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This is a follow-up to this 11/7/12 post:


Update: 11/17/12 @1:30pm from Kevin Gianni, Summit Host:

“During the event, I called our personal doctor, Dr. J. E. Williams to have him come on as a bonus lecturer to cover a topic that the experts really didn’t talk too much about — how to screen for cancer and even possibly catch it before you get it.

“In this bonus call, you’re going to learn the specific blood tests that any doctor can order for you that will help determine your risk of all different types of cancers.

“Dr. Williams will also explain the dangers of certain screening tests as well as share a story of a patient who avoided unnecessary prostate surgery because his doctor hadn’t fully screened him.

“This call is available now — we pre-recorded it due to scheduling — so you can listen to it at your own leisure…

“To listen to Dr. Williams’ lecture, here’s where to go (no deadline, can listen anytime): 


Night 1: MY NOTES 11/7/12:

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (MD), above, with a practice in New York, was the second guest of the two-hour, opening night interviews, of the “2nd Annual Healing Cancer World Summit 2012” which began Wed. night 11/7/12 (free online): https://s3.amazonaws.com/cancerworldsummit.com/index-launch-day.html

Very interesting. First Dr. Gonzalez gave his own medical training history which began at Cornell, with plans to be a researcher at Sloan-
Kettering, until his superiors told him to go check out the work of a “quack dentist” who was curing cancer patients but was being maligned in the media for it (& still is to this day; & Gonzalez is also maligned in “mainstream” >> think: “Masonic” sources like Wiki).

So Gonzalez hooked up with the supposed “quack dentist” named Dr. William Donald Kelley (1925-2005), above, & was unable to refute his work, research, & patient results. Gonzalez became a believer in Kelley’s protocol & switched gears from his original life plans & has been treating cancer patients ever since (25 years) using the same protocol. Most of the cancer patients he takes are considered late stage & terminal, & had already been to Mayo, Stanford, etc. (all the “big guns” in cancer treatment).

He gave three case histories of three different women, approximate age 40’s, one had liver cancer (I think, already forgetting details), another breast cancer, another pancreatic cancer, several with metastases (spread to other areas), one was on morphine, etc. etc. All prior medical records — before going to Gonzalez — had documented these women really had cancer. Bottom Line: All three women are still alive 20-22-30 years later.

His main protocol (besides diet & coffee enemas) is PANCREATIC ENZYMES, not the plant-based kind in health food stores, & not even the animal-based kind in health food stores (which deteriorate very rapidly, he said), but a freeze-dried potent animal-based pancreatic enzyme they formulated over the years. They had one batch tested five years later & it had not deteriorated at all.

He said PANCREATIC ENZYMES KILL *ALL* CANCERS (slowly but surely). These enzymes will break down the tumors.** He said Dr. John Beard (1858-1924), above, of Edinburgh knew this about pancreatic enzymes vs. cancers back in 1906: http://www.newspringpress.com/beard.html

Fascinating interview, but Dr. Gonzalez talks VERY FAST so you had to pay attention. His name might sound Latino but his voice is not, he sounds typical American, voice-wise, so there was no foreign accent to struggle with (audio interview).

He also said patient ATTITUDE counts 100%, & they will not even consider taking patients whose family members are not also 100%, because negative family are toxic & will hinder progress.

He admits it is a tough protocol to follow because you have to swallow 175-200 capsules a day of the pancreatic enzymes, plus 2 coffee enemas per day, plus diet change, etc. (I wonder if they can do the enzymes via IV?)

Gonzalez told a brief story of how chemotherapy for cancer began back in 1946 by — guess who? Will send that later, separately.

Gonzalez is not totally anti-medical. He believes in surgery if it would make sense for individual cases. He also said he, himself, would never take chemo but he said the only cancer it CAN benefit is Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Ty Bollinger in his Cancer: Step Outside the Box lectures said chemo is only 50% benefit for Hodgkin’s).

Here’s Dr. Gonzalez’ website:

“Dr. Gonzalez – Individualized Nutritional Protocols – Enzyme Therapy”:

Also from his website, 2-stories of 2-ladies w/ovarian cancer who refused chemo, & did Gonzalez’ enzyme protocol. At date of report, they were still living & healthy 10 & 13 years later, respectively:

“Ovarian Cancer and Enzyme Therapy”:

And a great article here with more about Gonzalez, Dr. John Beard’s work in 1906, & the supposed “Quack” Dentist Kelley:

“Dr Nicholas Gonzalez and his Cancer Diet Therapy”:

“What is Cancer?” from Kelley’s site:

And more re the Kelley protocol:

“Kelley Metabolic Treatment For Cancer” – Alternative Cancer Treatments: 

And there are plenty of miscellaneous interviews at YouTube with Dr. Gonzalez. Here’s one for starters:

