Washington’s on the ball re this, even though I’ve read elsewhere they are a very liberal anti-gun State. Time to move there anyway because Victoria Bidwell’s little Natural Hygiene Fasting Retreat Hideaway is out there. Watch out, Victoria, we’re all going to move there to escape Smart Meters & come detox at your place! :)


Correspondence with Washington State Legislators and Officials

In October 2013, 378 Government Officials and Professional Leaders across Washington State received the Smart Meter and Personal Wireless Services Facilities Notice of Liability and Inaction, providing knowledge of:

  • The harm caused by exposures to Radiofrequency Radiation, a possible carcinogen, neurotoxin, and genotoxin, among other effects
  • The potential liabilities to persons given authority to act upon said knowledge, but do not.

Radiofrequency Radiation is everywhere in our society; However, government exposure standards:

  • Are 17 years old, based on limited data from one set of experiments in the 1980’s
  • Apply to 30-minute exposures to a 6-foot tall man
  • Are believed to protect us from burns and shock, not damage to health
  • Are believed to protect us from whole-body heating not exposure to critical organs like the brain and the eyes

Radiofrequency Radiation has not been proven biologically safe for humans and is especially damaging to children and pregnant women. For example, schools use Wi-Fi power densities and frequencies similar to those used as Cold War weapons. Other exposures to Radiofrequency Radiation include cell phones, cordless phones, DECT products, Bluetooth, iPads, wireless interactive white boards, paging systems, countless home automation applications, cell towers, masts, antenna, smart meter infrastructures, Wi-Max, TETRA, etc.

Complete the NOTICE OF SUPPORT FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION by following these easy steps.

Washington State residents can let their District Legislators know they support an immediate and complete safety review of Radiofrequency Radiation, and a moratorium on the installation of smart meters and Personal Wireless Services Facilities, until determined safe.

Full Citations for Smart Meter and Personal Wireless Services Facilities Notice of Liability and Inaction.


Good on them for that. I really like the sound of “NOTICE OF LIABILITY & INACTION”! But, that sounds like PRE-lawsuit jargon. Why show your hand in advance? “SUE FIRST, TALK LATER,” my former boss/attorney used to say. That way, you, the Plaintiff, get to call the shots by listing your grievances, legally. Then the Defense has to PROVE what you say is NOT true, costing them a lot of time & money digging up evidence (there’s a Biblical Proverb re that very sequence, re a person lays out his claim first & then his adversary comes & searches him through).

They always prefer to TALK first & weasle their way out of it like so:


1. Peoples’ lawyer sends letter to Gov’t. lawyer: “My clients are suffering these health grievances due to your client’s actions &/or inactions re Smart Meters. Please pay liability damages ASAP & stop contributing to dire health ramifications to the Public At Large.”

2. Gov’t lawyer writes back, “Tough stuff. We find no harm in our Smart Meters. Have a nice day.” Sets down his dictation/recorder, leans back in his leather executive chair & bursts out laughing at the foolish lawyer who thinks a gov’t. or corporation will negotiate in FAVOR of The People. “Bwahahaha!” :D


1. Peoples’ lawyer files lawsuit vs. Local/State/Federal Gov’t. & All Manufacturers of Wireless Products; sets hearing before Judge to approve lawsuit going forward against Gov’t. “Sovereign” entities.*

2. In the interim Gov’t. lawyer gets served with his copy of the lawsuit & says, “Doggone those Sue First lawyers! Mary! (hollering to his paralegal), get busy digging up some evidence that Smart Meters are safe so we can get the Judge to toss this bozo’s lawsuit!”* Mary replies, “Sorry boss. The newest evidence is not on our side.” Gov’t. lawyer, “Shhhhsh! Don’t tell anybody. Fake it. Lie. Bury that evidence!” Mary: “Sorry boss, kinda hard to do since it’s all over the internet!” ;)

3. Gov’t. lawyer reaches for a shot glass & a bottle of Jack Daniels in his desk drawer & dictates letter to Peoples’ lawyer: “Dear Joe, why didn’t you write or call me first rather than file a lawsuit? Surely we could have worked this out, Talk First, you know, without involving the Court system!”

4. Peoples’ lawyer replies: “Where have I heard THAT before, hmm, Jack? Sue FIRST, Talk LATER! See you in Court, buddy! Bwahahaha!” (Peoples’ lawyer’s turn to burst out laughing.) :D


*If you want to sue any form of government, local, state, federal, they always claim “Sovereign Immunity,” so you have to get a judge to approve your lawsuit first, an extra step, but it still gives the Gov’t. lawyer some pain, lol.

