaScare cross-hairs), why don’t…

–Large companies create dozens of additional corporations (creating a corporation only requires just a few pages of paperwork each, plus an annual filing fee with whichever State), & divy up your employees among the many new corporate entities, never hiring/employing more than 49 under each corporate entity. That way the companies can avoid ObamaScare altogether. Beat them at their own “paper game”!

–Again, ObamaScare doesn’t kick in until you have 50 employees. So instead of one large corporation with 500 employees, recreate your company as 10-11 smaller corporations with 49 employees each. A corporation is just paper. Easy to set up.

–Let’s say the large company is now incorported as ShoeShack, Inc. & has 500 employees. Fire 451 of them & re-hire them under your new corporations, 49 at a time:
–ShoeShack.1, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.2, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.3, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.4, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.5, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.6, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.7, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.9, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.8, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.10, Inc. = 49 employees
–ShoeShack.11, Inc. = 10 employees

Grand Total: Your Same 500 Employees & No ObamaScare Required!!

No need to reduce employee hours either! No being forced to pay for abortions either!

Everyone could still work “under the same roof” at the ShoeShack HQ Building but they would be working for different “corporations.” As I said, it’s a PAPER GAME, but very legal (unless the perps who wrote the thousands of pages of ObamaCare law already thought of this & axed it in advance?).

Initial corporate set up costs would be TONS cheaper than the outrageous fees & fines ObamaScare is requiring! A few thousand vs. millions!

New letterhead & biz cards, new checks, a few new phone numbers for each corporation, etc. Add it up, then compare it to those humongous ObamaDoesn’tCare penalties!

If your biz address is 7777 Heaven Blvd., just buy big letter plaques for A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, & stick one on various employee office doors, & they can receive the mail for…
–ShoeShack.1, Inc., 7777 Heaven Blvd., Room A, Your Town, USA
–ShoeShack.2, Inc., 7777 Heaven Blvd., Room B, Your Town, USA
–ShoeShack.3, Inc., 7777 Heaven Blvd., Room C, Your Town, USA

One thing I have no clue about is taxes. Would it cost more or less in corporate taxes to have a bunch of smaller corporations vs. one large one?



8/19/13: “ObamaCare’s Marriage Penalty”:

Unbelievable expensive figures they present & possible scenarios for those looking to wed & how the ObamaScare Axe will financially crush couples in those specific income situations.

It sounds like another ploy of Lucifer’s political dupes to destroy the foundation of family.

The only ideas I can think of:
–Get married via a pastor (Biblically) but not USA-legally (is that possible?);
–Get married in some other country whose marriages are not recognized by the USA feds. (???)
–In other words, get married in God’s eyes for sure since that’s all that matters.

But what do I know. I’m not in the “marriage market.” :) Somebody else will have to simmer on this one.



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