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“My knees are weak from fasting, And my flesh has grown lean, without fatness.” (Psalm 109:24; 35:13; Heb. 12:12)

Do fasting & “hunger-striking” have anything in common? Find Out Here!


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Shelton: The Hygienic System Vol III: 

Fasting and Sun Bathing:


D.P., N.D., D.C., D.N.T., D.N. Sc., D.N. Ph., D.N. Litt., Ph. D., D. Orthp.

Author of



Vol. III



First Edition 1934
Third Revised Edition 1950 


1 Definition of Fasting 
2 Fasting Among the Lower Animals
3 Fasting In Man 
4 A Bill-of-Fare for the Sick
5 Autolysis
6 Fasting Not Starving
7 Chemical and Organic Changes During Fasting
8 Repair of Organs and Tissues During Fasting
9 The Influence of Fasting On Growth and Regeneration
10 Changes in the Fundamental Functions While Fasting
11 The Mind and Special Senses During a Fast 
12 Secretions and Excretions
13 Bowel Action During Fasting
14 Fasting and Sex
15 Rejuvenescence Through Fasting
16 Gain and Loss of Strength While Fasting
17 Gain and Loss of Weight During Fasting
18 Fasting Does Not Induce Deficiency “Disease”
19 Death in the Fast
20 Objections to the Fast
21 Does Fasting Cure Disease?
22 The Rationale of Fasting
23 The Length of the Fast
24 Hunger and Appetite
25 Contra-Indications to Fasting
26 Fasting in Special Periods and Conditions of Life
27 Symptomatology of the Fast
28 Progress of the Fast 
29 Hygiene of the Fast
30 Breaking the Fast
31 Gaining Weight After the Fast
32 Living After the Fast
33 Fasting in Health
34 Fasting in Acute Disease
35 Fasting in Chronic Disease
36 Fasting in Drug Addiction
37 Fasting Versus Eliminating Diets 
38 Sun-Bathing 
39 Sunlight
40 The Use of Sunshine
41 Sunshine in Sickness 
42 Suntan and Sunburn
43 Substitutes for Sun-Bathing
44 Objections to Sun-Bathing
45 The Sun Bath
46 The Air Bath


Online here also… Brief “sun” chapter descriptions below…

The Hygienic System: Fasting And Sun Bathing – by Herbert M. Shelton:


-Helio-Hygiene (Sunbathing)

MAN wants but little here below, and between meals a pickaninny will content itself with liberty, light and air, and a couple of rag-babies. Felix L. Oswald THOUSANDS of sickly nurslings, pining …

-Chapter XXXVIII Sun-Bathing

Life is a sun-child, says Dr. Oswald; nearly all species of plants and animals attain the highest form of their development in the neighborhood of the equator. Palm trees are tropical grasses. The …

-Sun-Bathing. Continued

Arnold Rikli, who died in 1907 at the age of 97, is regarded as the originator of the modern practice of sun-bathing. For over half a century he prescribed sun-baths in his institution established at …

-Chapter XXXIX Sunlight

Scientists have made many efforts to define light and many more to determine what it is. So far no fully satisfactory definition has been formulated and no one would be so dogmatic as to claim he know…

-Chapter XL The Use Of Sunshine

Dr. James C. Jackson wrote: I think it may be said with perfect truth, that no living organism, of whatever species, whose subject has a brain, a pair of lungs, stomach, bowels and back-bone, can eve…

-The Use Of Sunshine. Continued

Plants turn their leaves and flowers to face the sun, and some of these, like the sun-flower, follow the sun around, seemingly in order to have the largest possible area exposed to its radiations. Bon…

-Sunshine And Resistance

Saleeby says: That a properly aired and lighted skin becomes a velvety, supple, copper coloured tissue, absolutely immune from anything of the nature of pimples or acne, incapable of being vaccinated…

-Sunshine And Mental Efficiency

As might have been expected, any influence which produces such marked effects upon nutrition and occasions such profound changes in the superficial as well as the deeper tissues of the body, as does s…

-Sunshine For The Unborn

Sunshine stimulates the growth of hair. Under its influence, breathing becomes deeper and slower; sleep sounder, blood-pressure is diminished, and urinary excretion is increased. Ulcers, sores, skin d…

-Sunshine Assures Better Milk

Sunbaths before and after childbirth increase the mother’s ability to nurse her baby and improve the quality of the milk, while they tend to prevent tiredness, backache, nausea, loss of appetite, emot…

-Sunshine For Mothers

The subjection of a pregnant woman to daily sunbaths will benefit both her and the developing foetus, and I am convinced, will also do much towards lessening the pains that now make childbirth a harro…

-Sunshine In Growth

Sunlight is also especially important during puberty and adolescence, when profound internal reorganizations are taking place. After a fast or a wasting illness, when it is desired to build up a lot …

