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T.C. FRY: Raided by the FDA in 1991?

I’m in the process of gathering factual data regarding the beloved-by-
some-but-not-all Natural Hygiene author & “guru,” TC FRY (1926-1996). Over the years I’ve heard he was raided by either/or the Feds, the Texas Rangers, SWAT, & now this 1991 “Cosmic Awareness” New Age newsletter, below, says he was raided by the FDA!

If anyone knows FOR SURE what is fact vs. fiction, please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!


June 1991 “Cosmic Awareness” newsletter out of Olympia, Washington, found via google: http://www.cosmicchannelings.com/blog/download-1991-06

Check out those eyes & that pyramid! Ha! I hope the New Agers are awake to the fact that the New Age IS the same as the NEW WORLD ORDER!

This is a full screen shot of Page 11. The right column has a Q&A regarding TC Fry’s longevity claims…

Close-up of top right column, pg.11…

Close-up of bottom right column, pg.11. The Ed Note contains the info re the TC Fry FDA raid…

Check out that GHW Bush cartoon from 21 YEARS ago! The caption reads, “Dancing with Wolves” (probably a joke on the Kevin Costner movie of the same title), but the TRUTH is, TPTB have been planning for 140 YEARS to foment pre-WW3 antagonism between Arabs & Jews, so the “Public Dance” is a farce merely for public consumption because they are all in it together.



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