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FREE “EMF SUMMIT” Continues!

FREE “EMF SUMMIT” Continues!

Featuring 17 experts (scientists & researchers) re EMR/EMF (ElectroMagnetic Radiation/Frequencies) & MWR (MicroWave Radiation/Frequencies) & DE (Dirty Electricity) & Doctors & Consultants & Naturopaths & Chiropractors & etc., on how to deal with the radiation onslaught in today’s environment:

The (FREE) EMF SUMMIT began Tues. 9/2/14, & continues through Tues. 12/23/14, with only 1-Expert-Interview per week each Tuesday, 17-Total:

The interviews can be found at:
http://EMFsummit.com/calls beginning at 12:01 AM EST (New York time) each Tuesday.

You can listen, free, to each remaining interview as many times as you’d like for 48 hours.

I didn’t hear about this EMF Summit until mid-October after it had already been ongoing for 6-weeks. Many of the experts’ names & credentials I was already familiar with from my “cancer researching days.”

So you/we can still jump in any time to access the remaining interviews BEGINNING Tues. 11/4/14 @ 12:01am. See all speakers’ names/bios further below.

3-min. video Intro:

“Farren Lander-EMF Consultant, warns of the dangers of smart meters”:

“How Smart Meters Are Harmful, Raise Costs and Invade Privacy”

From that YouTube page:
Join us at http://EMFsummit.com to learn all about Smart meters and EMF radiation. This expert interview series will help you understand the dangers of electromagnetic radiation and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

It seems we are asleep and unaware of the international roll out of Smart meters. Women are calling Farren Lander in tears as their children are getting sick from the Smart meters on the home. Farren calls it residential espionage.

[Photo from the info on a Smart Meter, lol, gotta keep a sense of humor!]

Smart meters are used to collect data about your personal and private activities. They are used to cut off your power and more.

Join us at http://EMFsummit.com to watch world class experts in the field.

Register via a name & email addy here:

Then it will show a message, Welcome, & to look for an email with more info, & that to access the interviews, to go here:

Under each Date/Guest Speaker’s name, it will show this:

“The button will not work until the date of the call. Access this Hangout Now!” (so maybe they are using “Google Hangout” for this Summit).

–“You need to download Adobe Flash Player to watch this video” (Booo, I hate Adobe hog products, so I guess it won’t work from iphone.)

–“Listen FREE for 48 hours (from each date each interview goes live) — or thereafter, buy a single recording of each interview > Only $5 for Access to Video and Audio Downloads.”

–FYI: During the entire 17-interviews Summit (9/2/14 thru 12/23/14), they are offering a Purchase Pkg. of ALL 17-interviews for $77. After the Summit ends in Dec., the price will go up to $297.

–Site says: “Members: Please log in before purchasing. Order Now.”



–“Please give the video streaming software time to load depending on your connection. While you wait, scroll down the page to read more about today’s expert…”


With all that necessary detail out of the way…


A. THE EIGHT (8) GUEST SPEAKERS WHO ARE STILL COMING UP AS OF TUES., 11/4/14, through TUES., 12/23/14. (The two I definitely don’t want to miss are Barrie Trower & Dr. Olle Johansson!):

–Nov 4: “How Microwave Weapons Mirror Today’s
Wireless Frequency” with Barrie Trower, a retired microwave military expert and consultant for British Secret Intelligence Service MI5 and MI6. He came out of retirement as he was appalled by children being exposed to wireless in schools. (No direct link UNTIL the date of this interview; ditto the others upcoming below):

–Nov 11: “BEMER The Healthy Side of Electromagnetic Fields” with Chitvan Milak, the CEO of BEMER India.
Chitvan’s extensive knowledge of BEMER vascular therapy illustrates how we can use electromagnetic pulses to increase circulation and minimize the negative effects of EMF radiation on our body.

–Nov 18: “How to Recognize, Avoid and Deal with Symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” with Dr. Olle Johansson whose research on EHS symptoms was in part responsible for Sweden recognizing EHS as a disability.

–Nov 25: “Cell Phones: Radiation Health Effects including Cancer and Infertility” with Kevin Kunze, the award winning filmmaker whose latest film examines the most recent scientific research into negative health effects of cell phone, legislative efforts, and corporate influence on public health.

–Dec 2: “Take Back Your Power – Solutions to Smart Meters” with Josh del Sol, the award winning filmmaker whose latest film, “Take Back Your Power,” looks into the dark side of Smart Meters. Josh is working on a new project, a film sequel looking at solutions. He has made a special viewing code, EMFsummit, that can be used here to view the film for $1.

