Can Your Electro-Medical Device be Hacked?

This ABC news story came through a great news-aggregator site called “The Microwave Factor.” It has tons of articles constantly updated from all over the world re the dangers of our Electro-Magnetic modern society. Highly recommended to add their link to your RSS Reader to keep up with the latest on the subject of EMFs, RFs, LFs, etc.:

“The Microwave Factor, by EMF Refugees: The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)”


Dick Cheney Feared Assassination Via Medical Device Hacking: ‘I Was Aware of the Danger’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney came clean in an interview to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” revealing that when he had a device implanted to regulate his heartbeat in 2007, he had his doctors disable its wireless capabilities to prevent against a possible assassination attempt.
Cheney said that at the time, he was concerned about reports that hackers could break into the devices and kill their owners.
“I was aware of the danger, if you will, that existed,” he said.
While “Homeland” wasn’t even a blip on the television radar when Cheney made his choice, a similar fate befell one of the show’s characters at the end of last season.
“I found [the depiction] credible because I knew from the experience that we had assessing the need for my own device that it was an accurate portrayal of what was possible,” Cheney said of the award-winning series’ assassination plot.
The FDA took on the concern of breached medical devices after the mysterious death of hacker Barnaby Jones in August. Jones claimed to have proof that devices like pacemakers could, in fact, be hacked.
The agency said in a statement that there was no cause for alarm for the nearly 3 million Americans with pacemakers.
The FDA said it “is not aware of any patient injuries or deaths associated with these incidents.”



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