Holistic Cancer Therapy, Pt 1: Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, posted in April 2011:

Link/Remove spaces:
http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=VIgPHk8_Z-c


The first-hour guest on the first night of the Cancer Summit, Wed. 11/7/12, was a female 10-year-cancer-survivor (Dx’d when she was 31, now 41). She had some sort of “terminal” epithelial SARCOMA (vs. carcinoma). Also good info but right now I’m more interested in what the actual Alternative/Integrative DOCTORS have to say. She was also into yoga & that “New Age” thinking which I reject & will not promote/endorse. She also must have been a “rich kid” because she was able to go & do many things most people could not afford (seeing specialists, allopathic & alternative, inpatient at alternative places which regular insurance probably does not pay for (a crime in itself!), etc.

A recap article re Night 1: Wed. 11/7/12, is here:



On the second night of the Cancer Summit interviews, Thurs. 11/8/12, first up was Dr. Francisco Contreras of Oasis of Hope Cancer Hospital, above. I’ve got separate notes for him & will post separately.

The second-hour guest was Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, of Irvine (Southern) California. (I gotta tell you her voice sounded a lot older than this good-looking blonde in this photo. She must have been very tired!):

**She mentioned that tumors have 15-LAYERS of fibrin that have to be broken down/through (which may be why Dr. Gonzalez’ protocol requires 175-200 pancreatic enzyme capsules per day! Gonzalez had also mentioned how “hard” — like rocks — tumors can be).

Connealy also said cancer is usually a slow process from the very first cancer cell until the tumor appears.

She said “emotional trauma” often starts cancers (provides the bodily “landscape” for cancer to begin). She told a story of Dr. Hamer (Europe) who got cancer himself & came to realize it had begun when his son was mortally wounded & he was grief-stricken. So he began asking all his cancer patients if/when they had experienced great grief/trauma & they all said yes & told their stories. Dr. Hamer info here:

So Dr. Connealy always asks her cancer patients the same question, “What happened in your life X years ago?”

(Some women’s answers to that question were, “I got married 12 years ago,” lol. Connealy was not trying to be funny but I, personally, got a laugh out of it. :)

Dr. Connealy takes a multi-faceted approach to beating cancer since she says it is a multi-faceted disease process. She gave a few case histories of women with cancer, including ovarian, but I’m forgetting the details now, sorry!

She did mention that, even though she was already an MD, she learned a lot re alternative healing methods from a guy, Bill C., whom she was introduced to who had bone cancer when he was 21 & refused to let the docs cut off his leg. That was after Bill had asked the doctor, “What’s my name?” And when the doctor didn’t even know the name of this young bone cancer patient whose leg he wanted to cut off, Bill got up & walked out & rejected the medical profession’s “answers” & began his own search for answers. Connealy said she was friends with Bill for many years & he taught her everything he had learned re surviving cancer. Bill lived to be 69.

She also told a brief side story re how coffee enemas began. I’ll send that separately as well.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy’s website is here (& she mentioned having faith in God during the interview, so maybe she’s a Christian): http://www.connealymd.com/

And here’s a VIDEO of her: 7.5 minutes:

“Dr. Connealy at Center for New Medicine in Irvine (Calif.) tells us her approach to cancer”: Posted By GreenSmoothieGirl in Dec. 2011:

Actual Link: http://www .youtube .com/watch?v=iday7DI-z1g

A recap article re Night 2: Thurs. 11/8/12, is here:


Night 3: Fri. 11/9/12, I did listen but didn’t take many notes:

Quote of the Night:

“Cancer is a career change. It’s like a new career where your new job is cancer.”

First up was an MD, above photo, Keith Scott-Mumby, originally from the UK with a charming British accent, who discussed multiple cancer opinions/options (he said he was turned off to mainstream medicine even in medical school when he saw how they “hack off people’s faces just trying to remove tumors” & leave horrible disfigurements. He said there had to be a better way. So right after med school graduation he switched gears to Alternative). Here’s his website:

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby:

He shared this story re the RARITY of cancer prior to the 20th century:

“I found an interesting historical document from Victorian times about a lecture given in London back in the 19th century where a doctor said, ‘You know, here’s a case of cancer. You’ve got to see this. This is pretty rare. You may not see too many cancer cases in your working career.’”

Mumby also said, “Let’s be serious, herbs ARE drugs…” which is exactly what Natural Hygiene has always said & why NH has never recommended them.

