A Heart-Felt Sweet-Heart Health Story!

Happy Valentine's Day

FEBRUARY 14th, 2011


for YA’LL!    

From Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano with Victoria BidWell
1st Published in Common Health Sense — 
Natural Hygiene Contraband for The Health Seeker!

   There is a case history about a man I shall call, “Mr. Willing.” He had known about Natural Hygiene previously to entering the Health School. But knowing what to do and actually do it are two different things. His still health was not that good, and he decided to do something about it. So he made a reservation. He came down to my Chateau in Brownsville for the first time.

    When I first examined Mr. Willing, I found that he had what is known as a “bruit.” This means “noise in his arteries.” He had a bruit in the abdominal aorta; he had a bruit in both right and left femoral (leg) arteries; and he had a bruit — a noise — also in his right carotid (neck and head) artery. Do you know what these noises mean? That the arteries are clogged. They are full of cholesterol. The blood makes sounds when it has to go around and weave in and out of these plaques that are sticking out into the lumen of the arteries. (The “lumen” is the hole of the artery, the open space through which the blood smoothly and comfortably passes, when the arteries are not clogged.)

    So I put Mr. Willing on a fast. It was the first fast on water only he had ever had — it was 28 days. While he was on the fast, I kept checking his arteries; and after the twelfth day, the bruit — or “the sound” — in the right carotid artery had completely disappeared. He still had the sound in his femoral arteries, and he still had the sound in his abdominal aorta. But we had made progress! I was not disappointed, because I know that it takes time for the body to undo the ravages of an erroneous or “MAL-ecological” life.

    I told Mr. Willing he could go home. Everything wasn’t completely healed yet. But I told him he could go home and learn to live completely Hygienically on all uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. This he did. He said he had made no compromises the next time I talked with him. He had been eating all uncooked foods. Before he left after the first fast, I instructed him to come back a year later for another fast. And this he did.

When he returned for this second fast, the sound in the abdominal aorta was greatly diminished, although there was still a little, tiny bruit there. It still wasn’t normal. And the femoral arteries were better, but they were still showing signs of eddies and movement and noises as the blood passed through a certain area in the artery. There was another sound in the right subclavian artery (near the shoulder), instead of the right carotid. This was alarming to me because he said he had been living properly. And it was alarming to me that he was still forming cholesterol plaques, even though he was on The Hygienic Diet. And he said he was really being strict.

    Now, you never really know how strictly people are following their prescribed, Hygienic program, because they can tell you one thing and they can do another thing. At any rate, I warned him that he would have to be very good after this second fast when he went home. So he had his second fast. And with this fast, he got rid of the noise in the right subclavian artery; but he still had the abdominal aorta problem and the right and left femoral sounds — the “bruits.”

     So Mr. Willing went home and lived as properly as he could, and I told him that he would have to mind his emotions. That he would have to be happy! That being happy was extremely important to the improvement of his condition! His wife had just died before he started coming down to Brownsville, and he was still sad.    

     And also, he probably had a very great diathesis (“tendency”) to form plaque in his arteries. Perhaps he even had an impaired ability to metabolize cholesterol, especially over a lifetime of not too good a manner of living. Anyway, he had his third fast. And after his third fast, all the arteries sounded much better. Even the right and left femoral artery sounds had gone completely. But Mr. Willing still has, to this day, a tiny sound in the abdominal aorta. It’s much better. The circulation is much better than previously. And instead of having cold feet — every day, miserable, cold feet — now, today, he has normal circulation in the arteries of his feet. He no longer has this “cold feet” problem. So this is evidence, a physical sign, that shows you that the plaque was, indeed, removed by fasting from the femoral arteries, as well as from the abdominal aorta.

    Now, sometimes, the conditions are so bad that there is a “sclerosis,” and this might be the case in the abdominal aorta. The sclerosis is so bad that it is taking a long time to remove it all. The plaque can be removed very quickly if it is still in a “toothpaste consistency.”  In other words, if it is still soft and it hasn’t hardened and it hasn’t sclerosed. But sometimes, when the arteries have become sclerosed and calcified, when the plaques have become hard and calcified, then this is when it is very difficult for the body to get rid of them. Fasting and strict Hygienic living are, as always, then indicated.

     I still think that Mr. Willing made a great improvement in the abdominal aorta area, also. Now, he hasn’t finished his care, his own “getting well program.” He will probably come back for more fasts. And, indeed, we might, in the end, see that the bruit — or the noise — in the abdominal aorta will completely subside.

