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This is terrible! Read this comment from a vegan restaurant owner who was bullied for five years in “Small City” (USA? He doesn’t say where). It sounds a lot like “Organized Stalking”… and evidently from other vegans! What on earth is wrong with these people?

So much for New Age “Vegan Love.”


“The Age Of Raw Vegan Cyber Bullies – Who Are Against Other Vegans”:http://www.rawveronica.com/raw-vegan-cyber-bullies/

Gee says:
September 13, 2011 at 3:39 pm

Thank you VERY MUCH for addressing this issue.

People who harass others as you describe here are against personal freedom.

I owned and operated a very pro, mainstream and VERY successful vegan establishment. I will say it raised the bar big time in this city and caused a stir. I was harassed all 5 years. Cyber harassment, in store visits where the perpetrator would hunt me down in the kitchen and say nasty things in front of a packed lunch hour, sending their friends and kids in to disrupt the busy hours and pester staff. A few vegan blogs in the town went after us because I guess I crashed their ‘exclusivity party’ of being mainstream and attracting a mainstream downtown crowd.

Sorry, I think of the animals and my plan was to get cruelty free to as many people as possible and it worked. It wasn’t an issue of non vegan items because I am vegan for 2 decades now. It was pure hate and jealousy of unhappy people USING vegan as a baseball bat of self hate. This town is known for this type of thing I found out too late. A portion were other non vegan businesses who were insanely jealous of our success, our professionalism (27 years in the food biz) and I quote ‘You aren’t from here’. Still 50% were from vegan haters.

I was on the streets doing vegan outreach when half of them were in diapers.

Many regulars saw and witnessed this as I would often print out the hate emails and nasty, ludicrous reviews saying they ‘were attacked by me’ which is a cyber lie. NEVER in my long career anywhere had I ever seen this happen to a business.

Well it became too depressing and I was walking to work everyday worried and stressed out. I was getting suicidal from the never ending bullying so one Spring day I put my exit plan into action and set a closing date 5 months ahead. I couldn’t go to the press, as many suggested, because it would just draw more negative energy to my life and my business.

I was alone, suffering and didn’t want to burden close customers about it either. I have returned to my metropolis and know this will not happen in my hometown because I have worked in the industry here for 2 decades and never seen such. Also I am a known chef here and well liked for my customer service.

I was sorry for leaving so many great customers behind but now I can fly free.

Vegan against vegan hate closed my business in that smallish city and that is sad.

I have discussed this with a few international vegan restaurant owners and they experience it once in awhile and all along were aware of what I was going through.

Their suggestion “Pack it in and move back to your big city and open there.” I am in that process now.

Lastly I will say as raw and vegan become more on the radar, the haters look like old dried up barnacles on the ‘Goodship Vegan’. All the best to you.



I hardly ever hang around the online health-nut scene, but the past few days I was catching up on any new Natural Hygiene news & wow, it’s a war out there. Evidently there’s a forum called 30 Bananas A Day that follows the 80/10/10 (Doug Graham raw fooder) diet & is run by a few bullies who go around trashing any other videos, forums, people, etc. who disagree with them.

They got one guy’s YouTube channel banned simply because he disagreed with their diet. His channel was anti80/10/10 or similar. The 30 Bananas people bombarded his channel with negative clicks so YouTube would ban it.

Twenty-five years ago I always heard it was the meat-eaters who were the aggressors in life. So what’s with the raw fooders acting like bullies?

Then there’s the paleo/caveman meat-eating people who are antagonistic toward the Natural Hygiene people. (I remember when Chet Day jumped ship in the 1990’s & became very anti-Natural Hygiene & anti-Rev. Malkmus/Hallelujah.Acres, & became a caveman diet promoter & Zen freak).

Then there’s the vegans fighting vegans.

WHO CARES what other people eat! Don’t people have better things to do with their time than picking fights?


Psychopaths & “Bizzare-o’s” seem to be taking over the health food movement!

There’s some former General Hospital actor named David who goes by another name now (A-something) who teaches people to eat rotted meat with feces spread on it (I kid you not!) Worse, some people actually tried it!

Then there’s several women at one forum complaining about Loren Lockman & his fasting retreat (formerly in Panama, now up & moved to Costa Rica unexpectedly) being a vicious bully & thief (before they figured it out themselves, just from their descriptions I said to myself, “That guy is a narcissist!” aka psychopath. One of the ladies finally posted the description of a psychopath so I was glad to see they figured it out).

What a mess! These stories are enough to drive a person to drink. So I think I’ll grab a Twinkie, a smoke, & a cup of coffee & forget it! Lol. (j/k)


Then there were a few threads & comments trying to demonize water-fasting (nothing new there!) making it sound extremely dangerous (QuackWatch anybody?) & making it sound like people are dropping dead like flies from fasting, which is ridiculous.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have done long fasts (21+ days) & are very alive & well! How many have died after a fast in 70 years? Ten? Twenty? The number is macro-micro-miniscule in comparison.

