“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and BREATHED INTO his nostrils the BREATH OF LIFE; and man became a living soul.” — Genesis 2:7



Oxygen: “An element, a gas without taste, colour or smell, forming part of the air.”

“Otto Warburg [MD, Researcher, above] won the Nobel Prize [in 1931] for his discovery that cancer cells have different metabolic properties than normal cells. Healthy cells are aerobic; they use oxygen in most of their chemical reactions. Cancer cells have reverted to a more primitive metabolic process, called fermentation [ACIDOSIS] which is anaerobic, or WITHOUT OXYGEN. This means that cancer cells THRIVE in a LOW-oxygen environment”:

That makes perfect sense. Cancer loves acidity & low oxygen. “Shine the Double-Searchlights” of Alkalinity & Oxygen on Cancer & it will run away screaming into the night! :)


TOP TEN Ways to INCREASE OXYGEN in the Blood, Tissues, Organs, & Cells, & ALKALIZE the ph Balance to Remove Acidosis (Toxemia) & Thereby, Cancer!

1. A Cancer-Killing-Must: Every cancer article I’ve read in the past two months says do this first & begin ASAP after the Dx: Switch to a Mostly Raw, Plant-Based Diet & Juicing Fresh Fruit/Veggies, especially when in cancer crisis mode & until it disappears. Many people heal their cancers from this alone. Plant-based diet & fresh-made juices create a balanced pH & removes cancer-loving-acidity.
–“Flesh foods” (meat, dairy, cheese, eggs, cow’s milk, etc.) produce an ACIDIC environment that the body then is forced to repeatedly correct its pH Balance. It has to “rob Peter to pay Paul,” so to speak (such as leeching calcium from bones in order to neutralize an overly-acidic blood environment, etc.)

2. Water-Fasting purifies, de-acidifies, & oxygenates the blood, cells, & organs naturally. Fasting provides the body with a non-rat-race systemic-environment so it can then focus solely on a rapid unloading & expelling of its toxins (acidity) which then makes the Blood more Alkaline which in turn boosts free-flowing Oxygen levels in the blood without Toxic Hindrance.
–A “Juice Feast” is the next best thing (not canned/bottled/processed/ pasteurized juices but fresh-made with all its readily-available enzymes).

3. Cheap Cancer Home Remedy: Baking Soda (C02) has oxygen in it, dissolve in distilled water & drink. Everyone recommends Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda (I hear Arm & Hammer’s has aluminum in it(?):
–Don’t confuse Baking SODA with Baking POWDER. Not the same thing. Some integrative MD’s use it via injection to the veins leading to tumors, which the oxygen causes the tumors to shrivel up & go away within DAYS. Tumors hate oxygen:

4. Another Cheap DIY Cancer Home Remedy: Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) is nothing but water+oxygen. Use drops in distilled water orally, or for foot soaks, &/or some ND’s, DO’s, etc. provide H202-IVs. Don’t use the drugstore kind which has chemical stabilizers, but “FOOD GRADE” H202, 8% or very-diluted 35%.  More coming about this in a later post.  In the meantime, there are exact drops/protocols for cancer online, plus yahoogroups, facebook groups, paltalk groups, etc. of people using these oxygenated cancer home remedies.

5. High-Dose Vit. C (turns into Hydrogen Peroxide/oxygen in the body) via liposomal (oral), or IVs, etc. Or you can make your own liposomal/lipospheric High-Dose Vit. C at home. Chelation doctors also do Vit. C-IVs.

6. Alkaline & Ozone Waters:
“Ozone (O3) is the greatest detoxifying agent known to man as it oxidizes and kills bacteria and parasites. Our planet uses ozone to detoxify, and so does our body. Hospitals use airborne ozone to sterilize operating rooms and some cities in Germany actually use ozone to clean their water instead of chlorine, a much better system. … Drinking ozonated water significantly increases your blood oxygen level (this can be verified with a Pulse Oximeter) and as a result produces rapid, safe, totally natural cell oxygenation. In addition, Ozone carries a negative electrical charge that specifically counteracts free radical damage and recharges depleted cells. The ozone oxidizes the toxins and waste products in your body, turning them into H2O and CO2 which are easily eliminated by the body. [Robert] Beck’s water ozonator is extremely simple to use. You just bubble the ozone through a glass of water for a few minutes then drink it immediately. Beck stated that the supplementation of ozonated water to patients he studied reduced their disease recovery time on average from 21 days down to 5 days. He recommended drinking three glasses per day even when well.” More about that here:
And more re Robert Beck here:

