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Doctors are getting very nosey again!


This latest report is from Cephas Ministry’s “International Social Pulse – March 2013” with “abundant commentary” by Yours Truly/FP included: :)



Can A ‘Death Test’ Predict When You’ll Die?
Posted on 03/6/2013
by Candy Sagon [AARP blog]

It’s not exactly a crystal ball, but researchers have developed a simple “mortality index” — you might call it a death test — to figure out an older [50, born circa 1960, is now considered “older”!/FP] person’s risk of dying in the next 10 years.

[FP Translation 4/27/13:  They want all Baby Boomers+ GONE by age 60, the last generation able to compare, from life experience, how life was BEFORE the NWO agenda ramped up.  All subsequent generations have been systematically duped via media & public school brainwashing in full force since the late 1960’s.]

[FP Update One Week Later 5/3/13:  New Headline Today:  “Suicide Rate [of Baby Boomers] Rises Sharply in U.S.” – NYTimes.com:  
Men more than women.  Very sad & in reader comments, “thinning the herd,” “manifestations of hopelessness,” loss of jobs, financial stress, isolation, horrible effects on mindset via Dr.-prescribed Xanax, Lunesta, etc.  My 2-cents: The “American Dream” was invented by the Judeo-Masonic Banksters & their Psycho-Social Perps after WW2, & then they began destroying it 20-years later in the 1960’s & finished it off in the 2000’s.  They removed God first.  So how’s that working for the Boomer Generation?  The rest is downhill for people.  No anchor.  No hope.  So much for liberal — read Communist — atheistic ideals.  Now back to the original “Death Test” article…]

The 12-question test was developed for doctors to use on their patients AGE 50 and older. Some of the questions might strike you as the “well, duh” variety — do you have a malignant tumor? chronic lung disease? congestive heart failure? — while others ask about everyday tasks that could indicate undiagnosed problems.

As the Associated Press reports, here are some bad signs you won’t make it to 2023: getting winded walking several blocks, smoking and having trouble pushing a chair across the room. The test also asks whether a health or memory problem keeps you from managing your own finances, or bathing or showering unassisted.

[FP Note:  The VA is already asking/accusing veterans of not being able to “handle their finances.”  See the 2013 “Update” here.  It sounds like the feds are wanting to create “wards of the state” out of more & more ADULTS, so they can “manage your money” for you.  How nice of them!
–And those other “Death Test” questions are sooo reminiscent of the 28-page “American Community Survey” (ACS) forms sent out to random households by the feds, wanting to know the same nosey details about your life, people in your household, whether they have memory problems, can bathe/dress themselves, go shopping for themselves, etc., & telling you there’s a fine if you don’t answer it.  Get the facts of that here.  “Be wise as a serpent, yet innocent as a dove.” (Matthew 10:16).  Since so many people barked re the nosey ACS-forms & refused to answer them, it looks like the Commies running the country have enlisted the aid of the “medical profession” to extract the same info out of people with this “Death Test.”  Afterall, the “men in white coats” are the “good guys,” right?, & people love “spilling their guts” to doctors without even thinking.  Here’s a few forums discussing the ACS-paperwork privacy invasions & how to deal with them… (apply the same wisdom to doctor visits!):



That final link gives law code facts re ACS-“fines” with additional informative links at the bottom of that page.  Now back to the “Death Test” article…]

The test is supposed to help doctors figure out whether costly tests or screenings are WORTH IT for patients not likely to live another decade.

[FP Translation:  If you are 50+, you are NOT “WORTH IT”!]

Really? They need a test for this? Wouldn’t it be obvious that someone in their 80s, say, with various health problems wouldn’t be a very good risk for aggressive or invasive procedures?

According to the Associated Press: “Doctors can use the results to help patients understand the pros and cons of such things as rigorous diabetes treatment, colon cancer screening and tests for cervical cancer. Those may not be safe or appropriate for very sick, old people likely to die before cancer ever develops.”

[FP Note:  Ohhhh, so now in that paragraph, the AP blurs the prior info by saying “very sick, old” which conjures visions of 80-year-olds, not 50+-year-olds.  Very sneaky!  If this “test” was only for the “very sick, old,” why say it is for still-very-young 50-year-olds?  — Another glaring dichotomy that needs to be asked is, What happened to their god-like proclamations from the first part of the last century that “Modern Medicine,” “Modern Medical Technology,” & “Modern Pharmaceuticals” were going to be the “life extending salvation” of all mankind?  Now they are telling us that if you are still in the Prime of Life but can’t push a chair across the room, you’re not WORTH having access to their “Modern Miracles” — drugs, machines, tests, etc.!  How’s that for a flip-flop?  Here’s hoping you can see the obvious answer:  The “Culling of The Herd” has Begun.  Avoid them as best you can.]

The test assigns points for each item, with the fewer points you get the better. For instance, you get one point for each five years of age, so age 60 to 64 is one point, while age 85 and older is seven points. You also get one or two points for each disease diagnosis or everyday activity you have trouble performing.

The highest, or worst, score is a 26, meaning you have a 95 percent chance of dying within 10 years. To get that, you’d have to be an 85-year-old man with all the indicated conditions. For a score of zero — meaning just a 3 percent chance of dying in 10 years — you’d have to be a woman under 60 with no health problems.

The findings were published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They were based on data from nearly 20,000 Americans age 50 and older who TOOK PART in a national health SURVEY in 1998 and then were TRACKED for 10 years.

Stephan Fihn, M.D., a University of Washington professor of medicine and a specialist in health QUALITY measurement, told the Associated Press that the index seems valid and “methodologically sound,” but he added that it’s probably most accurate for the oldest patients who — let’s face it — don’t need a questionnaire to figure out their days are numbered.

