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“A little leaven ferments the whole lump.” — Galatians 5:9


This really makes sense if you think about it & how fungus & candida (yeast) can permeate & spread throughout the entire body (“metastases”?) & attach & wrap itself around organs, etc. Years ago I saw awful photos of yeast/fungus/candida that did exactly that.


The story is that Rome oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini (above), was so distraught over not being able to help his cancer patients via “traditional methods,” that he got on his knees one night & begged God to please show him what *IS* cancer exactly? That night Simoncini had a dream about fungus, so he went from there, had to self-publish his later book about it because the “mainstream medicos” wouldn’t touch it. And, of course, as all pioneers are, he is demonized by the same bunch of crooks & others brainwashed by the mainstream.

Dr. Simoncini’s website:
His Cancer Treatment:
–Short version:
–Longer version: 
His Do-It-Yourself Protocol:
His Fungal Video:
Another Video:
Ovarian Cancer Testimony Video:
His Book:
His Twitter: @CancerFungus

Another site discussing Simoncini’s protocol:

And another:
“Dr. Simoncini Baking Soda Treatment” – Alternative Cancer Treatments:

More Google search results for Fungus – Cancer – Simoncini:


I used to watch Doug Kaufmann’s TV program, “Know The Cause,” on “The Good Life” Christian Channel (Orlando) when I was in that vicinity. Kaufmann came back from the Vietnam War & became ill with fungus that was so bad, he said, every crease of his body, like arm/elbow, would bleed. He was shocked when a doctor told him it was a “yeast infection” because Kaufmann thought only women got those, lol. That was his beginning into health research that he continues to this day, with a focus on yeast, candida, fungus, parasites, etc., so it makes sense Kaufmann would interview Dr. Simoncini of “Cancer Is Fungus” fame — see their discussions here:

Fasting Paradise (FP) Youtube Playlist:


Kaufmann has also written several books & has a diet protocol for getting rid of yeast, etc.:

Doug Kaufmann’s website:
–His TV Program:
–His Blog:
–His Twitter: @KnowTheCause


John H. Tilden, M.D. (1851-1940)


Natural Hygiene doctors have long understood that Fungus is Cancer, but they call it FUNGATION, the 7th & last stage of disease process  where the toxic build-up is finally overwhelming the body’s ability to unload it, so it fungates & “spreads.”  John H. Tilden, MD, who lived 1851-1940, & who had a Health School & Fasting Center in Denver, described those 7 Stages in an article defined & condensed from his many other writings:

“THE SEVEN STAGES OF DISEASE” – Dr. John H. Tilden (7th Stage, Fungation, is Cancer):

Dr. Vetrano discusses Tilden’s “fungation”/cancer-stage briefly in her below article as well:

“CAN CANCER BE ‘CURED’ by [Natural] HYGIENIC MEANS?” – Dr. V. Virginia Vetrano:

The fungation stage is not an automatic death sentence, no matter what the “medicos” declare.  It is, however, a big wake-up call, that now is the time, like never before, to do a 180-degree turnaround, el pronto, re lifestyle, diet, sleep, rest, stress load, toxins, etc.



This below discussion from 2011-2012 was in the Comments section at this page:

Acronyms they used:
–GAPS = Gut & Psychology Syndrome, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
–WAPF = Weston A. Price Foundation

The first guy is quoting Cancer/Fungus/Parasite info from this doctor’s site:

“There is a lot of research pointing to the fact that cancers are caused by parasites. Some are caused by viruses or bacteria, some by fungi, some by flukes, worms and other creatures. The body seems to ‘invite’ parasites to deal with toxins, when the accumulation of these toxins is too hard for the body to remove on its own. Just like a pond or a ditch, contaminated with industrial toxins, invites all sorts of creatures to eat the toxic sludge and clean it up, so does the human body: it asks for help, when it gets too polluted. Many people fill their bodies with toxic sludge from their personal care products, domestic chemicals, drugs and other man-made chemicals. Different microbes and parasites like eating different toxins, so they find their ‘tasty’ spot and highjack the DNA of local cells to change these cells in order to build a ‘home’ for themselves – a tumour. In order to protect their ‘home’ from the immune system, the parasites cover the tumour with a protein capsule, which is made out of unchanged normal proteins [remember the 15-layers of fibrin!].  As a result, the immunity cannot ‘see’ the tumour and does not attack it.

