A 1-year-old boy who suffered serious head injuries while in the care of his Palm Coast baby sitter was so badly hurt that part of his skull had to be surgically removed to relieve the swelling on his brain, according to reports released this week.

(Read full article at above link.)


Day Care provider is 30 years old.

Had kept the 1-year-old baby since he was 6 weeks old.

Had 4 other children there the same day.

Other parents had no concerns with the caretaker.

Out of the blue, the 1-year-old baby began having a seizure on July 16th, per the caretaker.  She called 911.

Per the parents, the very day before, July 15th, the baby had been given his “vaccinations” (plural) at his regular pediatric checkup.


Caretaker says baby had a slight temperature earlier in the week.  Parents deny that.

The newspaper article did not, of course, make any connection between the vaccinations one day & the baby’s “brain swelling” the very next day, but you have to wonder.  The TIMING is certainly something to consider.  Pump a near pure baby with toxic vaccines & anything can happen.

Or did the caretaker really “flip her lid” all the sudden & hurt the baby?  Or maybe one of the older kids playfully bopped the baby on the head with something(?).  I don’t know.  She’s being represented by this guy:

I think she’s seriously going to need MORE than a “Traffic/DUI” attorney.


The first book I ever read re vaccines in the late 1980’s was, “Don’t Get Stuck,” by Hannah Allen: 

What a shocker!  In the “old days,” they purposely caused sores on animals & gathered the pus from the sores to include in vaccine ingredients.  Gross me out!  Are vaccine ingredients any better these days?  You be the judge.


The news article also said the caretaker was “hesitant” to let her house be searched by authorities.  Who wouldn’t be these days with the quasi police state already established, and Constitutional rights practically a thing of the past!


The two vaccine photos are by David Dees, political graphic artist:


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