Source: AARP [another Commie organization geared toward duping “older” people]:



Just stay away from doctors to the very best of your ability, & if you’re 50+, keep your trap shut if you *must* see one for employment reasons or whatever. Don’t be a sucker to their nosey “We Want to Determine if YOUR Life has Any QUALITY Left to It” questions.  NOBODY gets to decide that but your Creator.  Ask Him, not these Commies who want you GONE.

Oh, & avoid All Surveys! Do not participate by providing data that will assist in their “Useless Eaters” Euthanasia goals!  It might come back to bite YOU, their “willing participant.”  And who in their right mind wants to be TRACKED for 10 years anyway?



Read this guy’s story of his recent horror visit to an ER in Texas. They tried to force him to sign a DNR when all he wanted was oxygen:

4/25/13: “Do Not Resuscitate” Reminds Reader of Nazi Germany:

[Translation of above Adolph Hitler Nazi-doctors document from Sept. 1939 is at the above article.]


Another must-read “Nazi doctors” article by a younger 30-40-year-old man who went to the ER in Massachusetts due to his bowels having shut down weeks before:

“An Experience with Doctors & Medical Staff:  Dictatorship-run Hospitals” by Mark Rich, author of The Hidden Evil:

Learn how to spot what they are doing by body language, tone, facial expression, etc. This guy, as a “targeted individual,” had thoroughly done his homework for years already so understood every action, verbal & non-verbal, by medical staff. Very educational. One tactic he used was to repeatedly state back to them what they had just said to him, which forces them to repeat themselves thereby acknowledging or denying if they really meant what they just said, giving you a crystal clear picture of their true selves/motives/honesty or lack thereof.



This next article has more details about the law mentioned in the above Texas ER article:

4/25/13: “Surprise! Look who’s Getting Power to Kill You” (in Texas, a new law there likely to show up in your legislature as well):

Be sure to read the quotes in that article by Burke Balch, director of the National Right to Life Committee’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics.

He exposes the Semantics Game long known among NWO-watchers, especially since the 2005 Terri Schiavo case brought such issues out into the open.

Besides the same old “Quality of Life” semantics scam, Balch now tells us the “medical definition” of the word “Imminent” has also been changed.  THEY LOVE CHANGING THE MEANING OF WORDS RIGHT UNDER EVERYONE’S NOSES.

Balch says “Imminent” naturally used to mean “Within Minutes or Hours” that you would probably die, but now “Imminent” means doctors can go ahead & “skew you over” if **THEY** think you will die in “Six-Months to a Year.”

Forget DNR’s & “Living Wills.” What you need is a “Protective Medical Decisions Document” (PMDD). Read the details by this nurse:

3/31/05: “BEWARE: Are You Being Targeted For Euthanasia? – A TRUE STORY by an R.N.”:

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“The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi Genocide; an eyewitness account & excerpts & comments on the book THE MEN BEHIND HITLER-A GERMAN WARNING TO THE WORLD by Bernhard Shrieber”:


“Quotes Showing Real Agendas Behind the Mental Health System & Education” – by a former K-12 Substitute Teacher:


“INVISIBLE EUGENICS: How The Medical System & Public Schools are Killing Your Children” – Free eBook by Mark Rich:

And lastly, a prior “nosey doctors” post:

4/22/12: “WHAT WILL ‘BIG BROTHER DOCTOR’ ASK YOU NEXT?” — (with a 2013-Update):



Doctors are Not “gods.” Never for a minute think they are. By thinking so you relinquish your personal power & faith, & become a subservient slave to their dictates.

And as you can see, the whole system (AMA-Brainwashed Doctors, Insurance Companies, Big Pharma, & The Gov’t.) are (& have been for decades) creating a “medical web” from which there will be no escape.  History does NOT “repeat itself” by ACCIDENT.  The same people who put Hitler in power are also running the USA.  

HOMEWORK:  Learn these words —  EUGENICS, EUTHANASIA, GENOCIDE — they are all related etymologically & historically, & learn by whom & why these tactics have been & are being used for evil purposes.

“Put not your trust in princes, in whom there is no help…” — Psalms 146:3





“…death through The Third Way

 is ‘the most censored story in the United States and perhaps the entire world.’ “


“Hundreds of thousands of patients are killed in the world each year in this manner, and no police or district attorney will act to investigate or prosecute.” 

These are the alarming words of Ron Panzer, founder and executive director of Hospice Patients Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving the original mission of hospice care and exposing the pervasive problem of “quiet euthanasia” in the hospice industry. 

Responding to a reader whose mother did not receive hydration in her final days and died in hospice under distressing circumstances, Panzer wrote, “It is terrible to hear about how your mother died, knowing it does not appear to be anything like a natural death one would expect with good pain management as hospice is supposed to provide.” 

Dehydrating a patient to death is known as The Third Way, says Panzer. “It’s a way of side-stepping the laws against medical killing but assuring just as sure a result: death. It’s extremely common.” 

Panzer continues: “Evil has a way of mixing in truth with untruth, partial truth rather than whole truth, or using something appropriate at one time but misusing it at another time. In the ‘active phase of dying’ — the very, very end — a person does not eat or drink naturally, for he or she is truly dying: The individual’s organs and bodily systems are shutting down. At that time, it would be inappropriate to provide food — he or she would choke on it or it would be aspirated into the lungs — and a good amount of fluid would easily go right into the lungs.
Read the Full Story at:


…& Stay Out of Hospitals & Hospices!

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