The second guest was a guy re EFT for dealing w/emotions. It has to do with tapping “energy meridians.” I researched EFT years ago & rejected it: I’m not interested in unbiblical “Eastern” belief systems, medical or otherwise:

2nd Corinthians 6:14-18:
–“Unequal Partners: Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, 18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

Official recap article for Night #3, Fri., 11/9/12:


Night 4: Sun. 11/11/12, I missed this one, too, but here is the official recap article:


–Which featured interviews with Mike Adams, Health Reporter for Natural News: 
–And Chris Wark who beat his colon cancer tumor, great site! Chris reviews all the alternative cancer therapies that he has done, plus the ones he didn’t: 

Chris Beat Cancer was on Fox 13 Memphis TV in May 2012 telling how he chose natural vs. chemo. The video story got thousands of likes yet three weeks later Fox deleted it from their site. Chris figured it was Big Med & Big Pharma (advertising) pressure that made Fox remove it. Story here:

“Memphis Man Uses Natural Cancer Treatment, Not Chemo”:


Night 5: Mon. 11/12/12, I also missed this night, but here is their recap article:

GERSON THERAPY: “Stumbling On a Cancer Treatment, Plus Who Said Healing Would Be Easy”:
–Which featured Howard Straus explaining his family’s Gerson Therapy: http://www.GersonMedia.com
–and Jess Ainscough shared how she’s healing herself using the Gerson Therapy: http://www.TheWellnessWarrior.com.au

I gathered enough info re Gerson to fill another post, so look for it separately.



Here is the page of comments from listeners expressing their thanks & opinions re the Healing Cancer Summit. Kevin Gianni reported that 50,000 people had tuned in. Scroll down, first are Facebook comments, but scroll down further for more comments, quite a few: 

One person offered this:

If you’re looking for a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) who deals with cancer, there is a listing of practitioners here:

Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians:

Here’s part of one comment I liked from Peter de la Rosa:

“…I am very aware of what goes on in this America when it comes to the cancer industry and how corporate America (gov) does not care about us. They only perpetuate illness and disease so they can then sell us their chemical drugs thinking that a pill is the magic bullet which in essence creates more havoc in our bodies.
–God gave us our own Medical Dr. within us. That’s our immune system, as long as we feed and take care of it, it will answer us and take care of us too.
–I am also very appreciative to what Mike Adams is doing over at natural news. I’ve learned a lot from him too. Alex Jones at info wars is another great man.
–Raymond Francis, M. Sc., an MIT graduate wrote three books. I’ve read two of them. Never Be Sick Again, and Never Fear Cancer Again. The other book was Never Be Fat Again. He is at BeyondHealth.
Cancer, Step Outside The Box by Ty Bollinger (cancertruth.net) is another excellent book that I had the honor to read.
–I also purchased the Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments by Medical Research Associates. Very educational!
–The very first book I bought at a bible store was Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide by the Burton Goldberg Group. Again, very informative and they all tell the truth.
–It’s people like you all that are on the side of God. We are not the Monsantos, DuPonts, Rockefellers, Obama, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Hershey, Basf etc. etc. Our God, the Creator of all, states in Genesis Ch. 1 verse 29, ‘Then God said, “I give you every seed-
bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”
Thank You Very Much.
Pete De La Rosa III
May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and yours.
P.S. God gave us the power to discern, in turn, we listen to the truth, and we learn.”

Here was a comment from a lady with ovarian cancer:

“This was an incredible dissemination of information! I enjoyed all of the lectures. I am 39 and have been dealing with ovarian cancer over the past 10 months. This summit particularly helped me narrow down what the most important information is and what treatment options/nutrition info came up most frequently.
–My biggest struggle with information over the past year has been that there is so much of it, I feel overwhelmed and not sure what to believe. I felt very secure when hearing recurrent themes coming up over and over with different lecturers.
–The main nutrition point solidified in my head is that there is a strict treatment diet, i.e.: vegan, but that can relax a bit after an initial intense treatment period. It was reassuring to hear similarities in what types of foods could be allowed back in. Dairy being almost exclusively left out of all diets, was also enlightening.
–I would love to hear, in future years, more specific information about the common supplements referred to, i.e.: pancreatic enzymes, Vit. C and D, etc. and about treatment facilities.
Two of the best points I came away with are 1.) to see treating cancer like managing a chronic illness. This has helped me get away from the mindset of being “cured” and being OK with that. Hearing the stories of longtime managers of the illness was comforting! And 2.) that cancer is your body’s way of protecting itself and learning to love it, not hate it. In order to be continuously motivated to take care of yourself, I believe it’s imperative to understand both of these points.”

A comment for younger people:

“A couple of weeks ago I met Billy Best at a book signing. He is the man, who as a 16 year old – 18 years ago, ran away rather than do chemotherapy. He was national news. He changed his diet, no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no white flour, took 714X injections and used Essiac tea. Although I do not think he would be a good guest speaker for you because his knowledge is limited only to the treatments he used, I wanted to be sure you know about the book he recently published: “The Billy Best Story.” (I think that is the name, as after I read it I lent it out.) He talks about his story in a very simple way. The book is appropriate for middle schoolers and older. Most “alternative” information is for adults, this is a way to get kids to hear the word. We need to get young people thinking alternative. I thought if you mentioned it on your blog it would put the word out.”