The route the Washington State group is proposing, above, is via legislation. Great, but that will probably take years, if at all. If you go ahead & sue their “group-think gov’t. selves” first, that could shake them up faster. Hurt them in the pocketbook. Do both simultaneously.

I like what Liberty Counsel did on a different matter. They had their lawsuit printed & ready to go & filed it with the Court the SAME day Obama signed his John Hancock on the Patient Affordable Care Act Law/ObamaCare. In other words, don’t waste time talking. Just do it!

My former boss would approve of this message, lol.


Above Washington State News Story Distributed by:

“The Microwave Factor, by EMF Refugees: The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)”:




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  1. FP

    Speaking of Smart Meters, the latest article at ElectricSense.com:

    “Smart Meter Radiation From My Neighbors Became Intolerable And Drove Me To Write A Book”:

    Two (of 15) informative reader comments at the above article said:

    Linda said,

    The problem with smart meters is not just the wireless radiation. Digital meters—whether or not “smart”—cause dirty electricity to flow through your home’s wiring. The problem is what is called the “switched mode power supply.” Switched mode power supplies are used to run the digital meter (whether a smart meter or DTE’s opt-out meter). In order for a smart meter to be powered, the 240 volts coming off the power line to the meter must be stepped down to 4–10 volts. A switched mode power supply is the device used to step down the voltage from 240 volts to 4-10 volts. This generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and also referred to as “voltage transients” and “voltage harmonics.” Dirty electricity is a spiky, pulsed, highly variable electrical current that rides through all the circuitry of a building. It has devastating health effects. Many people are already experiencing those effects, which include high blood pressure, tinnitus, insomnia, and cognitive difficulties. The Nevada Consumer Protection Bureau recently reached an agreement with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to allow individuals to keep their analog meters in part because of health problems associated with the switched mode power supplies.

    People who have had their smart meter’s wireless turned off are experiencing the same health problems as people with smart meters, just to a slightly lesser degree. Our cells cannot handle a highly variable current, and build up a sugar coating around themselves, which means it’s harder for nutrients to get in and wastes to get out. In addition, these electromagnetic currents cause the bonds holding DNA together to break, increasing the risk of cancer. Think of a jackhammer going off and on every day, 24/7. That is what the cells in your body experience. Even though you can’t feel it, it’s still hurting you. Brain cancers take 10 years to develop, and few people feel the cancer.


    Paul said,

    Hello Linda and concerned readers: You commented: “A switched mode power supply is the device used to step down the voltage from 240 volts to 4-10 volts. This generates an enormous amount of what is commonly known as “dirty electricity” and also referred to as “voltage transients” and “voltage harmonics.” Dirty electricity is a spiky, pulsed, highly variable electrical current that rides through all the circuitry of a building.”

    Yes, this is exactly the problem. I’ve been trying to get readers on many sites to recognize this as THE ESSENTIAL EM issue. > Nearly EVERY modern electrical device uses switch mode power supplies to step down AC line voltage to useable DC voltage. DECT phone chargers, computer power supplies, printers, cell phone charges, television stand-by circuits, DSL modems, Blue-Tooth stand-by, audio equipment, digital clocks, >>>> on and on and on. An average 30 unit apartment building might have as many as 250 of these devices pumping noise back into the building wiring. An average city of 300,000 would have millions of DC converters. How absolutely pathetic and wasteful.

    The CRITICAL POINT I’ve been trying to make for over 15 years is that the ENTIRE ELECTRICAL GRID is a pile of engineering JUNK. It is miss-designed, inefficient, is centrally controlled rather than locally implemented, and is killing every biological process on the planet. It’s a hapless pile of antiquated crap, and needs to be torn down.

    Small scale, locally owned and independent municipal systems in ALL DC design; is the only solution. That way you don’t even need switch mode supplies, because the grid is already operating at usable DC. We could even retain existing home wiring in most cases. Industrial centers and local manufacturing facilities could remain as AC systems, but they should be free standing systems, and ISOLATED from residential grids.

    There are millions of unemployed people in the world, yet our governments are too stupid (or brain impaired by EM radiation) to see the writing on the wall. The utilities companies are completely negligent cowards, who would rather snuff the planet, than hire some decent engineers who understand the problem. The totally inefficient; wrong-headed junketeer crap designed by the Nicola Tesla, is a marvel of engineering ineptitude.

    But I thought Telsa was the one who got it right(?)  
    What do I know, lol, I’m no electrician!


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