“This idea is supported by the fact that a lot of metastasising follows surgery. Oncologists know this very well. That is why, no matter how ‘clean’ the surgery seemed to be, they want to follow with radiation or chemotherapy, because they know that most of these patients will be back full of metastasis. Why?  Because, the parasite inside the tumour lays eggs or spores, lots of babies. When the tumour is cut and the blood vessels are cut around it, these ‘babies’ escape into the blood stream and get distributed around the body. Wherever they settle they build another tumour.

“The time-proven anti-cancer nutritional treatment is the Gerson Protocol, which was developed in the 1930s by a German doctor Max Gerson. Gerson protocol is a strict vegan diet with juicing and coffee enemas. Vegan diets are a form of fasting: they starve the body of any ‘feeding’ nourishing substances, while providing large amounts of cleansing, detoxifying substances. Parasites need feeding and they like a toxic body. As you starve them while clearing out the toxins (their food), they become very uncomfortable and they leave. That is why Gerson Protocol has an excellent record of curing people with all sorts of cancers, in the most ‘hopeless’ stages.

Water-Fasting does the same thing & does it faster.  Whatever the problem, whether clogged arteries, fungus, parasites, microbes, viruses, cancers & tumors (unless already in the cachetic stage), allergies, immune & endocrine disorders, skin problems, gut & digestion problems, etc., fasting is the “whole body clean-out/detox all at once” method & does it faster than all these long, drawn-out labor-intensive protocols.  Of course afterward, you do have to break the fast correctly & then start your “new” lifestyle of eating right.  See Fasting Playlist #07:

Continuing with the above-quoted text: 

“Max Gerson has found his programme by trial and error. He wrote, that when he tried to add anything nourishing into the diet, such as raw egg yolk or cod liver oil, the cancer re-grew. GAPS Nutritional Protocol is a ‘feeding’ nourishing protocol. Yes, it provides detoxification too, but in a balance with nourishment. That is why I don’t use it [GAPS Diet] in treating cancer.”

I will have a separate post of links for Gerson… eventually. :)

Another person in that discussion asked:

“If Gerson therapy is about starving parasites, and Natasha Campbell-
McBride supports the parasite theory, why not try the anti-parasite herbal protocol by Dr. Hilda Clark? While she might be considered fringe at this point, her books detail a thorough means of detoxing every part of the body, starting with killing parasites in all stages. The book is ‘A Cure for All Cancers.’ No point in leaving a stone unturned when it’s your health and your body!”

True, but oh brother. I knew a lady who was into all that Dr. Clark stuff. Talk about labor-intensive. Liver Flushes, Gallbladder Flushes, Enemas, Zappers, etc. etc. If you want to spend all your energy on “working” rather than resting/sleeping/fasting to allow your body to HEAL ITSELF, then be my guest. Too much work for me. I’d rather sleep & fast for a month & let my body do all its cleansing/detoxing ON ITS OWN with no help from me except to SLEEP & REST. Then again, I don’t have cancer, so whatever anyone feels is the best route for them, they definitely should do.

Another thought I had when I first read that “Cancer is Fungus” was: Why not take anti-fungal meds (if you’re into RX meds, that is). When I first got online year 2000 & used to hang around health groups & lists, they were always talking about Candida & anti-fungal meds. Some of those anti-fungal drugs are:
–Nystatin powder



Here’s a twist: I ran across this while looking for fungus photos… Using fungus to KILL tumors rather than vice versa:

1/30/08: Fungus Drug Zaps Cancer in Study: NEW DRUG STARVES TUMORS OF BLOOD:

“A powerful new cancer drug has been developed from a fungus discovered by accident, Reuters reports. The drug, called lodamin, is dramatically effective against a range of cancers and works by STARVING TUMORS OF BLOOD.

Mice infected with cancer cells were nearly cancer free within days. “When I looked at the livers of the mice, the treated group was almost clean. In the control group you couldn’t recognize the livers―they were a mass of tumors,” said the lead researcher. “I never expected such a strong effect on these aggressive tumor models.”


Hmmm. That doesn’t make sense. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his discovery that cancer cannot live where there is sufficient oxygen.

Blood = Oxygen.

Low Oxygen (hypoxia) = Cancer Thrives.

Increase Oxygen = Cancer Dies.

But they are saying Iodamin “starves tumors of blood” which should create a state of hypoxia (no blood, no oxygen, cancer loves it & thrives). So it sounds backwards to me. But, hey, I’m no scientist. There’s more to blood than just oxygen, ie, “nourishment,” so I suppose that’s what they are doing with Iodamin, starving the tumor of “nourishment”(?)