A retired nurse speaks up:

“I am a retired nurse and trained personally with Dr. Kelley in 2001. … Recognizing and releasing root emotional cause is so powerful. In my practice I referred to the clients’ process as “healing through cancer”; but that phrase often offended or confused people. I discovered that even such a powerful tool as the Kelley method was often not enough to inspire people to taking personal action. It was often too frightening to consider taking responsibility for one’s own health. I learned several very big things from my clients, which your series brought out brilliantly:
     1. Healing is not so much about curing cancer as it is about waking up to one’s own power and joy for living. It is not about “NOT dying”. It is about “FULLY LIVING”. Kris is a great teacher of that concept.
     2. Fear of Cancer is the biggest obstacle to healing, even among holistic health professionals.
     3. Deciding to “do whatever it takes” to BE WELL, is the most powerful catalyst for healing. With that inner commitment, whatever program one chooses becomes a powerful healing tool. Jessica is a good example of that. Did she travel all the way from Australia for the Gerson method? whatever it takes.
     4. Along with these points, choosing the method that gives a person the most confidence and peace of mind and inspires action is the right personal choice. And for people that feel most confidence in conventional methods such as chemo and radiation, there are powerful adjunctive supports to assist the body during treatment. I observed very positive experiences in people who chose conventional treatments, ALONG WITH diet, detox, emotional clearing, and products like Haelan, Mannatech and/or Immunocal used along with the conventional treatments.”

And many more informative & helpful comments at above link.


Many commentors mentioned this guy, who I did not hear. I think his interview was part of the Upgrade Package:

“Marcus Freudenmann is the founder of maxAwarness, EQ Acadamy as well as the director and producer of Wake-Up: Cancer is Curable Now” (released March 2011).

He’s obviously not a Christian from this snip of his bio at his site:

“…an accomplished scholar of the Vedic sciences…”

If you don’t know what that is, here’s a brief description from wiki:

“Vedic science may refer to a number of disciplines: ancient and modern, scientific and unscientific, religious, metaphysical, Hindu, occultist, New Age, proto-scientific, or pseudoscientific found in or based on the Vedas (the oldest texts of the Hindu religion, written beginning ca. 1000 BCE).”

So there you have it in a nutshell, his “scholarship interest” is anti-Christian, anti-Biblical, anti-God, yet is PRO anti-Christ Eastern/Hindu/New Age/Occult hogwash. Waste time dallying in it if you will, but when you beat your cancer & later die in your old age, you will be lost forever unless you recognize you are a sinner in need of a Savior & bend the knee to the Lord Jesus Christ: 
http://biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans%2010:8-18&version=KJV And:
http://biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+14:11&version=KJV And:

The Freudenmanns’ documentary might be helpful, though, re cancer-
only, though notice his DVD cover (above) has the “Eye of Horus” logo in the lower left corner, with the “serpent squiggle” coming out of the right side of the eye. Compare that to this Egyptian Eye of (the false god) Horus with the serpent coming out of the right side of the eye:

Here’s a description of the Cancer documentary from wiki:

“The Freudenmanns’ natural health journey took a turn towards pursuing an understanding of natural treatments for cancer when, in New Zealand, they watched a very good friend pass away from the side effects of chemo and radiation shortly after being diagnosed. Inspired by another friend who cured herself from cancer using an alternative and holistic approach, Marcus Freudenmann and his wife, Sabrina, set out with their four children on a world tour with the goal to interview well known, successful doctors in the field of holistic and alternative cancer treatments. Their vision was to make the information that they found available to the mainstream, so that cancer patients could take responsibility for their own treatment and healing.

“Through meeting and talking to dedicated holistic doctors all over the world, Marcus Freudenmann created MaxAwareness, Pty. Ltd, and produced the documentary CANCER is Curable NOW. This documentary has already received international reach and has sold in over 24 countries. The film presents the thesis that healing cancer has less to do with giving a patient medicine and instead teaching a person how to avoid toxins, how to detoxify the body, how to replenish the deficiencies, and how to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

“CANCER is Curable NOW is the result of 2.5 years of research by Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann, after interviewing many of the world’s foremost experts on alternative therapies and treatments for cancer, including Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy M.D., M.P.H., Prof. Dr. Med. Adem Günes and Charlotte Gerson from the Gerson Institute. The movie emphasizes self-responsibility by empowering the average person to take charge of their health and to develop an understanding of how to harness and enhance the body’s innate ability to heal itself.”


And lastly, here’s the page if interested in purchasing either the Digital or Print Package Deals for the 2012 Healing Cancer World Summit.  The one price is for 4 people, you, & you get to let 3 others access the info as well. More details here:

That’s all for this one!



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