-Sunshine For Preservation Of Health

If sunlight is so necessary to the perpetuation of life, and the production of normal development, it is equally necessary to the preservation of health and the prevention of disease. if it is as ne…

-Chapter XLI Sunshine In Sickness

It should not be assumed that sunlight is, in itself, a cure for disease. It is supplementary to other hygienic or nutritive factors–it is not a cure. It may be used in building health, in improvin…

-Sunshine In Sickness. Continued

Dark-skinned races do not absorb sunshine as rapidly as the lighter skinned peoples and, consequently, when housed, clothed and transplanted to regions where there is less sunshine, suffer more from l…

-Chapter XLII Suntan And Sunburn

Prolonged exposure of the unprotected skin to the sun’s rays results in severe and painful burning, prostration and even death. Necessary and useful as is sunshine, it is a powerful chemical agent aga…


The bronzing or browning of the skin due to a deposit of pigment (melanin granules) around the nuclei of the epidermal and basal cells, following exposure to the rays of the sun, constitutes suntannin…

-Precautions For Heliophobes

Individuals whose skins redden, blister and sizzle, but never tan, are said to be heliophobes, and are advised to stay out of the sun. I think this is pernicious advice. These people also need sunshin…

-Lotions And Suntan Preparations

Articles on sunbathing which appear in popular magazines and newspapers tend to emphasize the dangers of sunbathing on the one hand, and the virtues of sun-tan lotions, on the other hand. Rarely do …

-Thickening Of The Corneum

The second protective mechanism developed by the body is a thickening of the corneum. This is the horny or uppermost layer of the skin. The pigment is in the skin layer that is below the sun-sensitive…

-Avoiding The Sun

The body’s third defense against the sun is that of getting out of it before an over-dose has been received. Even animals whose bodies are not nude, but are covered with hair, feathers or thick, heavy…

-Chapter XLIII Substitutes For Sun-Bathing

In some form or other radiant energy plays many parts in all animal as well as plant activity, so that an investigation of the whole effects of the sun’s actions on animal life is desirable. We know t…

-Chapter XLIV Objections To Sun-Bathing

In an article appearing in The Cosmopolitan, July, 1949, under the title In Defense of Dermathermy, Wolcott Gibbs presents the following objections to sunbathing: sunburn, or tan, according to the …

-Chapter XLV The Sun Bath

Efforts are made in many quarters to convince everyone that the sunbath is a complicated and extremely hazardous procedure that can be applied only by a technically trained man from the laboratory, or…

-First The Tan

One of the first things necessary in taking sun-baths is to acquire a good coat of tan. Women and others who do not desire a dark tan on their faces, necks and arms, may cover these when taking sun-ba…

-Enervation From Over-Sunning

Excess sunbathing proves to be very enervating and Tilden says he has seen patients who had so greatly enervated themselves by sunbathing, they were two years in recovering full nerve energy. I have s…

-How To Sun-Bathe

Sunbathing is entirely different from the popular practice of enjoying the fresh air. The bath is taken with all of the clothing removed. Care must be taken not to burn the body. Too little, rather th…

-Natural Protection Alone Needed

Protection of the head and eyes is usually strongly urged. This advice is pernicious. Man does not require goggles or bonnets any more than do the lower animals. Sunlight is distinctly beneficial to t…

-Eating And Sunbathing

Some caution against eating during or immediately following a sunbath. I know of no reason for either rule. It will be noticed that the lower animals usually get their food and sunshine together and t…

-Light Vs. Heat

The devitalizing influence of the hot sun is well known. People who lounge on the sand at the beaches at winter or summer resorts become lazy and indifferent, when they could, by moderate indulgence i…

-Time Of Day

A sun-bath taken at any time of the day will be beneficial and a busy person should take one at any time he or she can. But as the intensity of light and the length of time of exposure play important …

-Sunbathing Comfort

The sun-bath should be pleasant and, if it is taken progressively, will never cause discomfort. Care must be observed in the employment of sunbathing, in cold or damp weather. Only the hardy can enjoy…

-A Way Can Be Found

The excuse often offered for not getting sunbaths, that there is no place to take them, is a lame one. Some day all cities will be equipped with solaria. There will be solaria on the roofs of tall bui…

-Signs Of Excess

Excesses in sunbathing are usually quick to make themselves known. If headache, fatigue or upset stomach follow a sunbath, this indicates an overdose. Harm results from over-sunning just as it does fr…

-Precautions For Invalids

Sick and weak individuals need sunbaths most; yet these must observe greatest care in taking them. A headache, indigestion, or any other evidence of impaired health means that resistance is low and on…

-Chapter XLVI The Air Bath

Sun-baths, light-baths, and air-baths are collectively referred to by Rikli, Monteuius and others as the atmospheric cure. The literature on the subject is so confused that one often has difficulty in…



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