–Dec 9: “Nature’s Shielding Solutions to Manage a Healthy Life in an EMF Filled World” with Allen Reed, a consultant to individuals and
businesses for over 28 years. He assists people in ecological regeneration, harmonization of geopathic stress, identification of site locations, and shielding EMF, RF, and dirty electricity with natural minerals, and other elements.

–Dec 16: “EMF Radiation: Infertility, Miscarriages, Children
At Risk” with Nicole Bijlsma, an accomplished naturopath, acupuncturist and building biologist. Following a reproductive immunologist’s diagnosis of an over-reactive immune system, her 10 miscarriages and the fact that she and her husband were sleeping in a high level magnetic field meter box and above geopathic stress, Nicole took action to clean her environment. Nicole currently lives with her husband Mark and three children – Sidney, Flynn and Charlotte.

–Dec 23: “Autism and the EMF Radiation Connection” with Dr. Martha Herbert, a pediatric neurologist and a brain development researcher at Harvard University. For nearly two decades her main clinical, research and advocacy focus was on autism.

B. THE NINE (9) GUEST SPEAKERS WHO ALREADY APPEARED from TUES., 9/2/14, through TUES., 10/28/14. Since the “free 48-hours” listening time has already passed for these, you could still pay $5-each –or– buy the Full Bundle of all 17 interviews for $77. (I make no profit from sharing this info. For educational, not commercial, purposes.)

Either way, I’m including these people, even though they were already on, so you can get familiar with their names & areas of expertise, & can probably find other videos they’ve done at YouTube or Vimeo, etc.

(I’m sorry I missed Drs. Milham, Havas, & Blank; & Sharon Noble & Farren Lander!)

–Sept 2: “Dirty Electricity: How We Can Co-exist With This Powerful Technology and Its Inherent Dangers” with Dr. Samuel Milham the physician-epidemiologist who first alerted the world about electromagnetic exposure in various careers and the link to human disease:

–Sept 9: “Why We Resist Knowing and How Our Fun Toys can Bite Us” with Dr. Ross Andersen, an EMF Consultant and
retired Chiropractor & Naturopathic physician:

–Sept 16: “Biological Effects of EMF and RF on people with MS, Diabetes and More” with Dr. Magda Havas, a Trent University
professor currently working with electricall hypersensitive individuals and researching sick building syndrome as it relates to power quality
in schools:

–Sept 23: “The Health Benefits of Filtering Dirty Electricity” with Dave Stetzer, a retired military electrician with top secret clearance who has dedicated the past ten years to cleaning up dirty electricity:

–Sept 30: “Adopting the Precautionary Principle” with Dr. Martin Blank whose research on the damage electromagnetic radiation causes to the DNA of our cells indicates the need for greater caution and control over the spread of EMR in the environment:

–Oct 7: “How to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution” with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, internationally acclaimed nutritionist, visionary health expert, and best-selling author:

–Oct 14: “Our Choices With a Government Supported by a Corrupt Industry” with Sharon Noble, founder of “Stop Smart Meters BC” and co-director of “Citizens for Safe Technology”:

–Oct 21: “How Smart Meters Impact Your Health, Privacy, Safety and Pocketbook” with Farren Lander, a specialist in electropollution consulting, detection and protection:

–Oct 28: “Is Your House Sick From Geopathic Stress and EMF Radiation?” with Karen Mileson, ’sick house’ survivor and author. She was ill for many years without understanding why. When her husband also became ill and died she discovered their home was killing them:




Deborah Wiseman · Top Commenter – October 14 at 11:11am:
I’ve known about EMF radiation since 1995 and have known what the real reason for creating the electric grid was for. I have been fighting this in my State of Texas and will soon be going into court with 151 others to criminally charge the Utilities, TDUs, and Public Utility of Texas to rid our state of these “radiation monsters” they call smart meters.

NOTE: The bad news is that even if you escape having a Smart Meter, they can still zap BPL/B-PLC THROUGH THE POWER LINES & THEN INTO ALL WIRING IN YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS, making all your wiring a literal RADIATING, VIBRATING ANTENNA. Turning off your circuit breakers won’t stop it because the MWR rides on the wiring whether they are Neutral (breakers Off) or Live (breakers On)! This is called the “MESH NETWORK” > using EVERYONE’s power lines & wall-wiring as Antennas to propagate BPL (WIRELESS-Microwave Radiation via) “Broadband Over Power Lines” aka B-PLC > “Broadband Power Line Carrier” aka “Broadband Power Line Communications” > Operative word > “Communications” &/or “Data” both mean PULSED MICROWAVE RADIATION aka Wireless. No Smart Meter is even needed for TPTB to microwave you via your walls & power lines above/under your house/apt./condo/business. They can zap it via old Analog Meters, too.