Guess what (again), water-fasting will do the same thing. No laboratories, scientists, researchers, lab rats, zillions of dollars & hundreds of years spent & wasted when God “invented” the all-time remedy into human beings from the Get-Go.

However, if tumors are “life & death” critical because they are pressing on & cutting off veins/arteries/organs, etc., then, by all means, do whatever you have to do.

But know the tumors will probably return later because, as Dr. Vetrano says, when tumors are “artificially forced to die” via outside/non-body-inspired measures (chemo, radiation, surgery, drugs, & probably even baking soda, H202, etc. etc.), they will return because the body ITSELF never had a chance to deal with them Naturally by repairing the underlying CAUSE (toxemia, acidosis, pH balance, etc. + harried lifestyle, bad food, not enough sleep, etc.)


“…Know ye not that a little leaven ferments the whole lump? PURGE OUT therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a NEW lump…” — 1st Corinthians 5:6-7



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“My knees are weak from fasting, And my flesh has grown lean, without fatness.” (Psalm 109:24; 35:13; Heb. 12:12)

Do fasting & “hunger-striking” have anything in common? Find Out Here!

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What Does the GOVERNMENT Say About FASTING?

Is Fasting “DANGEROUS”?

Say it isn’t so, Uncle Sam! Read More Here!

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Dr. Nick Tancheff vs. Dr. D.J. Scott’s Successors?

I hadn’t heard about this “Natural Hygiene” news:

Seen 4/19/12 at one of Dr. Nick Tancheff’s fasting sites:
In the year 2011, I left my practice in Hawaii to help my close friend and mentor Dr. D.J. Scott in Strongsville, Ohio to retire and to pass away peacefully knowing that his patients were taken care of and that his practice in the field of therapeutic fasting at Dr. Scott’s Natural Health Institute would continue under my direction.

Following Dr. Scott’s passing, I became aware that Dr. Scott’s intentions and promises were not in the plans of the estate and therefore, I decided to pursue legal protection if I was to successfully carry out Dr. Scott’s intentions for the Institute, and Chiropractic practice.

Though I had high hopes for Dr. Scott’s Institute, I did not have enough financial resources to carry out Dr. Scott’s willful intentions.

I was left with only one choice: to return to my home in Kenya. Therefore, I have developed my retreat property here in Kenya for all people that are in need of healing. I have created the most pristine, natural environment on the planet where people from all over the world can very comfortably experience healing in a pristine environment free from pollution. […]

It sounds like Dr. Scott may have had different ideas than what his assigns & heirs felt to be true regarding his estate(?)

Why would Dr. Nick need “legal protection”?

What’s interesting is that Dr. Nick & Dr. Scott were/are just about the only two CHRISTIAN Natural Hygiene doctors in the NH Movement. Too bad. More Christian-focused Natural Hygiene retreats are definitely needed!

Scott died in early September 2011 (age 87) & by December Dr. Nick was “outta there” per this notation on Scott’s site, seen also on 4/19/12:
Nicholas Tancheff, DC’s employment as the Managing Director of Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute ended as of December 21, 2011. As a result, Nicholas Tancheff is no longer affiliated in any way with Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute.

In addition, Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute is not, and has never been, affiliated with any fasting facility operated by or conducted by Nicholas Tancheff, DC in Kenya, Hawaii, or any other location.

We are also pleased to annouce that Dr. D.J. Scott’s Natural Health Institute is undergoing renovation and an upgrade. We anticipate being in a position to resume operations in the spring of 2012. […]

Hmm, it sounds so dry & “legalesque.”

Who will operate Dr. Scott’s now? Did he have kids?

Most surprising is that “whoever” is now “renovating & upgrading” the old place. Why wasn’t that done when Scott was alive?

The main reason I never considered going to Scott’s in Ohio was because when I had called & asked (twice over a 10-year period), they said they had NO private rooms, ugh. I would never be able to handle the lack of privacy.

Additionally, I had long ago heard about the extensive & very expensive ($5,000?) bloodwork that Scott wanted to do on everyone. Fine if you can afford it. Where I come from, money doesn’t grow on trees!


All the best success to Dr. Nick & to the Scott Successors/Heirs/Assigns (whoever they are) as both parties continue their separate Natural Hygiene pursuits! The more the merrier!




