FALL is the time of year for online summits & seminars! I just saw this one in an email from David Klein (he’s too New Age’y for my taste BUT he is authentic, old-time NATURAL HYGIENE). He will be only one of 24 guest speakers (Tele-Seminar) also beginning MONDAY, 10/13/14, through 10/31/14. So take the rest of October off (lol) & attend “internet school” every night instead for an education re not only Cancer Alternative Cures (see prior post), but this RAW[a]MAZING LIFE SUMMIT 2014, free online, register at below link.

Here’s a complete description of the Summit, the lady who is hosting it (she’s 42), the names/photos of all speakers, a short video, & a spot to register via a name & email addy (FREE):

A few screenshots from above link:

About the hostess:

There’s 24 speakers shown now vs. 21:

Here’s the description from David Klein’s 10/9/14 email:


Join me this Monday for the FREE
RAWmazing Life Summit 2014


I have teamed up with Anthea Frances Falkiner of realrawnutrition.com, and along with more than 21 other world-class raw foods experts we will bring you the ultimate online raw food lifestyle event.

This Monday, October 13, I will help kick off the The RAWmazing Life Summit 2014.

This outstanding event will feature RAWmazing experts from all over the world, including authors, raw food nutrition experts, YouTube personalities, athletes and fitness professionals will gather to share their experiences, struggles and secrets to success in adopting a raw food diet over the long term.

We’ll be there to answer all your burning questions about how to adopt a raw food diet the right way and support you in your journey to optimal health and happiness.

Together, we will explore why some people thrive on a raw food diet, and others struggle, and we’ll equip you with tools for success so that you can go raw the easy way.

Sign up now for the The RAWmazing Life Summit 2014. It’s absolutely FREE to join in!

At this incredible online event you will be given all the knowledge, practical tools and inspiration you need to launch yourself into your very own RAWmazing life.

Please join me this Monday!

Dr. Dave Klein

From: “Vibrance” <dave>
Date: October 9, 2014, 2:58:35 PM EDT
Subject: This Monday, Oct. 13, Join Me Online at the The RAWmazing Life Summit


Here’s the link again:


Decisions Decisions! How fit them all in? There’s yet ANOTHER important ongoing seminar, only one night per week/Tuesdays, running from 9/2/14 through 12/23/14, THE EMF SUMMIT @ http://emfsummit.com, also FREE. Will send that info later.


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