I read somewhere that Dr. Andrew Weil (PBS & the Mediterranean Diet guy) said ozone & alkaline waters don’t do any good. There are plenty of YouTube videos of how to make your own gadgets to make your own alkaline & ozone water, if you want to try it anyway. I think I put a few of those videos in the Bio-Oxidative Playlist here:

7. Ozone RHP (i.e. Ozone Gas via I.V. at home):  Simple Ozone Therapy Explanation:

Dr. Vetrano is not a fan of Ozone. She feels it’s what killed T.C. Fry. He did NOT have cancer but had cardiac problems from before he began Natural Hygiene in his 40’s. By his early 70’s & workaholic lifestyle, his cardiac problems were back. He would not stop working long enough to rest & fast (he was determined to establish a Natural Hygiene college, etc.) so he went to the Caribbean & did ozone treatments instead, & came back & died a few months later. So I don’t know if ozone is good for cancer or not. One person said ozone gas belongs in the upper atmosphere, not in our bodies down here at earth level(???)

A “New Age” cancer site said: “Although Ozone Oxygen Cancer Therapy has been used to treat cancer patients in Europe and Germany for nearly 30 years, there exists no thorough clinical patient trials, nor any study (worldwide) that documents increased survival times”:

8. Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is also being used to get more oxygen into cancer patients. There are even “portable” Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers now. I gathered what videos I could find about HBOT in the #4 Bio-Oxidative Playlist:

9. Deep (diaphragm) Breathing & Exercise.  If you’ve never seen anyone do diaphragm breathing, it will blow your mind!  Back in 1988, Annie Sylvan, a slender, older, European-born ND working as Health Director at the Shangri-La, showed me diaphragm breathing, which is done from the bottom half of your ribs & not “shallow upper chest” breathing.  That slender lady was able to make her lower rib cage EXPAND OUT like a huge beach ball!  I had never seen anything like it — nor could I get the hang of it.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov has a Kindle book, “Cancer: Medical Triumph with Self-Oxygenation Therapies” & says at one of his youtube videos: 

“Cancer patients breathe much more than both norms. Furthermore, respiratory rate (breathing frequency) of cancer patients, as many studies have found, is an independent predictor of their mortality. Overbreathing or hyperventilation in people with cancer causes low CO2 levels in the arterial blood and reduces oxygen levels in their bodies and tumors.

“Other natural alternative treatment therapies are based on increased body oxygenation due to breathing retraining techniques, such as the Oxygen Remedy, Buteyko method, Frolov breathing device, and some other techniques that can be used for cancer cure. …

He continues, saying changing diet & taking supplements for cancer won’t help “…if your body oxygen level remains the same, you will suffer from the same symptoms…”

“Experience of hundreds of people using the Buteyko breathing therapy suggests that cancer tumors naturally disappear, if one gets more than 40 seconds for the body oxygen test 24/7”:  
http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=BxKCUODTuPI  
–His website, NORMAL BREATHING, is here:

10. Co-Q-10 is a well-known & established oxygen-enhancer supplement.  Info for Co-Q-10/Cancer at CureZone:
…& at CancerTutor: 

Also Germanium, a “chemical element/mineral,” is also an oxygen enhancer & more:
–CancerTutor says just don’t think Co-Q-10 or Germanium ALONE would be enough to kill cancer, but it is good as a “side dish” in your overall battle plan:
–CureZone also has an article re Germanium & Cancer.  Sounds like good stuff!  They also include dosage info:

(That same ND as mentioned in paragraph nine above recommended Germanium to me in 1988 for cellular oxygen but I never looked into it at the time.  I have been taking Co-Q-10 for probably 15+ years at least, 200mg or 400, if I remember to take it 2x day.  Have always gotten it at Sam’s Club but they changed it about 1.5 years ago & it doesn’t seem as good.  The price is better than most, of course.)


More info & links to come separately re Cancer & pH Balance, Cancer & Baking Soda, Cancer & Hydrogen Peroxide, & Cancer & Vitamin C.



1. From “STRESS Street” (Cortisol Overload) turn left on…

2. “MELATONIN-DEPLETION Lane” (lack of Deep Sleep), then circle around…

3. “ADRENAL-BURNOUT Blvd.” a few times before turning right on…

4. “CELL-GLUCOSE-OVERLOAD Road,” then stop at the intersection of…

5. “LACK-OF-OXYGEN Avenue” before proceeding straight ahead to…

6. CANCER. You Have Arrived at Your Destination.  :(

Detailed Directions (for the back seat drivers :) — snipped from:
“Who Gets Cancer?”:

1. “Stress hormone cortisol levels skyrocket and remain at high levels, directly suppressing the immune system, whose job it is to destroy cancer cells that exist in every human being.