T.C. FRY: Raided by the FDA in 1991?

I’m in the process of gathering factual data regarding the beloved-by-
some-but-not-all Natural Hygiene author & “guru,” TC FRY (1926-1996). Over the years I’ve heard he was raided by either/or the Feds, the Texas Rangers, SWAT, & now this 1991 “Cosmic Awareness” New Age newsletter, below, says he was raided by the FDA!

If anyone knows FOR SURE what is fact vs. fiction, please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!


June 1991 “Cosmic Awareness” newsletter out of Olympia, Washington, found via google:

Check out those eyes & that pyramid! Ha! I hope the New Agers are awake to the fact that the New Age IS the same as the NEW WORLD ORDER!

This is a full screen shot of Page 11. The right column has a Q&A regarding TC Fry’s longevity claims…

Close-up of top right column, pg.11…

Close-up of bottom right column, pg.11. The Ed Note contains the info re the TC Fry FDA raid…

Check out that GHW Bush cartoon from 21 YEARS ago! The caption reads, “Dancing with Wolves” (probably a joke on the Kevin Costner movie of the same title), but the TRUTH is, TPTB have been planning for 140 YEARS to foment pre-WW3 antagonism between Arabs & Jews, so the “Public Dance” is a farce merely for public consumption because they are all in it together.


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This is terrible! Read this comment from a vegan restaurant owner who was bullied for five years in “Small City” (USA? He doesn’t say where). It sounds a lot like “Organized Stalking”… and evidently from other vegans! What on earth is wrong with these people?

So much for New Age “Vegan Love.”


“The Age Of Raw Vegan Cyber Bullies – Who Are Against Other Vegans”:

Gee says:
September 13, 2011 at 3:39 pm

Thank you VERY MUCH for addressing this issue.

People who harass others as you describe here are against personal freedom.

I owned and operated a very pro, mainstream and VERY successful vegan establishment. I will say it raised the bar big time in this city and caused a stir. I was harassed all 5 years. Cyber harassment, in store visits where the perpetrator would hunt me down in the kitchen and say nasty things in front of a packed lunch hour, sending their friends and kids in to disrupt the busy hours and pester staff. A few vegan blogs in the town went after us because I guess I crashed their ‘exclusivity party’ of being mainstream and attracting a mainstream downtown crowd.

Sorry, I think of the animals and my plan was to get cruelty free to as many people as possible and it worked. It wasn’t an issue of non vegan items because I am vegan for 2 decades now. It was pure hate and jealousy of unhappy people USING vegan as a baseball bat of self hate. This town is known for this type of thing I found out too late. A portion were other non vegan businesses who were insanely jealous of our success, our professionalism (27 years in the food biz) and I quote ‘You aren’t from here’. Still 50% were from vegan haters.

I was on the streets doing vegan outreach when half of them were in diapers.

Many regulars saw and witnessed this as I would often print out the hate emails and nasty, ludicrous reviews saying they ‘were attacked by me’ which is a cyber lie. NEVER in my long career anywhere had I ever seen this happen to a business.

Well it became too depressing and I was walking to work everyday worried and stressed out. I was getting suicidal from the never ending bullying so one Spring day I put my exit plan into action and set a closing date 5 months ahead. I couldn’t go to the press, as many suggested, because it would just draw more negative energy to my life and my business.

I was alone, suffering and didn’t want to burden close customers about it either. I have returned to my metropolis and know this will not happen in my hometown because I have worked in the industry here for 2 decades and never seen such. Also I am a known chef here and well liked for my customer service.

I was sorry for leaving so many great customers behind but now I can fly free.

Vegan against vegan hate closed my business in that smallish city and that is sad.

I have discussed this with a few international vegan restaurant owners and they experience it once in awhile and all along were aware of what I was going through.

Their suggestion “Pack it in and move back to your big city and open there.” I am in that process now.

Lastly I will say as raw and vegan become more on the radar, the haters look like old dried up barnacles on the ‘Goodship Vegan’. All the best to you.



I hardly ever hang around the online health-nut scene, but the past few days I was catching up on any new Natural Hygiene news & wow, it’s a war out there. Evidently there’s a forum called 30 Bananas A Day that follows the 80/10/10 (Doug Graham raw fooder) diet & is run by a few bullies who go around trashing any other videos, forums, people, etc. who disagree with them.