Anybody who dies after fasting was either half-dead already, did not re-feed properly (ate too much too soon &/or ate the wrong type foods), did not stay in bed long enough like they should, did not drink enough water like they should (WARM water during fasting is much easier & soothing than room-temperature water, btw), &/or went out doing SOMETHING they shouldn’t have been doing.

Switch over to a mostly fruit/veggies diet months BEFORE a long fast & you’ll be fine. Also, read read read read everything about fasting that you can beforehand so you know exactly what to expect. One fasting article I just read was saying fear ruins many people’s fasts. What a shocker! Anybody who has fear simply DID NOT DO THEIR HOMEWORK IN ADVANCE!

In the “old days,” Hannah Allen’s book, “Your First Fast, What to Expect” was the primer, along with all of Dr. Shelton’s books, TC Fry’s publications, Paul Bragg’s fasting book, & last but not least, SCRIPTURE! Knowing that God himself invented fasting, & that Daniel, Elijah, & Jesus all did 21-40-day fasts, should dispel fear from anyone!

Some tips I learned in advance of my first 21-day water-only fast:

–Your feet WILL get cold so bring a heating pad if one is not provided.

–Your body will push toxins out to your outer extremities (hands, feet) so when my wrists & ankles broke out in itchy red spots, I knew EXACTLY what was happening & WHY & was thrilled to see it!

–Your urine will turn dark as your body begins to unload a lifetime of toxic buildup. So when my urine turned a dark rust-colored orange I was ecstatic! It’s working! It’s working!

–You will not sleep as deep or as long as you may be used to. Just plan on it & think REST vs. sleep.

–Being woken up when you ARE in a good deep sleep by talkative maids (Shangri La) & early-bird doctor rounds (at Goldhamer’s place): What a pain! Pick a fasting place where they PROMISE not to wake you up!

–Having to provide your first-every-day (of your fast) urine sample at Goldhamer’s place was also a pain!

–You will be hypersensitive to noise so make sure you have quiet surroundings &/or earplugs (there was a tomato packing plant near the Shangri La in Bonita Springs when I was there in the 1980’s & the clanging & banging all night was a real pain! I had to keep the windows shut vs. being able to enjoy the night air).

–A decade later at the Center for Conservative Therapy aka CCT (12-day fast) at their prior smaller center, I had the room next to the door & sidewalk. Big mistake! Other idiot guests constantly slammed the door going in & out & talked loud while walking up & down the sidewalk!

–Don’t bring “stuff to do,” you won’t feel like it anyway. I did read a lot but that was all. Forget writing letters to folks back home. If anything, bring postcards, short & sweet! but No Commitments!

–The first three days of the 1980’s fast I was VERY nauseous & couldn’t even move one inch on the bed. I never threw up, though, but just kept sleeping. After three days, no more nausea at all; & I was never nauseous on the later 12-day fast whatsoever, nor on the 5-7 day fasts I did at home.

–Weakness was the biggest problem to endure. Deep deep seated weakness in arms & legs. (How do people fast & go to work? Or how did Paul Bragg back in his day hike 10 miles while fasting? It’s beyond me!) I get very weak when fasting & it’s a real pain when people (CCT) who have never fasted say things like, “Everybody gets weak” (how would they know?), or “You need to get up everyday & sit in the loungechair outside to get some fresh air” (Shangri La). NOT!

–Fuzzy tongue detox. Plan on it. It’s a good sign! Bring electric toothbrush & dry bush frequently from bed &/or “wash your tongue” with a wet washrag.

–Don’t plan on showering everyday. It’s too draining & hot water will make it worse. Bring babywipes &/or a quick bird bath. It’s only for a week or two or three. You’ll survive!

–Bring your own gadget to warm your drinking water if they don’t provide warm water (even room temp water is too cold). Warm water goes down SO MUCH EASIER while fasting.


FWIW, Natural Hygiene is not the same as Vegan or “Raw Foodism,” though I am guilty of referring to the whole lot as “raw fooders” or health-nuts.


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Right now, we have the choice to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms). We can choose organic products, which, by law, are required to be grown and processed without the use of GMOs.
We also have the right to know what we are eating, and the right to make informed choices about what we eat.
A coalition of 300 companies, organizations and doctors has filed a petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for just this reason. The coalition’s goal: to require that all genetically engineered foods be labeled, and to protect consumer’s right to know what is in the food they are eating.

Consider this: much of the corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets, and canola in the United States are genetically modified. This means the ingredients made from them, including such common ingredients as corn syrup, soy lecithin, sugar, vegetable oil and cottonseed oil, are genetically modified as well.
In fact, according to California’s Department of Food and Agriculture, 70% of processed foods in American supermarkets now contain genetically engineered (GE) ingredients. At this time, none of these products are required to be labeled as genetically engineered.
If you agree that you have a right to know if the food you are eating has been genetically engineered, send a message to the FDA today. With just one click, you can show your support for the FDA petition requiring the labeling of GE foods and win back your right to know. You can also help show your support by sharing these two videos with everyone you know. In doing so, you will help spread the message that labels matter.


Snipped from:

International Social Pulse – February 2012:http://www.cephasministry.com/news_pulse_2.2012.html

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