There was a big scare headline going around last month, “Obama EO that All Americans 15-65 MUST Get Tested For HIV/AIDS.”

It originated with this Occupy-Wallstreet-type site, a Susanne Posel:

7/16/13: “Obama Executive Order: All Americans MUST Get Tested For HIV/AIDS” – Susanne Posel:

She chose her OWN word “mandatory” and *THEN* quoted a snip from the .gov press release re “ages 15-65” being tested.

In another article of hers I read prior to that one, she had Lavabit & Silent Circle all mixed up, saying the feds forced Silent Circle to close down. Wrong. They closed pre-emptively, voluntarily, prior to possibly ever being hounded by the feds as Lavabit had been re Edward Snowden. Lavabit also closed voluntarily. They were not demanded to close but chose to close rather than betray their customers.

So either Susanne Posel is just sloppy or, in the case of the AIDS article, downright lying & fearmongering.

USA Hitman & other sites picked up her AIDS headline & ran with it.

Then Daily Paul picked up the headline from USA Hitman, & Daily Paul readers then blamed Hitman for the “yellow journalism” because, thankfully, a few Daily Paul readers checked the original source, the WhiteHouse .gov press release, & NOWHERE DOES IT SAY “MANDATORY.” It says “RECOMMENDS.”

As they said, BIG DIFFERENCE between the words “MANDATORY” & “RECOMMENDS testing ages 15-65.” Indeed!

At this stage of the NWO-Game, they don’t NEED to FORCE people to get AIDS testing, as too many people are still duped by the “men in white coats” (medical professionals), duped by the insurance industry, duped by the Gov’t. & Media fearmongering-propaganda re the AIDS HOAX, etc.

Someday the law could be changed to “mandatory.” In the meantime TPTB can continue creating their NWO DNA Database via the willing people described above who will line up for anything “free.”

To read the pertinent “RECOMMENDS” portion of the AIDS Testing Executive Order, read the comments at Daily Paul here. The link to the .gov original document is included:

“Obama Executive Order: All Americans Must Get Tested For Hiv / Aids”:http://www.dailypaul.com/292832/obama-executive-order-all-americans-must-get-tested-for-hiv-aids


And here’s a video about it which I did not watch (hogs mobile data plan), but the comments showed people believed the “mandatory” error (the commentors are “awake” people, though, as they understand the DNA Database ploy. One poor guy said he walked out of a pre-op because they told him they HAD to do DNA testing for a “skin infection”!):

“Obama Executive Order All Americans Must Get Tested For HIVAIDS”Posted 7/19/13


Bottom Line: Check original source documents before letting fearmongering send your heart aflutter. I learned that lesson halfway through the 2000’s after too many Alex Jones headlines. :)

And I will remember the name Susanne Posel as a possible disinfo source (or just a sloppy writer).






  1. FP

    Lol, some funny comments on Page-2 at that Daily Paul link above:

    “You bring your needle, I will bring my .45 — we’ll see who makes a bigger hole.”
    –Michael Badnarik

    Now that is hilarious!

  2. FP

    Here’s the exact quote from the WhiteHouse site:

    7/15/13:  “Executive Order — HIV Care Continuum Initiative” | The White House:
    Based on these and other data, recommendations for HIV testing and treatment have changed. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends that clinicians screen all individuals ages 15 to 65 years for HIV, and the Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines for Use of Antiretroviral Agents now recommends offering treatment to all adolescents and adults diagnosed with HIV.

  3. FP

    Here’s how Susanne Posel worded it in her article, link above:

    “Enforcement of mandatory HIV testing for ‘all individuals ages 15 to 65 years’ will be overseen by the US Preventative Services Task Force, in coordination with the Department of health and Human Services (DHHS).”

    Tsk Tsk!

  4. FP

    On the other hand re Mandatory vs Recommend, another Daily Paul reader wrote:

    “…and income taxes are voluntary.”

    Lol, good one! He continued:

    “In the military, when a commander makes a recommendation, it is implemented as a command.”

    Yow! And our Govt. is run like the military these days… :-/

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