They got one guy’s YouTube channel banned simply because he disagreed with their diet. His channel was anti80/10/10 or similar. The 30 Bananas people bombarded his channel with negative clicks so YouTube would ban it.

Twenty-five years ago I always heard it was the meat-eaters who were the aggressors in life. So what’s with the raw fooders acting like bullies?

Then there’s the paleo/caveman meat-eating people who are antagonistic toward the Natural Hygiene people. (I remember when Chet Day jumped ship in the 1990’s & became very anti-Natural Hygiene & anti-Rev. Malkmus/Hallelujah.Acres, & became a caveman diet promoter & Zen freak).

Then there’s the vegans fighting vegans.

WHO CARES what other people eat! Don’t people have better things to do with their time than picking fights?


Psychopaths & “Bizzare-o’s” seem to be taking over the health food movement!

There’s some former General Hospital actor named David who goes by another name now (A-something) who teaches people to eat rotted meat with feces spread on it (I kid you not!) Worse, some people actually tried it!

Then there’s several women at one forum complaining about Loren Lockman & his fasting retreat (formerly in Panama, now up & moved to Costa Rica unexpectedly) being a vicious bully & thief (before they figured it out themselves, just from their descriptions I said to myself, “That guy is a narcissist!” aka psychopath. One of the ladies finally posted the description of a psychopath so I was glad to see they figured it out).

What a mess! These stories are enough to drive a person to drink. So I think I’ll grab a Twinkie, a smoke, & a cup of coffee & forget it! Lol. (j/k)


Then there were a few threads & comments trying to demonize water-fasting (nothing new there!) making it sound extremely dangerous (QuackWatch anybody?) & making it sound like people are dropping dead like flies from fasting, which is ridiculous.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have done long fasts (21+ days) & are very alive & well! How many have died after a fast in 70 years? Ten? Twenty? The number is macro-micro-miniscule in comparison.

Anybody who dies after fasting was either half-dead already, did not re-feed properly (ate too much too soon &/or ate the wrong type foods), did not stay in bed long enough like they should, did not drink enough water like they should (WARM water during fasting is much easier & soothing than room-temperature water, btw), &/or went out doing SOMETHING they shouldn’t have been doing.

Switch over to a mostly fruit/veggies diet months BEFORE a long fast & you’ll be fine. Also, read read read read everything about fasting that you can beforehand so you know exactly what to expect. One fasting article I just read was saying fear ruins many people’s fasts. What a shocker! Anybody who has fear simply DID NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK IN ADVANCE!

In the “old days,” Hannah Allen’s book, “Your First Fast, What to Expect” was the primer, along with all of Dr. Shelton’s books, TC Fry’s publications, Paul Bragg’s fasting book, & last but not least, SCRIPTURE! Knowing that God himself invented fasting, & that Daniel, Elijah, & Jesus all did 21-40-day fasts, should dispel fear from anyone!

Some tips I learned in advance of my first 21-day water-only fast:

–Your feet WILL get cold so bring a heating pad if one is not provided.

–Your body will push toxins out to your outer extremities (hands, feet) so when my wrists & ankles broke out in itchy red spots, I knew EXACTLY what was happening & WHY & was thrilled to see it!

–Your urine will turn dark as your body begins to unload a lifetime of toxic buildup. So when my urine turned a dark rust-colored orange I was ecstatic! It’s working! It’s working!

–You will not sleep as deep or as long as you may be used to. Just plan on it & think REST vs. sleep.

–Being woken up when you ARE in a good deep sleep by talkative maids (Shangri La) & early-bird doctor rounds (at Goldhamer’s place): What a pain! Pick a fasting place where they PROMISE not to wake you up!

–Having to provide your first-every-day (of your fast) urine sample at Goldhamer’s place was also a pain!

–You will be hypersensitive to noise so make sure you have quiet surroundings &/or earplugs (there was a tomato packing plant near the Shangri La in Bonita Springs when I was there in the 1980’s & the clanging & banging all night was a real pain! I had to keep the windows shut vs. being able to enjoy the night air).

–A decade later at the Center for Conservative Therapy aka CCT (12-day fast) at their prior smaller center, I had the room next to the door & sidewalk. Big mistake! Other idiot guests constantly slammed the door going in & out & talked loud while walking up & down the sidewalk!

–Don’t bring “stuff to do,” you won’t feel like it anyway. I did read a lot but that was all. Forget writing letters to folks back home. If anything, bring postcards, short & sweet! but No Commitments!

