“FOOD FRAUD”! What’s Good is Bad & What’s Bad is Good!

Why government and ‘experts’ have fed you dangerous dietary advice for decades
Published: 01/31/2012 at 5:00 PM

Salt is bad. Sugar is bad. Carbs are bad. Cholesterol is bad. Calories are bad. Fat is bad.

Bad also are the whole, natural foods that sustained our ancestors during an era relatively free of the modern plagues of cancer and heart disease, foods like eggs, raw milk, butter, cheese and red meat.

So what’s ‘good’ for us?

Soy-burgers and tofu, margarine and non-dairy creamer, canola and corn oil, synthetic egg substitutes and ‘low-fat’ dessert toppings.In fact, everything labeled ‘low-fat.’

Something is rotten in America’s food bureaucracy. Indeed, as documented in February’s stunningly eye-opening Whistleblower magazine, ‘FOOD FRAUD,’ Americans have been seriously deceived about food and what constitutes a ‘healthy diet’ for a very long time.

This issue of Whistleblower tells the amazing and sometimes shocking story of how the food establishment ‘ including the food industry and its marketers, major ‘health’ organizations, government and even the medical bureaucracy ‘has pushed profoundly misguided advice and questionable theories on the American public regarding which foods are healthful and which are not,’ said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian.

Fortunately, he added, ‘once you’ve understood how these powerful modern food myths came into being, and how new research is disproving them, you may well notice your common sense rising up and shouting, ‘Yes, I’ve always thought that!’

‘Highlights of ‘FOOD FRAUD’ – Continued:


Snipped from:
International Social Pulse – February 2012:


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