    But Mr. Willing is a healthy man today! Today, he goes square dancing! He saved his life because the plaque in his arteries, of course, blocked the circulation to his brain. To a certain extent, blood got up the other side. But it still impairs the circulation, and this plaque and similar plaques could have been in his brain in the deep arteries that I couldn’t hear. So you see, Mr. Willing really saved his life by fasting and by living strictly Hygienically! He chose to live in harmony with physiology! He was, indeed,  “willing” and chose to do right! He chose not to take drugs. He chose not to take these substances the medicine men say can pull the plaque out of the arteries. He chose not to take chelation treatments. These treatments don’t get the plaque out! The chelated substances just float around in the bloodstream, and the body eliminates them, but they cannot get inside the cell in order to take the plaque out! The body alone can perform this miraculous microsurgery! And the body alone performs this task without harming any tissues and without making the body sick!

    So, Dear Health Seeker Friends of Ours, this is what happened to Mr. Willing. He is much better today. He saved his life because he chose not The Medical Mentality and its ways of Doom, Disease, and Death. He chose the ways of the body which lead to Vim, Vigor, and Vitality! And now, he’s dancing. Now, he’s thinking properly. Now, his feet are no longer cold. Mr. Willing is, indeed, a warm, living soul. Mr. Willing has, indeed, gone from… “bruit” to “blessed!”

IN CONCLUSION: Virtually all of us Health Seekers can go from miserable pathology to Hygienic Blessedness!

     This case history should convince you that you are responsible for your own health! You are responsible for securing the physiological and emotional needs of your body! No one else can drink for you, breathe for you, rest and sleep for you, eat for you, sunbathe for you, exercise for you, emote for you, or form nurturing relationships for you! It is impossible! Each and everyone of us has to drink, breathe, rest and sleep, eat, sunbathe, exercise, and emote and form nurturing relationships himself or herself! That is simply… “The Nature of Life!”

     Health evolves out of intelligently supplying the needs of life — The 10 Energy Enhancers — when those needs are instinctively called for and in the proper amounts instinctively called for. Consequently, it is only by supplying your physiological and emotional needs, and by avoiding and abstaining from all poisonous influences and substances, that Superlative Health is built! Forget the erroneous belief that health can be bought or found in all the new, scientific miracle drugs and therapies which produce damaging — and many times, lethal — side effects! Forget, also, the recently acclaimed alternative and holistic schools of healing and treating the whole person. If they are into “curing,” they can only be erroneous. You have found “The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System.” And for that, you, like Mr. Willing, are Hygienically blessed! Now, it is time to become a blessing to yourself by becoming a Genuine Hygienist and finding your birth-right — Superlative Health!

Victoria’s Note: Once you are well on The Hygiene HighJoy Way to Superlative Health, then — the best fun of all! You can share your Common Health Sense and become a blessing to other misinformed, brainwashed Health Seekers who need “The Full Hygienic Truth and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth” so that they, too, may GetWell and StayWell!
    Dear Friends in The Truth, virtually every person in your life who is not on The Ideal, No-Cholesterol, Hygienic Diet is building up plaque daily throughout his or her cardiovascular system and descending into any number of cardiovascular diseases that may end fatal. Additionally, all your unHygienic friends and associates are all taking that Descent into Disease, whatever forms they take. Please… I call upon you who are in the blessed position of knowing “The Full Hygienic Truth,” to take this issue of Common Health Sense and a copy of 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers’ YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense with you and systematically visit each of these friends and associates. Turn into A Health Revolutionist and a Teacher of Natural Hygiene for a few minutes with each, read this article aloud to your friend, show him or her The 7 Stages of Disease Paradigm, give him or her the gift of Hygienic knowledge, plant “The Seed of Truth.” And then go about your way. “The Seed of Hygienic Truth” is powerful and unrelenting: it has a way of digging into the consciousness and taking root. It may take time for this germinating: it may even take years. But, for most, it will take hold… in time.
    Even my father Victor Bidwell did not make one Hygienic move until he had been inundated with information and barraged with encouraging talks from me for a full 10 years. Then — BOOM — all of a sudden, within 3 months, he had adopted “The Superlative, Alternative Health Care System” enough to, well, you know the story from The YearBook... to get completely off all medications, to see his blood pressure normalize, to lose 30 pounds, to feel arthritic pains disappear, to — feel great — for many more years!

    Dr. Vetrano and I both THANK YOU for each time you take on the role of The Health Revolutionist. We THANK YOU for each moment you spend, for each effort you make, for each seed you plant. And we remind you that, potentially, no effort is ever wasted, that it may take months or even years for The Seed of Hygienic Truth to germinate and take root and bear fruit. But, at least, you can be well satisfied each time you leave from such a rousting visit that now, this friend knows where to turn, if and when he is inspired to GetWell and StayWell without the medicine men and with Natural Hygiene.  In the final analysis, each person out there in your corner of America is a potential “Mr. Willing” or a “Miss Willing.” But how, I ask you, can they actualize that willing-ness to help themselves if we do not first show them The Hygiene HighJoy Way?)


P.O. Box 558, 46341 Baker Loop Road, Concrete, WA 98237, USA

From: “Victoria BidWell”

Date: February 14, 2011 1:04:02 AM EST
Subject:  A Heart-felt Message for LiveFoodFactorFriends!



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