–The first three days of the 1980’s fast I was VERY nauseous & couldn’t even move one inch on the bed. I never threw up, though, but just kept sleeping. After three days, no more nausea at all; & I was never nauseous on the later 12-day fast whatsoever, nor on the 5-7 day fasts I did at home.

–Weakness was the biggest problem to endure. Deep deep seated weakness in arms & legs. (How do people fast & go to work? Or how did Paul Bragg back in his day hike 10 miles while fasting? It’s beyond me!) I get very weak when fasting & it’s a real pain when people (CCT) who have never fasted say things like, “Everybody gets weak” (how would they know?), or “You need to get up everyday & sit in the loungechair outside to get some fresh air” (Shangri La). NOT!

–Fuzzy tongue detox. Plan on it. It’s a good sign! Bring electric toothbrush & dry bush frequently from bed &/or “wash your tongue” with a wet washrag.

–Don’t plan on showering everyday. It’s too draining & hot water will make it worse. Bring babywipes &/or a quick bird bath. It’s only for a week or two or three. You’ll survive!

–Bring your own gadget to warm your drinking water if they don’t provide warm water (even room temp water is too cold). Warm water goes down SO MUCH EASIER while fasting.


FWIW, Natural Hygiene is not the same as Vegan or “Raw Foodism,” though I am guilty of referring to the whole lot as “raw fooders” or health-nuts.


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1/20/12: Victoria Bidwell’s “Natural Hygiene” Fasting & Health Retreat Report

1/20/12:  “Natural Hygiene” Fasting & Health Retreat Report from Victoria Bidwell entitled:  “OPEN ME — Only if you want a wonderful story from a live-food Christian friend…”

Please read it here at my Yahoogroup (html newsletters do not post correctly on blog platforms):

Thank You!


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10/1/11 VICTORIA BIDWELL Natural Hygiene Update

Update: The below emailed template-newsletter did not post properly so please see it at my yahoogroup, here, where it posted very nicely, background & all!


 Just 4 —

Today —
we have 3 “Guests from Heaven”
at Our Hygiene Homestead
in The Woods!

2 ladies are fasting 4 serious “tune-up reasons.”
1 man is serious
on The GetWell Weight-Gain System.

The ladies will be eating soon enough.

But Tom is eating
& snacking from morning to night!
Today —
Tom & I went from Warm Almond Milk
to Carobolaté to Hot Raspberry Carobolaté!


The Wilderness Woman
& The HighJOy Horse
in The Cascade Mountains
of Washington State!





October = a Full House & Overflowing!
The last 9 days of November = open!
December on = wide open!

We give a whole,
new, fun meaning to…

The Howling Wolves’ Den = a small room just off back deck
The Eagle’s Nest = a large room just off the library

The Critters’ Forest = a huge room = the entire upstairs floor
The Bear Cave = 8′ x 10′ brand-new spot, on the corner
of our 1/2 acre, with a big campfire pit & 4 bear statues
& outdoor twinkling lights tonight watch from your Bear Cave


Deer livefoodfactorfriends!

The Search Engines will take 2 – 3 months to really kick in.
Soon, anyone can get online & punch in “health retreat” or “Natural Hygiene health retreat” or 30+ designated  key terms & find Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods!




With my “lowest rates” on The Internet
neither found nor offered
at other Natural Hygiene retreats
& with The Guesthouse popping onto all screens
when searched for, the spots will fill up fast!
If you are thinking of coming for a visit,
please let me know so that we can talk about
exactly how I can best accommodate you.

Live & Learn 
The 10 Energy Enhancers!

1. Cleanliness
2. Pure Air
3. Pure Water
4. Adequate Rest & Sleep
5. The Live-Food Diet
6. Right Temperatures
7. Regular Sunbaths
8. Regular Exercise
9. Emotional Balance
10. Nurturing Relationships

It took Tom a few
months to get his ducks in a row and make his getaway to Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods.
We got in at 2:30 A.M. = Raccoon Time!
When I moved The Black Beauty PT Cruiser along at a snail’s pace into the long driveway lit up with rope lights wound around 40 little, potted trees, we found the hundreds of wilderness amber and white lights welcoming us up to the front deck.
Thoroughly enchanted, Tom observed:
“I feel like I’m driving
into your website!”
So as not to disturb our other guest,
 I gave Tom a whispering tour
of The  Guesthouse before taking him up to The Critters’ Forest.
When I pointed out that each drinking mug on the bathroom shelf had a picture of the appropriate animal: for The Eagle’s Nest, The Critters’ Forest, The Howling Wolves’ Den, and The Bear Cave, he turned to me with the wonderment of a child who still believes in Santa Claus and explained:
“Just like in a fairytale!”

