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Great News! If you missed Ty Bollinger’s “The Truth About Cancer” site’s “The Quest for Cures Continues” 11-segment cancer seminar Fall 2014 which just ended the other night, they are offering it in “MARATHON MODE” this weekend (see link at top), ie, you can watch all 11-episodes right in a row from about 12:30am last night/Saturday 10/25/14, through midnight Sunday night 10/26/14!

Ha! Now THAT is how I like to do things, all at once, (reminds me of TNT’s old “Law & Order” marathons on Thursdays years ago that I used to watch all day long, until I woke up to “Jewish-Hollywood” & Jewish-Dick Wolf’s mockery of Christians in his “Law & Order” series which became more prevalent as the Propaganda War against Christianity increased world-wide).

Not sure if everyone can view the Cancer Cures Marathon Series this weekend if you were not already registered(?) Try the link at top & below is Ty’s email re same…

From: The Truth About Cancer info@ thetruthaboutcancer.com
Date: October 25, 2014, 12:33:08 AM EDT
Subject: [Replay Marathon] All 11 episodes available this weekend only…

[Replay Marathon] All 11 episodes available this weekend only…


I know it’s late, but all day today I received hundreds of emails from people saying that they missed an episode (or three), and were wondering if they could watch the ones they missed.

(By the way) – I absolutely LOVE the passion that our community has for knowledge and for change – I love you guys :-)

So, after reading email after email, I asked my tech team if they could quickly make all episodes available so that we could leave them up all weekend long for you to watch.

Go here to watch the 11 episode replay marathon for the next 48 hours:


Just visit the page above and click on any one of the episodes that you missed or simply want to watch again.

We’re going to leave all the episodes up for the next 48 hours (until midnight Sunday night) so be sure to set some time aside and enjoy watching again.

Also, we’re going to leave the ‘early-bird’ option up until Sunday night as well.

We have to submit all our orders to the fulfillment company on Monday
so that they can print, produce and ship to you by November 15th.

So if you’re on the fence about owning a copy, now is the time to decide since we’ll be taking it down Sunday night as well.

In the mean time, go watch all 11 episodes again (or for the first time) here.


Enjoy :-)

Ty Bollinger

PS. Remember, when you support our mission, a portion of all the proceeds gets donated to one of three charities.

Plus, your support allows us to continue to travel, interview, translate, and give the gift of knowledge that might save lives…
absolutely free. (not to mention you’ll own this amazing series forever and can share it with friends, family and your community)

If you’ve learned something, been inspired, or just love how it feels
to support a good cause, consider owning the Champion or Hero
edition today – thank you :-)

Go here to learn more about the “Champion” edition and save over 50% off (last chance)

Go here to learn more about the “Hero” edition and also save over 50% off (last chance)



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“BLACK SALVE” for Skin Cancer

“CANCER: STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX” – by Ty Bollinger (7 of his family members died of cancer so he went to work researching; 5th Edition of the book; 5-star rating; 430 Reviews as of 11/17/12; 397 of those give it 5-stars):

Here’s one of the reviews re just one cancer remedy:


Personal experience proves the information
October 7, 2010 By Kelli J. Hoffmann “kellijomama”
I used the information Ty gave for using Black Salve for skin cancer. Not only did it work, it only took a week. Using the salve told me within 24-48 hours if in fact I did have skin cancer or not! It as so simple to follow the directions and understand, that anyone who can read can use it.

I not only have and do recommend this book to everyone, I have loaned ours out so many times it is hard to keep track of who has it at any given time. Because of that issue, we also have the e-book on our computer.

Ty shares his information in a way that it is easy to understand, use and find what is needed for use. If there are any words that we may not understand he explains those as well. We do not need to be a doctor to understand what is written.

I do believe that the better we understand cancer we can remove much of the fear of treatment/cure. I highly recommend reading this book BEFORE you fear you may have or have been told you do have cancer. Before a loved one is facing main stream cancer treatment, arm yourself with better information.



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