2. “High stress levels generally means a person cannot sleep well, and cannot produce enough Melatonin during deep sleep. Melatonin is responsible for inhibiting cancer cell growth. This means cancer cells are now free to multiply.

3. “Adrenaline levels also skyrocket initially, but are then drained and depleted over time. This is especially bad news for the [future] cancer [patient], as Adrenaline is responsible for transporting sugar away from cells. And when there is no adrenaline left, sugar builds up in cells of the body.

4. “Viral-bacterial-yeast-like-fungus then inhabit normal cells to feed on this excess sugar, breaking the cell’s (oxygen) krebs cycle. … Cancer cells … thrive on fermented sugar for cell division, and this is provided by the viral-bacterial-yeast-like- fungus that ferment and feed on sugar in the perfect symbiotic relationship.

5. “This means normal body cells cannot breathe properly because of low oxygen and mutate during the dividing process into cancer cells. Cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen state, as demonstrated by Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg.

6. “Put simply, too much internal stress causes a depletion of adrenaline, leads to too much sugar in the body’s cells, resulting in the perfect environment for cancer cells to thrive in the body.”

BUT!! That does NOT mean it’s a Dead End Street. Not at all! Reject all such notions immediately!

With all the numerous alternative cancer therapies now available (& Stage-4 survivors everywhere to prove they work), all you have to do is BACK UP!!! … slow… steady… watch that curb! … & you’ll be back out on Life’s Highway in no time!


And if you are not a cancer patient, use the above “directions” to TAKE A DETOUR at any step along the way!


See also:

ROBERT ROWEN, MD (California), A Pioneer In Alternative Medicine who Teaches Doctors How To Integrate Natural, Effective Therapies Into Their Treatment Protocols:

“Cancer Cure – The One Minute Cure for Virtually All Diseases – OXYGEN THERAPY”:


Check his Categories List, right column, for news/updates re Cancer & All Other Alternatives:

Short videos/playlist of Rowen discussing various treatments he uses:

Rowen’s own youtube channel, patient testimonies:

His website:

His blog:

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Rowen:
3/17/12: Dr. Robert Rowen Talks
About Natural Health:

Also See: Oncology Assoc. of Naturopathic Physicians (ND’s) – Find an ND in Your Area:



The below link includes videos on most all the above “BIO-OXIDATIVE” therapies/remedies for cancer as a starting point. After choosing one or more, dig in & do more homework, & discuss with an Alternative/Integrative Doctor, if necessary, depending on the health issues involved.

Associated Fasting Paradise YouTube Channel Playlist which currently has 95 videos for your viewing/educational pleasure:  :)





Original Hebrew for Genesis 2:7 at the top of this post:

•LORD = Yehovah = The Existing One
•God = ‘elohiym = God
•Dust = ‘aphar = Dry or Loose Earth
•Ground = ‘adamah = Ground or Land
•Breathed = naphach = To Breathe or Blow
•Breath of Life = neshamah = Breath, Blast, Spirit; chay = Life, Living
•Man = ‘adam = Man, Mankind
•Living (chay) Soul = nephesh = soul, self, life, creature, person… that which breathes… living being with life in the blood… the man himself, self, person or individual

“What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision? Much in every way: CHIEFLY, BECAUSE that UNTO THEM were committed THE ORACLES OF GOD.”
–Romans 3:1-2
(in context, “The Condemnation of the Jew”: Romans 2:17-29 & 3:1-8) by the converted Pharisaic Jew, the Apostle Paul, directly saved & commissioned by the risen Lord to now preach salvation to the Gentiles.  (Romans chs. 1-3 covers:
–The Condemnation of the Unrighteous
–The Condemnation of the Moralist
–The Condemnation of the Jew
–The Condemnation of the World
That covers everybody as “condemned” before God without the saving power of Christ’s sacrifice!)

“This is he [Moses] who was in the congregation in the wilderness with the Angel who spoke to him on Mount Sinai, and [with] our [Hebrew] fathers, the one who received the living ORACLES to give to us.”
–Acts 7:38
by the Hebrew martyr Stephen who was trying to reason with his fellow rebellious Jews about Jesus Christ, their Messiah, right before they stoned him.

ORACLES = Greek = Logion:
1) a brief utterance, a divine oracle (doubtless because oracles were generally brief)
a) in the NT, the words or utterances of God
b) of the contents of the Mosaic law

CONGREGATION (KJV=”church”) = ekklēsia = Greek = from ek, “out of,” and klesis, “a calling” (kaleo, “to call”) — meaning “called out ones” who assemble, or an assembly of people, to congregate, a congregation, etc.:



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