When I showed him the back deck with the hundreds of tiny wilderness lights showing off the 2 lifelike howling wolves,
he exclaimed: 
When we got onto the back deck
to see the night-light sights, he observed:
(After my travels to Mexico City in the 1980s, when I could not breathe the filthy air and had to stay indoors or I would cough terribly and my eyes would tear, I know that air can actually “taste.” He was from Brooklyn. I believe his olfactory nerves and taste buds were working together that arrival night
and that our Concrete Heaven air did indeed “taste” good compared to his citified air! You could not pay me to live
where the air tastes bad!)

When he was served his first day of meals with our super-sweet, fresh-picked corn in season and perfect avocados for butter,
he pointed out:
“These ears are just like
Halloween candy corn!”

When I served him my secret weapon — fresh raspberry juice from berries picked that morning, he was in awe:

When he fasted for 3 days to tune up his digestive system for improved digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination — despite being very thin from having dropped 25 pounds in 2 months at the hands of an incompetent colon therapist,
he decided:
  “I’ll do 3 days and rest and
sleep as much as possible!”

When he started eating again, I gave him a very serious talk about his weight and how that colon therapist gave criminal advice giving so many colonics to someone rather thin in the first place and telling him to drink all those calorie-poor green smoothies regardless of the weight he was dropping. When I followed up this observation with what I had seen happen to 2 GetWell Friends I had known for 25 years and how I had watched them die of starvation by following bad advice, and when I told him he was going to need to eat more calories than he burns up each day to lay some fat and build some muscle back on — OR ELSE, he said half-joking and half-serious: 
“You’re scaring the sh*t out of me!”

When I continued making his live-food lunch while he contemplated my serious message to him, he interrupted:

When I agreed with him entirely, he contemplated and interrupted again:

When the next day came and I greeted him, he was completely flipped out from contemplating the worst case scenario possibility of our “very sobering talk” and wanted to leave after only giving his visit a try for 6 days of his 4 weeks planned. I get out THE LIVE FOOD FACTOR. And we take about an hour as I explain what it is going to take to reverse his weight loss situation on The GetWell Weight-Gain Program as taught my me and approved by Dr. Vetrano. Lights went on in his head. And he summarized his new-found understanding:

When I offered him an additional 2 weeks’ stay AT MY COST so he could have time to rebuild his own personal Rome, he grabbed it up and said:
  “There are 2 things I enjoy doing:
eating and resting! Now, I get to do both of them! In fact, I am being encouraged to do both of them”

When we resumed, day after day, in a wonderful routine of amazingly tasty beverages and dishes,
he explained:
“It is one thing to intellectually understand that it is good to have melons for breakfast. But every day to wake and eat these marvelous sweet watermelon babies and these nectar honeydews and these delicious cantaloupes, that is something else, entirely. To every day, live The 10 Energy Enhancers, as my only job, the learning comes
with the living.
And I could never accomplish that at home.”

When tonight, we started on a Warm Almond Milk with the large VITA-MIX container filled 3/4 full of warm water and some almonds and date sugar,
we agreed the beverage was:

When tonight, we added raw and powdered carob to the VITA-MIXed Warm Almond Milk left over to make Carobolaté, he imagined:
“Now, I can have hot carobolaté before bed whenever I want.”
When tonight, we added a goodly drizzle of fresh-made raspberry juice to the VITA-MIXED Carobolaté left over and ran the VITA-MIX til it got hot to make Hot Raspberry Carobolaté, we agreed:
“We should have dispensed altogether with the Warm Almond Milk and the Carobolaté and just mainlined this!”


Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.

TODAY — it is so very nice to have 3 “Guests from Heaven!” They are all checked in, settled into their individualized programs, making progress every day, having new and forward-moving experiences, grateful for all I have done to provide a place for them to have FUN taking The Correct Natural Hygiene Fast, grateful for my ridiculously low rates compared to other retreats — and they have great attitudes and are wanting to seriously seek the highest levels of health while learning as much as they can!