–Rosemarie Russell · Works at Self-Employed – October 21 at 2:53pm:
Please keep us updated about your case. I am working on the issue here in Utah and anything you could share with me regarding your case could be helpful.

–Kim Louise Easterbrook · Vancouver, British Columbia – October 24 at 9:43pm:
Fifteen years ago I moved to a small town. I was just learning about EMF radiation at the time and decided to scout the area for cell towers. I was distraught to find 25 cell towers, one of them in the backyard of a farmers house and another one a church in this town. Being a health writer I took this to the town paper and asked if they were aware of this and I wanted to write an article for the newspaper. I was asked to leave the building. No if and’s or but’s!! That is when I woke up to the fact that this is all a game plan for something bigger and began my research, too. During this time I was writing for a health magazine at the time and they asked me to do a piece on Dr. Carlo who was hired by Motorola to see if cell phones were safe many years ago. I joined the safe wireless society which was created by Dr. Carlo, and studied and read his books and followed his teachings. I was so angry about all this I built a wireless website dedicated to educating the children of the future. Within a month of having my site up I got prank phone calls so much so it scared me so much I moved and shut my site down. Since then I have become so electrically sensitive I have to live underground. And the only time I can really write is during 12:00 midnight till around 4:00 in the morning as I can feel everyone’s cell phones not in use., so obviously it is upsetting my hormones having to go to bed later. As soon as the morning starts up I can feel the intensity of the wifi, smart meters, cell phones and what have you from close proximity with the surrounding houses and probably beyond. I am a long time friend of Farren Landers who is on the summit, I thank him for so much education he has provided me and put stuff in my house to decrease the dirty electricity. However, I have searched everywhere in my town for places that don’t have smart meters attached to houses to live in, but unfortunately it is now saturated everywhere. It is very disheartening.

NOTE: I’ve heard that living underground is the safest way as the ground around your “bunker/basement” will supposedly help absorb all the radiation.


Per email received after registering, this EMF SUMMIT is hosted by:

Alison Heath, Longevity Rescuer & EMF Summit Host
c/o Your Vibrant Health Secrets
P O Box 20082
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9H2 CA info


THE EMF SUMMIT “Bundle Upgrade Offer”:

Copied from that link, FYI:

–“As a valued member of our select inner circle you’ll want to log in first, then purchase from this page. Next, you’ll be directed to your download vault for your life-saving interviews.”

“Get Special Limited Time Pricing on The Full Bundle of Video and Audio Recordings! Don’t Miss this special offer that will not last for long!”:

–“Don’t have time to listen to all of the valuable live interviews? Wouldn’t it be Great to have Access to ALL of the Experts Anytime… Anywhere… ALL the time?

–“Watching online can be tough if you’re EHS. This bundle is to provide you with an opportunity to not miss a single minute of the tools, advice, and expertise that were shared on the interviews. I simply don’t want you to miss a thing!

–“Access this infinite wisdom and expertise forever! Each of the interviews in the exclusive “EMF Summit” series are being recorded. These have been bundled into a convenient package for you to access at any time!
This means we will have hours of recordings from top mentors, experts and leaders, each providing you the tools you need to have vibrant health in an EMF environment.

–“We will be packaging the entire event into:
a) ALL Hangout Video recordings that you can download and listen to anywhere anytime.
b) BONUS: Audio Recordings of all the video interviews!

–“I plan on releasing this package to the public at a later date for a minimum price of $297; however, if you act now and order yours today before the summit ends on 12/23/14, you will be able to receive this amazing series for a fraction of the price!

–“Purchase the bundle package today and it is all yours for the low price of only $77 USD. That’s a 74% savings! This means you will have complete access to each of the seventeen (17) expert interviews from this EMF Summit series for you to download and listen to whenever you want!

–“Order Your downloadable Hangout Video & Audio Recordings Today!

–“Yes! I want access to all of the guest recordings! Upgrade me to the Special EMF Summit Limited Time Bundle Offer Now! Rush My Order!” > (That button goes to a shopping cart.)

–“Once the series is over, we will send you an email notice with an ID and password that will give you access to your purchase, just as soon as we have compiled all the interviews for you.

–“Note: This special deal is ONLY available during this Summit series! If you wait until it is over, you will be paying 4 times as much so act now and order your package today!
Here are the experts that are going to be on the interviews and a part of the recording…”





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