When The Guesthouse is full of Guests from Heaven, I drive away after my hours of visiting with them spent:
listening to them, coaching them, pointing out readings and videos for them,
counseling them, delivering mini-lectures to them, preparing amazing dishes and drinks for them. And all I can do on the 5-mile drive to where High and I live at The HighJoy Homestead is just PRAISE THE LORD for where following His calling for me has taken me — to Concrete Heaven!
This is where we learn and live The 10 Energy Enhancers, not as mental constructs and mere abstractions — but as concrete sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell realities!
And I am so gratified,
so fulfilled,
and so completely at peace that it passes all description.

In my last letter telling The Roy Hopkins’ Story, I comically alluded to the traits of guests who have signed up to come to Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods only to waste my time and energy and theirs! I have figured out that some of these “Guests Not from Heaven,” were just attracted to my low rates and never did have a serious interest in Natural Hygiene whatsoever and never did have any intentions of going along with my program to help move themselves forward. Some were just attracted to the low rates and wanted to take take a cheap vacation at my expense. Some were escaping a miserable situation at home and were “just desperate.” Others, quite frankly, just had nothing else to do with their time! I can waste many long hours trying to help such guests — only to receive sourpuss attitudes and abuse and complete disrespect for The Guesthouse and its purpose for being. Other Health Directors tell me they have these same guests/patients come to their facilities.

Last Halloween, I had such a bizarre group of 4 women here, I jokingly swore: “I will never be open during October’s  Halloween again!” There was The Germaphobe who arrived for a 2-week stay with the 2 gallons of vinegar and 2 boxes of Borax and 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol and a big box of latex gloves to clean the surfaces of anything she touched in my perfectly clean house! There was the Indian who systematically spent her time to undo my Natural Hygiene teachings everyday with her own alternative health care ideas and bring confusion to all my efforts to teach the ohers. There was The Sourpuss who worked herself into a frenzy against my daily advice and got her shoulder in so much pain from taking notes in one position for hours every day watching videos that all her “feel good massages” went on the hurt shoulder and all her lifetime of sourness for which she wanted no counsel got dumped on me. Finally,  there was The Egg Lady who fasted to see her belly, which she  referred to as “my egg,” disappear and normalize. She would say things to me like: “We all talk about you behind your back when you leave, you know.”

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From: “Victoria BidWell” <>

Date: October 1, 2011 5:25:13 AM EDT

Subject: From Warm Almond Nut Milk to Carobolate to Hot Raspberry Carobolate


The above template-newsletter may not post properly at posterous so please see it at my yahoogroup:

I’ve known OF Victoria Bidwell from the late ’80s/early ’90s, but have never met her.  I used to be on her paper mailing list in those “old days.”  She is a former English teacher, I think she’s about 60+ now, she is a Natural Hygiene author & editor & collaborator with other NH authors on various books, she makes & sells homemade seasonings, she is horse crazy about her speckled stallion pet, she inherited the HUGE Natural Hygiene library from Dr. Vivian Vetrano who used to work with Herbert Shelton, & Victoria is a “wilderness woman” with no apologies! & I hear she doesn’t waste time beating around the bush but speaks her mind!  (hmmm, sounds like me).  And the best part is she became a Christian at some point over the years!  I was not aware of her little fasting retreat until earlier this year 2011 when I revisited Vetrano/Haag’s ROYL (Rest of Your Life) site & saw they were not going to reopen fasting in their home but were instead recommending Victoria’s place in Washington.    

More links for Victoria’s sites:

•Victoria’s original Natural Hygiene site:

•Sign up for Victoria’s emails as one of her “Live Food Factor Friends”:

•Victoria’s Emails/Archives:

•Victoria’s first 21 Reports put online in 2009:
“These first 21 reports may be hand-made & in black-&-white only.  But they hold my very best secrets for making beverages & a variety of some of my best original recipes served at Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods.  I do urge you to open them up & scan through them for yummy live-food drinks & recipes & messages that would really help you!”

•Victoria’s 50+ more reports:
“These 50+ template-made reports are professional-made & colorful.  And they, too, hold original recipes for all kinds of dishes & drinks.  Many come with inspiration in “Our Guests’ Best Stories.”  Most hold teachings to move you further along.  All are aimed at helping livefoodfactorfriends!!”

•Victoria’s Fasting Retreat, the “Hygiene Homestead in The Woods Guesthouse”:

Contact The Wilderness Wonderwoman herself here:

Victoria BidWell
P.O. Box 558
Concrete, Washington, 98237
Phone: (360)-853-7048


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